Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac OS 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac OS 2023

The famous MAC OS (also known as OSX) operating system is the name of the operating system that has been created by Apple for its line of Macintosh computers, this system was used for the first time in System 7.5.1. This operating system is widely recognized for having been one of the first systems aimed at the public to have a graphical interface composed of the interaction of the mouse with windows, icons, and menus. In other articles, we highlighted the Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows OS and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux OS. In this article, you are going to know the pros and cons/ Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac OS [year].

Advantages of MacOS Operating System

Spectacular performance

Optimal performance for the specifications we seek when choosing a team. If you need a professional team to choose a MacBook Pro or an iMac, if your needs are not so high, choose a MacBook 12 or a MacBook Air. Whichever option you choose, the performance will always be ideal.

Very neat design

Everyone knows the level of design and detail that Apple dedicates to its equipment. 

Dedicated hardware and software

Apple computers work with an exclusive operating system for these computers and the same happens with the hardware. This causes the operating system to optimize the operation of the computer, making it very stable computers that get the most out of their hardware. In addition, Apple constantly releases updates to its operating system for free that will further optimize your computer, no matter how old it is.

macOS is completely stable

Forget about problems with the Apple operating system. On a Mac, there are practically no crashes, errors, or bugs. Forget Control-ALT-Delete, you will never use it again. By the way, it also exists on Mac using the Option-Command-Esc key combination.

Higher productivity

Everything at Apple is much more intuitive and pushes us to be more creative. It is true that at first, we can get a bit overwhelmed, especially if we come from Windows since there are certain aspects that are different than in Windows, but in a short time you will realize how easy things are on Mac. This ease translates into increased productivity with your team. Apple has work tools that are exclusive to Mac, that work like iMovie or GarageBand. In addition, on Mac, we have specialized programs such as Final Cut Pro X, considered the best program for video editing. On Mac, you take it out of the box, start creating, and you're already creative.

On Mac there are no viruses (or almost)

With a Mac, it is not necessary to install any antivirus and all that this does not entail. A few viruses have appeared lately for Mac. Probably because it is a platform that has spread in recent years. Apple releases updates to its operating system, correcting possible anomalies in your system that can make you vulnerable to these viruses.

Be careful, the fact that there are no viruses does not mean that there is no malware, Trojans, fishing. Unfortunately, all platforms can be affected by malicious people who try to steal our credit card or access our computer without our permission and Apple is no different in that. You will see that when you browse  On the Internet, sometimes windows will appear that try to confuse us, indicating that there is something that is not working well on your computer and that you must install an application to solve it (often a program called MacKeeper). Ignore these messages and close the window and never install MacKeeper as it is a malware program that can destabilize the operating system. Go to the Applications folder and look for this application, if you have it installed, delete it by dragging it to the Trash.

Mac compatibility with Windows

This is one of the great fears of those who come from Windows since there is a certain panic (completely unjustified) about not being able to use programs or open files that we previously used in Windows. Nothing could be further from reality, in fact, the incompatibility occurs, in most cases, in the opposite direction. In other words, it is less compatible to open Mac files on Windows than Windows files on a Mac. Furthermore, on a Mac, we always have the option of installing the Windows operating system on a disk partition. It is really easy to do. Many users who come from Windows install it when they buy their first Mac.

On the other hand, if your question is whether you can open Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) the answer is YES, without any problem. There is a version of all these programs for Mac. You can also create and open PDF files or view any photo file directly with 'Preview' included in macOS.

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Disadvantages of MacOS Operating System

The usual: the high price

We all know that the prices of Apple equipment are not cheap but also if we want to compare we must do it fairly. A US $300 Windows laptop is not the same as a US $3000 MacBook Pro. They definitely do not offer the same features and the finishes are not the same. In addition, Apple offers ready-made computers to have optimal performance and from day one, without failures and completely stable. On the other hand, there are those who do not need so much power or such optimized performance and prefer to allocate a smaller budget on their equipment.

On the other hand, when buying an Apple device, you have to take into account that they are devices that depreciate little, or less, over the years. In a while, when you want to change your computer model, you will be able to sell yours for a very reasonable price. So the investment you have made in your Mac computer is not actually that high since you have to subtract the amount for which you are going to sell it in the future.

In fact, you can sell your Mac directly and use the amount that you take for your old Mac to buy a new one, either in our store products Apple second man or any other store.

Non-expandable equipment

Once you buy a Mac, at least on the most current computers, you will not be able to modify it. At the time of purchase, you will have to decide the processor you want, the RAM memory, and the disk storage. If your needs vary over time, you will have to change equipment as you will not be able to expand it later. Obviously, in the case of storage, we can always use an external disk at will.

This rule is not fulfilled in all teams but it is in the majority. In our second-hand Apple store, you can customize that equipment that allows extensions.

They are not equipment for gamers

Apple computers are very powerful computers, which more than meet the technical specifications necessary to run games on them. Despite this, the catalog of games for Mac is very short. Don't buy a Mac if you want to use it for games.

So these are are the advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS. As you can see, macOS has more advantages arithmetically, but the disadvantages that exist can be critical for some users. Therefore, as with other computer programs, the choice must be made taking into account the planned tasks.

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