An Ant and a Dove Completing Story- for all class students

An Ant and a Dove Completing Story- for all class students

After reading this post you can write An/The Ant And A/The Dove Completing Story in English- suitable for the students of class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Story on An Ant And A Dove

An Ant And A Dove Story: An ant was feeling very thirsty. So, the ant went to the nearby stream to drink some water. All of a sudden, a wave washed the ant to the bank and carried it away into the stream. Then a dove was sitting on a tree beside the stream. So the dove saw the helpless ant. The dove took a wet leaf from the branch and dropped it into the water.

The ant climbed onto the leaf. It floated back safely to the bank. Shortly afterward, there appeared a bird-catcher. The dove drew his attention. He fixed his arrow toward the bird. The ant understood the bird catcher's intention. He stung the bird-catcher on his foot. The bird-catcher shouted out in pain. He threw down the bow. The dove was alarmed and flew away. 

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An Ant and a Dove Story 2

An Ant and a Dove completing Story: Once an ant was very thirsty. So the ant went to a pond to drink some water. At the time of drinking water, a wave swept the ant away. He was about to drown. A dove was sitting on a branch of a nearby tree. He noticed that the ant was facing a miserable condition. The dove felt pity for the ant so he wanted to save the ant's life. So, he plunked a leaf and dropped it in front of the ant.

The ant got on the leaf and was saved his life. However, a few days later when the ant was seeking food under a tree, it noticed that a hunter had aimed at the dove. The dove did not know it. The ant thought, "I must save the life of the dove as it saved my life." So, he bit on the right leg of the hunter. At this, the hunter’s hands trembled and the bullet missed its aim. Finally, the dove flew away and was saved.

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