Apple Watch: Pros and Cons, Advantages & Disadvantages 2023

Apple Watch Pros and Cons Advantages and Disadvantages

A few days ago, we discussed the pros and cons of iOS operating system. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits, features, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of the Apple Watch 2023. Apple is an expert in creating expectations and getting excited about its products. If we add to that the novelty of its premiere in the world of wearable devices, the mix doubles. We are talking about your new smartwatch or smartwatch, whose exact name is Apple Watch, and then you can read our list with its pros and cons. If you are using apple watch series 7 then you could read Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Watch Series 7.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Watch

First, we are going to discuss the pros/advantages of the Apple Watch.

Advantages of the Apple Watch


Apple has always done its best when it comes to design, and the Apple Watch is no exception to the rule. The smartwatch has a square format design and plenty of straps to choose from. In addition, it should be noted that there are special editions such as one for sports lovers and another with a gold strap. In addition, there are different sizes to suit men and women. The wheel that you see on the side, acts as a mouse and keyboard to interact with that kind of compressed iOS. 

Exclusive processor

The Apple Watch has a specially designed processor for the best possible performance. Although there are no specific details, surely this is noticeable as it happens with the iPhone. The name of this processor is Apple S1.

Improved software for the occasion

Apple’s smartwatch has improved software designed with its interface and uses in mind. In this aspect, we have two cases to highlight as advantages. It is about the possibility of using widgets and the great news that it has an adapted version of the Siri voice assistant.

Pay with Apple Watch

It is undoubtedly an advantage for those of you used to paying using technology. Although it is not specified for the moment, the safest thing is that the payment is made through the NFC technology that is present in many mobiles, this time adapted to the format of a smartwatch. For others, it may be a simple anecdote, but it does not hurt to have the possibility in case the need arises.

Disadvantages of the Apple Watch 

Unknown battery

It is not a disadvantage as such, although it would be appreciated to know this detail, especially considering that the weakness of smartwatches today is that the autonomy they have is not exactly the most comfortable that one could expect. At the same time, with regard to the battery, the smartwatch charging process is somewhat peculiar, forcing us to park it in a dock that works in a similar way to the MacBook mega safe. However, this can be very beautiful in appearance but it also supposes an immense disadvantage and that is that if you lose the charger or it breaks, buying another will surely be around 90 euros at least, something very to take into account if you are prone to this kind of oversight.


We are very afraid that it is practically essential to have an iPhone if you want to take real advantage of the Apple Watch, and that is that the Internet connection, whether by Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G, is taken from the smartphone, being able to synchronize both devices by Bluetooth. We include this among its disadvantages, although to be fair it must be said that as a general rule it happens with all smartwatches except for some honorable exception that has its own connectivity independent of a smartphone.


The truth is that one is no longer surprised that the price is one of the handicaps of any product from the apple company, and of course, we find this factor among the disadvantages of the Apple Watch. It is a smartwatch whose normal model is priced at $349, with the special versions going up in price. 

This means that we are facing an option that exceeds in price to that of other companies, although it probably does not hurt Apple in sales due to the loyalty of its users since it is specially created to work together with the iPhone. Therefore, it is safe to purchase for those who have said terminal and are interested in a smartwatch.

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