Banglalink Minute Offer 2023 | All Banglalink Minute Packages

Banglalink Minute Offer 2023 | All Banglalink Minute Packages

Banglalink (BL) is one of the renowned sim companies in Bangladesh. The number of subscribers they have is over 33 million. However, if you are looking for Banglalink Minute Offer [year], this article is for you. Later on, you will also get the Banglalink minute pack [year]. For internet offers, visit Banglalink Internet Offer. We are updating this article from day to day. So keep with us to get the new Bangalink minute offer [year].

In the following list, you will get Banglalink minute offer [year]. Many people search on google for BL minute offer. In this article, you will get all Banglalink minute offers. We are enlisting every single offer offers & packages for Bangalink subscribers. You can also check out the Banglalink minute offer for any operator. So, find out the best one for you.

In the following list, you will get all Banglalink Minute Packages. So check every single package and choose the best package for you. To get all minute packages in one menu, dial *1100#. Here we will enlist Banglalink Talktime offer, Banglalink to Banglalink minute offer.

BL 9Tk 15 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)15 minutes
Cost9 BDT
Validity2 Days
Purchase Code*1100*6*4#

BL 12Tk 20 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)20 minutes
Cost12 BDT
Validity2 Days
Purchase Code*1100*6*3#

BL 14Tk 24 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)24 minutes
Cost14 BDT
Validity2 Days
Purchase Code*1100*5#

BL 24Tk 40 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)40 minutes + 24MB internet
Cost24 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*1100*4#

BL 47Tk 80 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)80 minutes
Cost47 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code*1100*3#

BL 97Tk 165 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)165 minutes
Cost97 BDT
Validity15 Days
Purchase Code*1100*2#

BL 137Tk 235 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)235 minutes
Cost137 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*1100*7*3#

BL 197Tk 340 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)340 minutes
Cost197 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*1100*1#

BL 297Tk 515 Minutes Pack

Minute (Any Operator)515 minutes
Cost297 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*1100*7*1#

BL Mixed Bundle Pack contains Minute, SMS & Internet. In the following table, you will get a list of mixed bundle packages.

Bundle (Internet + Minutes + SMS)ValidityCharge (BDT)Activate Code
.5GB + 150 Mins + 30 SMS30 Days148 Tk*1100*8*4#
1GB + 150 Mins + 30 SMS30 Days188 Tk*1100*8*3#
2GB + 300 Mins + 30 SMS30 Days288 Tk*1100*8*2#
4GB + 500 Mins + 30 SMS30 Days488 Tk*1100*8*1#

BL Minute Pack

In the above list, we provided Banglalink all minute pack. All data on this page are up to date. Take a look at following bl minute pack lists.

MinuteSMSValidityCostPurchase Code
25 Mins*0 SMS1 Day14 BDTThis Pack has changed, check 24 mins pack.
40 Mins*25 SMS3 Days24 BDTThis Pack has changed, check 40 mins pack.
75 Mins50 SMS7 Days43 BDT*1100*5*3#
148 Mins148 SMS30 Days148 BDT*1100*5*4#
160 Mins*150 SMS15 Days93 BDTThis Pack has changed, check 165 mins pack.
212 Mins200 SMS30 Days123 BDT*1100*5*2#

BL Minute Offer

There are so many BL Minute Offer for BL users. If you are not satisfied with the above lists, check out the following BL Minute Offer Pack.

According to Banglalink Customer Care, Banglalink 300 minute offer is not available right now. However, you can purchase 197Tk 340 Minutes Pack. They have other suitable offers. Check out them from the above lists & find out the best bl minute offer.

According to Banglalink, Banglalink 400 minute offer is also not available right now. However, you can buy an alternative bundle offer. This offer is BL 297Tk 515 Minutes Pack. They have more useful bundle offers.

Banglalink Minute Check Code [year]

Are you looking for Banglalink Minute Check Code [year]? Bangalink Minute Check Code is  *124*100#. By dialing this BL minute check code, you can easily check your remaining minutes.

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