Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome OS 2023: Chromebook

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome OS
Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome OS

It is the proposal of Google Inc, which is based on new paradigms; since this operating system is cataloged as an extension of the famous Chrome browser, which means that it is oriented to the web; with which it does not work like Windows, Apple or some GNU Linux distribution. The aesthetics of Chrome OS have also undergone major changes and now it is much more similar to the traditional aesthetics of a computer. With so many changes, many people are considering the option of buying a Chromebook this year. That said, today we are going to analyze the pros and cons/ advantages and disadvantages of Google Chrome OS to determine if it is indeed an option that can be worth it.

Google Chrome Operating System is based on Linux, so it is an open-source system, it is relatively new on the market, although its development began almost a decade ago. Learn advantages and disadvantages of Linux OS.

At the moment it is not an operating system for the common user, since the entire philosophy of Chrome OS is based on the web, with which, the applications that it has installed and those that can be installed must be of the same nature. However, recently introduced enhancements point to flexibility to appeal to the common user.

What is Google Chrome OS?

It is a system aimed at users who carry out their activities, both professional and leisure, 100% online, which is why the system platform is completely web, so there are no executable or native applications installations, much less third parties. In addition, because it is an open-source system, it is available to be reviewed and modified by developers and expert users.

History of Google Chrome OS

It all started in mid-2009, even shortly after Google launched its browser; they announced a new operating system model that differed greatly from what we are already used to.

The company decided to use the Linux kernel for the nascent operating system that based its philosophy of use on a new paradigm for operating systems: the cloud.

When the project started, the goal was to run the system on netbooks, so by mid-2011, the version of Google Chrome OS was already available on laptops manufactured by Make and Samsung, which were called Chromebooks.

Main features of Google chrome

  • It is designed to work in a web environment, which means that it is no longer a desktop-type system like the one we are used to handling; which implies that it is essential to have an Internet connection and that the applications are not installed in a common way.
  • Its graphical interface is basic and concrete, in the upper right part you can see the indicators for the time and the battery status; It uses launchers that are seen in the form of an icon on the main screen and with which the different installed web applications are invoked, there are also the famous tabs, since the idea is to feel that the browser is being used.
  • It is a very fast system both in its initial load and when it is turned off.
  • As mentioned before, the applications are web, with which they work from the browser and from there those that are available are also downloaded.
  • It has update services available frequently, with which, you can find new applications and always have the latest version of the operating system installed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chrome OS

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Google Chrome OS? Now we’re going to highlight the pros and cons/advantages and disadvantages chrome operating system2023.

Advantages of Google Chrome OS

  • It is a fairly light software, with which the hardware requirements are not usually so demanding, for this they have launched a line of equipment called “Chromebook” for laptops and “ChormeBox” for desktop computers; however it can also be installed on any other hardware.
  • It is compatible with applications developed for Android. Learn advantages and disadvantages of Android OS.
  • There are many free web applications available.
  • Chrome Store has lot’s of addon which you can use in Chromebook.
  • Currently there are several web alternatives for tools that are not Google’s own, but required by the user.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome OS

  • It is a system highly dependent on the Internet connection, so if the user does not have one or his connection is slow, he will be affected.
  • Drivers for various peripherals, such as printers, are still under development.
  • It is not compatible with applications developed for Apple. Learn advantages and disadvantages of iOS.
  • It is not compatible with applications developed for Windows. Learn advantages and disadvantages of Windows Operating System.
  • At the moment the system supports X86 and ARM architecture, X86_64 architectures or other architectures are not supported.
  • All files are stored in the cloud, nothing is left on the local hard drive, which makes it essential to have an Internet connection if you want to review your documents.

Google Chrome OS versions

There are three types of versions available to use Google Chrome OS, the first is the stable version, which is aimed at users who only interact with the system to satisfy their needs; the beta version is aimed at those more advanced users who want to test the improvements that developers are adding and for developers, which is aimed at expert users who want to make modifications to the system.


Today, even though it is rare for desktop users to have Google Chrome OS installed, in many school settings it has proven to be very useful; Of course, Google’s goal is to be able to reach more users, we will have to wait for the support for different hardware architectures to improve. Is Google Chrome OS an appropriate system for your needs? To answer this question, you will have to see if you are ready for a paradigm shift.

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