Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Operating System 2024

Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Operating System 2024

A few days ago, we highlighted the most significant pros and cons of Android, today we are going to write about the Advantages and Disadvantages of the iOS Operating System [year], the flag of the technology giant Apple. Everyone knows the quality of its materials, the sophistication of its devices, or the praise for its intuitive and clean design.

Operating systems are not only the brain of your smartphone or tablet, they are the engine. So operating system will significantly influence its operation and performance, therefore, it is necessary to know what the most used are about.

In order to fully handle the advantages and disadvantages of iOS, it will be necessary to know each of these systems in greater depth. This will allow you to choose the best operating system.

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Advantages of the iOS operating system

First of all, we will visualize what are the greatest pros/ advantages of the iPhone's Operating System iOS.

  • High security: The iOS operating system has always boasted of its efficiency against external cyber threats. Also with the latest update, the security code with the typical 4 digit system has been updated to 6 digits.
  • Greater filter and exclusivity within the app market: All iOS apps go through a manual review process by the Apple team. This filter allows a more careful application market and with a higher quality index than in the competition. You will find them customized for each language and country. In addition, iOS allows you to have more control over the applications, since every time an app wants to do something, it has to ask your permission to do so.
  • Intuitive interface: iOS devices focus all their elements on improving the user experience, with very simple configuration options, few buttons, and a navigation menu characterized by intuition.
  • The SIRI personal assistant is characterized by its great capacity for solving daily tasks with virtual support. With the latest system update, it has become 40% faster and more accurate. 
  • Integration between software and hardware:  In addition, despite having an old model, Apple allows you to be compatible with previous operating systems, so you can enjoy the most recent news created for your iPhone.
  • High battery life, clearly superior to Android devices. This results in an enviable autonomy.
  • Elaboration of the terminals with some of the best materials on the market.
  • The synchronization between the various Apple devices has been, since its inception, one of the main flags of the Steve Jobs brand. Services such as iTunes, iTouch, or iCloud serve to conveniently and easily synchronize different services.

Disadvantages of the iOS operating system

Now, we are going to discuss the cons/ disadvantages of the iPhone's Operating System iOS

  • Much higher prices than its competitors: Many upper-mid-range Android devices have similar features and much more competitive costs than Apple.
  • Less customization, variety, and specialization compared to Android:  With Android, you can choose from a myriad of models, of all sizes and prices, and oriented towards the most varied user profiles.
  • Less flexibility:  In the Google Play Store there are various launchers whose objective is to replace the default appearance shown by the different versions of Android with a more attractive one with more “on-demand” features and options for the user. You can choose from various widgets to configure as you like. 
  • It lacks the freedom of having an open-source operating system: Android devices can install applications from any source, whether from the official store or from others, while both iPhones and other devices belonging to Apple are found with the limitation of being obliged to use only the applications of the App Store. 
  • The Android user community is the largest in the world, with more resources online.

Since you know the main advantages and disadvantages of iOS, judge clearly for you which is the best system,  that will depend on your needs and if it covers them to the maximum, do not hesitate to buy the equipment that you like the most. Get the best out of technology! We leave you with the pros and cons of Apple's product Apple Watch.

I hope this article helps you to distinguish the pros and cons/ Advantages and Disadvantages of the iOS operating system.

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