Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System 2023

Like all operating systems in the world, Linux OS has some advantages and disadvantages of use and other points that we must understand before deciding to have it on our computer. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system [year].

If you are interested in learning more about the features of the Linux Operating System then it is recommended to see the article on the advantages and disadvantages of the Windows OS and the advantages and disadvantages of macOS.

In any case, of course, it is worth noting that it is by no means an environment that can only be used by the most advanced users. But that even an average person in a very short time can get used to it and use it with the same ease as Windows. Even, yes, for many it has been a great tool to take their first steps in programming because of their open mind.

Advantages of Linux Operating System

The common advantages of the Linux OS are given below.

  • Linux is very robust, stable, and fast: Ideal for servers and distributed applications. To this is added that it can work on simple machines: Linux can run services in an x86 at 200 MHz with quality.
  • Linux is free: This implies not only the free software but also that Linux is modifiable and that Linux has a large number of free applications on the Internet. All this covered by the immense Linux documentation that can be found on the Net.
  • Linux is no longer restricted to people with great computer skills: Linux developers have gone to great lengths to provide the system with setup wizards and help, as well as a very powerful graphical system. Linux distributions such as Red Hat / Fedora have configuration applications similar to Windows.
  • The best cost on the market, free or a symbolic price for the CD.
  • Greater stability for something they use in high-performance servers.
  • Graphic environment (beryl) better than windows aero.
  • Vulnerabilities are detected and corrected faster than any other operating system.

Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

Now have a look on the disadvantages of the Linux OS.

  • Windows is incompatible with Linux: This point is difficult to explain: it does not mean that we cannot have both Systems installed (which is relatively easy to do).
  • One of the problems is that from Windows we will not be able to write to Linux partitions or that from this we will not be able to write (in the broad sense) NTFS partitions (Windows XP, 2000 ...) although the latter is being investigated.
  • In most distributions, you have to know our Hardware when installing. However, distributions like Knoppix recognize the whole system like Windows. Not only that, in this sense, a lot of work is being done to make this simple task.
  • For some things, you must know how to use UNIX.
  • Most ISPs don't support anything other than windows (ignorant).
  • There is not much commercial software.
  • Many games do not run on this operating system.

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Reasons to use Linux

  • Linux is one of the most robust, stable, and fastest operating systems.
  • It's austere: Linux works up to 386.
  • Linux memory management prevents application errors from stopping the Linux kernel.
  • Linux is multi-tasking and multi-user: This must-have feature has been in Unix from its inception but it took Microsoft more than 20 years to deliver it on its consumer operating system.
  • Linux supports a wide variety of graphical environments (KDE, GNOME, XFCE ...).
  • There are thousands of free programs for Linux, adapted to many different purposes and available on the internet for use with GNU / Linux
  • Linux allows you to browse the Internet and connect machines on a network in a natural way (TCP / IP or PPP protocols, for example, are included as a basic module of the kernel).
  • Almost any Unix application can be used under Linux.
  • For Linux, there is a large amount of free documentation, although it is not always translated.
  • The freedoms of copying and modification allow the use of GNU / Linux to provide services without relying on third parties.
  • By being able to download Linux from the internet, the price of the distributions must remain competitive with the do-it-yourself and therefore it is a fair price.

I hope, now you have a clear idea of the Linux operating system. You can now choose the best one comparing the advantages and disadvantages of other OS.

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