Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 | All Banglalink Internet Packages

Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 | All Banglalink Internet Packages

Banglalink (BL) is one of the popular sim companies in Bangladesh. They have over 33 million subscribers. However, if you are looking for Banglalink Internet Offer [year], this article is for you. Later on, you will also get the Banglalink internet package [year]. For minute offers, visit Banglalink Minute Offer. We are updating this post from day to day. So keep with us to get the Banglalink MB Offer [year].

In the following list, you will get Banglalink internet offer [year]. Many people search on google for Bangalink internet offer code. In this article, you will get all Banglalink internet codes. People also search for Banglalink MB offer. So, we are enlisting every single internet offers & packages for all Bangalink subscribers. So, find out the best one for you.

BL 30MB 1.5 TK Offer

Internet Volume30 MB
Validity4 Days
Cost1.5 BDT
USSD Code5000*414#

NB: Internet volume of this pack can be used only for Facebook.

BL 3GB 58 TK Offer

Recharge 58 Taka to get Bangalink 58tk 3 GB offer/pack or dial *5000*58#

Internet Volume3072 MB
Validity4 Days
Cost58 BDT
Activation Code*5000*58#

In the following list, you will get all Banglalink Internet Packages of [year]. So check every single package and choose the best package for you.

BL 75MB 13 TK Pack

Internet Volume75 MB
Validity4 Days
Cost13 BDT
USSD Code *5000*543#

BL 500MB 42 TK Pack

Internet Volume500 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost42 BDT
USSD Code*5000*588#

BL 1GB 36 TK Pack

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity4 Days
Cost36 BDT
USSD Code*5000*36#

BL 1GB 76 TK Pack

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost76 BDT
USSD Code*5000*76#

BL 1GB 119 TK Pack

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost119 BDT
USSD Code*5000*503#

BL 1.5GB 99 TK Pack

Internet Volume1536 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost99 BDT
USSD Code*5000*566#

BL 2GB 49 TK Pack

Internet Volume2048 MB
Validity4 Days
Cost49 BDT
USSD Code*5000*49#

BL 2GB 89 TK Pack

Internet Volume2048 MB
Validity5 Days
Cost89 BDT
USSD Code*5000*516#

BL 2GB 209 TK Pack

Internet Volume2048 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost209 BDT
USSD Code*5000*581#

BL 3GB 249 TK Pack

Internet Volume3072 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost249 BDT
USSD Code*5000*249#

BL 4GB 108 TK Pack

Internet Volume4096 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost109 BDT
USSD Code*5000*108#

BL 5GB 399 TK Pack

Internet Volume5120 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost399 BDT
USSD Code*5000*599#

BL 6GB 129 TK Pack

Internet Volume6148 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost129 BDT
USSD Code*5000*577#

BL 7GB 399 TK Pack

Internet Volume7172 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost399 BDT
USSD Code*5000*508#

BL 10GB 199 TK Pack

Internet Volume10240 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost199 BDT
USSD Code*5000*199#

BL 12GB 499 TK Pack

Internet Volume12288 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost499 BDT
USSD Code*5000*508#

BL 20GB 699 TK Pack

Internet Volume20480 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost699 BDT
USSD Code*5000*699#

BL 45GB 999 TK Pack

Internet Volume46080 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost999 BDT
USSD Code*5000*999#

Are you looking for Banglalink recharge offer? Recharge the exact amount from the list 'Banglalink Internet Package [year]' All the packages are also available on recharge. So you can purchase any one from the above list.

Bangalink company offers free internet for its customers. A few days ago, all Banglalink users got unlimited internet access, talk time, SMS for free. But it was for a technical problem. However, in the following list, you will get all Banglalink free internet package & Banglalink MB offer.

6GB Banglalink Internet Offer [year]. 6GB free internet in Banglalink!! Recharge 76tk and get 7GB(1GB regular+6GB free). Remember that this offer is not for everyone.

Volume7168MB (1024MB Regular+ 6144MB free)
Validity7 days
Cost76 BDT
ActionRecharge 76 TK

Banglalink Mixed Bundle Pack contains Internet Volume, Minute and SMS. Check the list below & choose the best bundle for yourself.

Internet VolumeMinute DurationNumber of MessagesValidityCostUSSD Code
0.5GB (512MB)150 Minutes30 SMS30 Days148 BDT*1100*8*4#
1GB (1024MB)150 Minutes30 SMS30 Days188 BDT*1100*8*3#
2GB (2048MB)300 Minutes30 SMS30 Days288 BDT*1100*8*2#
4GB (4096MB)500 Minutes30 SMS30 Days488 BDT*1100*8*1#

For more offers and custom packs, simply download the My Banglalink (also known as My BL) Mobile App from Google Playstore. From this app, you can purchase the internet, minutes, SMS, etc. The app has more features including call history, balance check, remaining internet balance, daily offer, etc.

If you are searching 'How to check Banglalink Internet Balance', then stop here. Just dial the following USSD code. To check internet balance in our Bangalink SIM, simply dial *5000*500#. The code works for every offer & package. You can check your remaining MB too.

To set internet in Banglaink, type 'ALL' and sent to 3343. After a while, you will get a push message. Open the message & click 'install'. To set manually, go to access point name. Type 'BL-Internet' in 'Name' & 'blweb' or 'internet' in 'APN'. Don't need the change anything. After that save the access point name. Read more "Banglalink APN Settings for Android and iPhone"

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