Class 11-12 (HSC) English Sample Question Paper: 1st & 2nd paper

Class 11-12 (HSC) English Sample Question Paper: 1st & 2nd paper

Sample Question Paper of English 1st & 2nd Class 11-12 (HSC)

In this article, I will provide English first paper & second paper sample questions for class 11-12 (HSC) [year]. You can exercise or take ideas from these question papers of intermediate.

Sample Question Paper of English 1st: Class 11-12

Subject: English 1st Paper
Class: 11-12 (HSC), Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100

Part I : Reading

1. Read the text below and answer the questions A and B:     

Kuakata, locally known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of Sea) is a rare scenic spot located on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. Kuakata in Latachapli Union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district is about 30 km in length and 6 km in breadth. It is 70 km from Patuakhali district headquarters and 320 km from Dhaka. An excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty sandy beaches, blue sky, and the shimmering expanse of water of the Bay of Bengal and the evergreen forest makes Kuakata a much sought after tourist destination.

The name Kuakata takes its origin from the story of ‘Kua’ - or well –dug on the seashore by the early Rakhine settlers for collecting drinking water. The Rakhanies had landed on the Kuakata coast after being expelled from Arakan by the Mughals. Following the first well, it became a tradition to dig wells in the neighborhood of Rakhine homeless for freshwater supply.
Kuakata is one of the unique spots which allow a visitor to watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the beach. That perhaps makes Kuakata one of the world’s most attractive beaches. The long and wide beach at Kuakata has a typical natural setting. The sandy beach slopes gently into the Bay and bathing there is as pleasant as is swimming or diving.

Kuakata is truly a virgin beach and sanctuary for migratory winter birds. Fishing boats plying in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, surfing waves, and the lines of coconut trees add to the vibrant colors of Kuakata. The indigenous culture of the Rakhine community and hundred-year-old Buddhist temples indicate the age-old tradition and cultural heritage of this area.
Kuakata is also a holy land for the Hindus and Buddhists. Each year thousands of devotees come here to attend the festivals Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. On these two days, pilgrims take holy Nath and enjoy going to the traditional fairs.

A. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives.   [1*5=5]

(i) Festival refers to_____
(a) sorrow (b) celebration (c) sadness (d) darkness
(ii) Where did the Rakhine live earlier?
(a) on Kuakata coast (b) in Patuakhali district (c) India (d) In Arakan
(iii) Where is Kuakata located?
(a) Khulna (b) Kushtia (c) Patuakhali (d) Satkhira
(iv) What was the purpose of the Rakhine to dig wells?
(a) To follow the first well (b) To follow the tradition to dig wells
(c) To collect drinking water (d) To follow the instruction
(v) The word ‘picturesque’ in line 4 refers to _.
(a) too difficult to understand (b) full of pictures (c) vivid (d)painting pictures

B. Answer the following questions:  [2×5=10]
   (a) From your reading of the passage describe the location of Kuakata.
   (b) Why is Kuakata known as Daughter of Sear?
   (c) What do you know about Kuakata?
   (d) What makes Kuakata an attractive tourist spot?
   (e) Why did the Rakhaines land on Kuakata coast?

2. Read the following text and make a flow chart showing the miracle of Gazi Pir. [10]

According to some myths and legends, Gazi Pir was a Muslim saint who is said to have spread Islam in the parts of Bengal close to the Sundarbans. He was credited with many miracles. For example, he could supposedly calm dangerous animals and make them docile. He is usually depicted in parts or scroll paintings riding a fierce-looking Bengal tiger, a snake in his hand, but in no apparent danger. According to some stories, he also fought crocodiles who threatened the people of a region full of canals and creeks, indeed, a kind of watery jungle bordering the Bay of Bengal. Because of his alert and vigilant presence, all predatory animals were said to have been within bounds. It was also believed that he enabled villagers to live close to forests and jungles and cultivate their lands consequently, people of these regions would pray to him for protection. The story of Gazi Pir has been preserved in folk literature as well as art and has been performed in indigenous theatre. In fact, some Gazir Pir scrolls are part of the collection of the British Museum.

1. Could calm dangerous animals

3. Write a summary of the following lines. [10]

Hercules was the son of Jupiter and Alcmena. Eurysteus, the king of Mycenae and his cousin, made him undergo some difficult task, which is known in Greek myths as the ‘twelve labors of Hercules’. The first involved a fight with a lion. The valley of Nemea was being disturbed by a terrible lion and so Eurysteus ordered Hercules to slay the beast and bring him his skin. At first, Hercules tried to fight the lion with his club and arrows but this tools him nowhere. Then Hercules attempted a different tactic; he decided he would use his hands. He thus managed to slay the animal on his own, relying entirely on his immense strength. Victorious, he returned to Mycenae carrying the dead lion on his soldiers, a sight terrified the king.

4. Read the following text and fill in the blanks with suitable words from the box. There are more words than needed. Make any grammatical changes if necessary.  [.5*10=5]


We can not live without food. It is essential for (a)_____ and life. But this food (b)_____be pure, clean and fresh. Nowadays foods are (c)____ adulterated. In hotels and restaurants stale and (d)____foods are mixed with fresh food and (e)____to customers. Fish and vegetables are adulterated by (f)____chemical and other preservatives with in order to (g)_____them look fresh. Bakery and confectionery products are also prepared by (h)_____toxic substance and thus they get adulterated. Junk food contains (i)_____chemicals. Even fruits, milk, and beverages are also (j)_____.

5. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word in each gap. [1*10=10]
Amerigo is a street child. He is 13 years old and lives on the street, alone. He is (a)_____of getting paternal affection because his mother is (b)____from his father. He used to (c)_____trash and sell it to a (d)____. But he stopped doing that after he has a serious (e)_____. Staying away from the (f)____dump, he worked for an ice-cream shop and sold ice cream on the (g)_____. But he got no (h)____ in return. The owner of the shop gave him (i)_____to eat and let him sleep in his (j))____at night.

6. Re-arrange the following sentence to make a coherent order. [10]

(a) He asked him where God was.
(b) He praised him highly.
(c) Once a lad went to a famous teacher.
(d) The teacher thought highly of the boy’s understanding.
(e) The lad replied that he would answer if he would tell where he is not
(f) The boy devoted himself to earning knowledge.
(g) He begged to instruct him in the arts and sciences.
(h) He agreed to teach the lad.
(i) He had expressed his desire to acquire knowledge.
(j) The teacher wished to find out the ability of the boy.

Part II : Writing

7. Write a paragraph on Traffic Jam in about 150 words based on the following questions. Your answer to the questions should give as much details as possible:                                                                                     [10]

  • (a) What is traffic jam?
  • (b) What are the causes of traffic jam?
  • (c) When does it occur?
  • (d) What problems does traffic jam create? 
  • (e) How can traffic jam be controlled?

8. The following is the beginning of the story. Complete it in your own words. Give a title to it.  [7]

Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer in a village. He had a goose. It used to lay a golden egg everyday……………………. (A Greedy Farmer Completing Story)

09.  Suppose your friend’s father has been died recently. Now write an e-mail to console him at his father’s death. [5]

10. The graph below shows the main reasons for the study according to different age groups of the students. Describe the graph in at least 80 words. You should highlight the information and report the main features given in the graph.
Reasons for study according to the age of student [10]

11. Write the theme of the following poem. [8]

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That can not fly
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow

Sample Question Paper of English 2nd: Class 11-12

Subject: English 2nd Paper
Class: 11-12 (HSC), Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Fill in the blanks in the following text with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (x) in the blanks: [.5x10=5]

Atom bomb was first dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in (a)___ World War II. When (b)___first bomb fell, (c)___ world knew for (d)___ first time that man had long last been in possession of (e)___ force terrible in all respects. (f)___ atom had been split up. (g)___ superhuman energy had been used against (h)___ mankind. One single bomb wiped (i)___ beautiful town Hiroshima and (i)___ another bomb Nagasaki.

2. Complete the text with suitable preposition: [.5x 10 =5]

Lara’s cat was missing. So she started looking around (a)___it. She Opened her closet and looked (b)___. Then she went to the bedroom crawling (c)___ the floor to look (d)___ the bed. The cat was not there. In fact, it was nowhere inside the house. Therefore, Lara decided to go (e)___ to look for it. Just as she was (f)___ to open the door, the doorbell rang. It was her neighbour, Mrs. Chan. “Look. Lara! Your cat is (g)___ the awning!” said Mrs. Chan pointing (h)___ a tall building opposite (i)___ her house. Lara smiled and thanked her friendly neighbour, saying that (j)___ her help she could not find her cat.

3. Complete the sentences with suitable phrase/words given in the box: [.5x10=5]

but forprovided thatnothing butjust afterwas assassinated
such...asno matterin a foolish mannerwould you mindhas to

(a) I was awaiting for his arrival.___ his arrival he talked to me.
(b) His words don’ t make any sense, He speaks___.
(c) I need your help.___ doing something for me?
(d) Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the USA. He___ in April 1865.
(e) You all are requested to attend the meeting. You can do___ things___ talk and listen.
(f)___ your help, I can’t go ahead. So, I am badly in need of your help.
(g) She goes to bed late. She drinks _ milk before going to bed.
(h) By working hard, he has reached the highest peak of success. You can also reach your goal___ you work hard. (i) I always tell him to do the right thing. _ what I say, he will do what he likes.
(j) Everyone _ work for the development of his country. So do I.

4. Complete the sentences using suitable. clauses/phrases: [.5x10=5]

(a) Don't worry. If I get time and scope, _.
(b) At that time I had not enough money. If I had enough money,___.
(c) I am not the DC of Feni. If I were the DC of Feni, _.
(d) Bangladesh is the worst victims of climate change. The climate is getting hotter _.
(e) When I went home, _.
(f) Don’t leave the place. Wait until _.
(g) My mother is so ill that _. I will take her to a clinic.
(h) I am too tired _. Please leave me alone.
(i) New York was a new city for them. They hired a bus so that _.
(j) Though he has a lot of money, _. He should help the poor.

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context: [.5 x 10 = 5]

Education (a)___ (be) the backbone of a nation and the foundation of any nation (b)___ (depend) upon primary education. But it is a matter of regret that many of our people (c)___ (be) illiterate. Illiteracy (d)___ (be) a great setback for the development of our country. About 80% of our people (e)___ (live) in villages and they are almost illiterate. Farmers little sons (f)___ (see) in the field working with tools instead of going to school. This (g)___ (be) the fate of majority of the children in this country. They (h)___ (neglect). Most of the villagers (i)___ (pass) their days in financial hardship. They (j)___ (be) not conscious and they are also unable to send their children to school.

6. Read the text and change the sentences as directed: [1x5=5]

(a) Health is the greatest wealth of a man (Positive). (b) In order to be healthy, we have to take a balanced diet everyday (Complex).
(c) A balanced diet is a food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food (Simple).
(d) They help us to build new cells as old ones die (Simple).
(e) Carbohydrates and fat provide us the root of our existence named energy (Complex). So all of us should try our best to make us healthy by eating a balanced diet.

7. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches: [05]

The lady guest said that I was in the habit of eating heavy luncheon. She then asked me why I did not follow her example and just eat one thing. The lady guest added that she was sure I would feel ever so much better for it. As the waiter came again with a bill of fare, I said that I was going to eat only one thing.

8. Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentences so that all pronoun references are clear: [1X5=5]

At the writing center, you can receive help on any writing assignment. [It] can make your writing stronger by discussing it with someone else. [This] will lead to a greater understanding of the proper mechanics and style expected in academic writing. [This] is an important part of the writing process. Using [it] will definitely make your writing skills stronger and [that] will give you greater confidence for your next assignment.

9. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces: [.5 x 10 = 5]

The Blue Bells, (a) _ (post-modify the noun with an appositive) has reopened under new management. The new owners have done a (b) _ (pre-modify the noun) job redecorating the restaurant. The dining room looks (c) _ (post-modify the verb with a comparative) brighter and prettier than the old one. The food is just (d)___ (post-modify the noun with an equative) before, but unfortunately, the menu is less varied and (e) _ (post-modify the noun with a comparative). The staff is (f)___ (post-modify the noun) but unable to handle large numbers of people. The service, therefore, becomes very (g)___ (use an adjective to post-modify the noun) at peak hours when queues outside (h)___ (use a demonstrative to post-modify the noun) popular restaurant become (i)___ (use an intensifier to post-modify the verb) long. But people do not mind waiting because they love the food (i)___ (post-modify the noun with a participle phrase).

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage: [.5X10=5]

Corruption means immoral conduct from some persons with power and position. (a) _ no official task is done without corruption (b)___ people have it as a daily practice. (c)___ this bad practice must be controlled at any cost. (d)___ it hampers progressive plans and programs of a free country. (e)___ a lot of criminal activities take place for this. (f)___ the nice and peaceful environment of a country is disturbed. (g)___ proper steps have to be taken to dispel this great problem. (h)___ the govt. is strict, it can be stopped. (i)___ the Anti-corruption Commission should come forward to solve this problem honestly. (i)___ it should work independently driven by the moral sense of heart.

11. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below: [.5 x 10 = 5]

There are over 190 sovereign countries in the [world] today. In 1950 there were only 82. Over the last half century national self-determination has been a driving [force] for many states with a history of colonialism and [oppression]. As more borders have been [added] to the world map, the number of [international] border disputes has [increased]. In
many cases where the impetus towards =independence] has been religious or ethnic, disputes with minority groups have
also caused violent [internal] conflict. Clash and [conflict] with [minority] groups should be stopped at any cost.
(a) world (synonym); (b) force (synonym); (c) oppression (synonym); (d) add (antonym); (e) international (antonym); (f) increase (antonym); (g) independence (synonym); (h) internal (antonym); (i) conflict (synonym); (j) minority (antonym).

12. There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Rewrite the text correcting the errors [.5 X 10=5]

"Shall we take a taxi to the stadium or go by bus” It would be better if we take a bus Its really difficult to get
a taxi during the rush hours “Shall we go to the earlier stoppage then, papa May be we will get vacant seats there" said Rumi "Thats a very good idea. Let’ move"

Part B : Composition (40 Marks)

13. Suppose, you are a student of class XII in ‘X‘ College. Now, on behalf of the students of your college, write an application to the Principal of your college for setting up a debating club. [8]

14. Suppose, you are I reporter of ‘The Daily Star’. Now, write a report on the impact of Facebook on the young generation. [8]

15. Write a paragraph showing the significance of International Mother Language Day in 150 words. [10]

16. Write a short composition on Your Favourite Hobby. Write at least 200 words but not exceed 250 words.

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