Class 5 (Five) English Sample Question Paper: PSC Model Q

Class 5 Five English Sample Question Paper

Sample Question Paper of English: Class 5 (PSC)

In this article, I will provide English first paper & second paper sample questions with wh question for class 5 (PSC) 2023. You can exercise or take ideas from these question papers of class five.

Primary Education Compulsory Examination 2020
Time ­– 2 hours and 30 minutes
Full mark— 100
[N.B- The figures in the right margin indicate full marks]

Read the text and answer the following question no. 1,2,3 and 4 :

It’s a beautiful spring day. Maria gets up early. She feels happy. She knows that it’s a nice day because she puts her hand on the glass of the window. It is very warm. She opens the window and singing of the birds fills the room. She can smell the flowers outside her home. They smell sweet and fresh. After Maria gets dressed and her breakfast, she puts her books in her bag. She is ready for school. Maria is a lot like any other student in her neighborhood. She goes to school and likes to be with her friends. But Maria cannot see the beautiful spring day. She cannot see the flowers, the blue sky, or the singing birds. She cannot see the new green leaves on the trees. She cannot see this because she is visually impaired. She has been unable to see since she was born.

But Maria is happy. She goes to school every day. She can learn the information because she reads Braille. Braille is a script that uses raised dots. Each letter is made from dots. People move their fingers across the raised dots to read. Maria learned to read Braille as a young child. Her books at school are in Braille. She enjoys reading poems and history. Maria’s teacher says that she is a good learner.

1.Fill the blanks with the appropriate word from the box. Find the information in the text. There are extra words which you need not use: 1X5=5

Sweet, enjoys, warm, school, cold, read, smell, regular
  1. The flowers smell ————- and fresh.
  2. Maria gets ready for ———-.
  3. Maria is a ———— student.
  4. Visually impaired person can ————– with the help of Braille.
  5. Maria ————- her daily life.

2.Write ‘True’ for correct statement and ‘False’ for in correct statement: 1X6=6

  1. Maria cannot hear the singing of the birds.
  2. Maria likes to be with her friends.
  3. A visually impaired students is not able to study.
  4. Maria can read Braille.
  5. Maria enjoys reading story books.
  6. Maria is a slow learner.

3. Answer the following question in a sentence or sentences:

  1. When does Maria get up?
  2. What does Maria do before going to school? Write two activities.
  3. Why can’t Maria see the beauty of Spring day?
  4. What is Braille? Write in three sentences.
  5. Why is Maria called a good learner?
  6. What things Maria can’t see? Write in two sentences.

4. Write a short composition about a visually impaired person you know. [ Write at least five sentences to the topic. Remember to use capital letters, punctuation, correct spelling, and sentence structure.] 10

             Read the text and answer no. 5, 6, 7 and 8 :

Babul is a student of class five. He is ten years old. One day, he gets sick and cannot go to school. His parents become very much worried about Babul’s illness. Babul’s mother talks about this matter with Babul’s uncle, Mr. Ratan. Mr. Ratan is a doctor and lives in Dhaka. Mr. Ratan comes to see Babul. He sees Babul is on the bed. Babul becomes very happy to see him. Babul and his uncle sit for lunch. But Babul starts his lunch without washing his hands. His uncle stops him at once.

He tells him to wash his hands properly with soap. His uncle also gives some advice after lunch. These are: use sandals in the toilet, wash your hands properly after using the toilet, take a bath every day. He also says that if he does not follow the advice, the germs can easily attack him. He will become sick again. Mr. Ratan prescribes him some medicines. Before leaving, he tells Babul to follow the advice to remain fit and healthy.

5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the box. Find out the information in the text. There are extra words which you need not use: 1X5=5

Soap, germs, parents, illness, doctor’s, reads, comes, sandals
  1. Babul cannot go to school because of his ————-.
  2. Babul’s ———– are worried about his illness.
  3. Mr. Ratan ————- to see Babul.
  4. We should use ———– to clean our hands.
  5. Everyone should follow ————– advice during illness.

6. Write “True” for correct statement and “False” for incorrect statement:

  1. Mr. Ratan is ten years old.
  2. Babul becomes very happy to see his uncle.
  3. Babul starts his lunch after washing his hands.
  4. Babul’s mother stops Babul from eating.
  5. We must wash our hands before and after eating food.
  6. Washing hands with soap help to get free from germs.

7. Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences:

  • (a) What does Babul’s uncle do?
  • (b) Why does Babul become very happy?
  • (c) Why was Babul on the bed?
  • (d) Why should you use sandals in the toilet?
  • (e) What should you do to keep your body fit? Write in three sentences.

8. Suppose, you are Tamal/Tania. Your friend is Mithu/Mita. Write a letter to your friend about how to keep body fit. 10

[Here are some words to help you: date, address, salutation, main points for the letter, closing Remember to write at least six sentences. Use capital letters, punctuation marks, and correct spelling.]

9. Make WH questions from the given sentences with, Who, What, When, Where, Why, Which and How using underlined word/words:

  • (a) Sakib is a student.
  • (b) The Nilkantha Tea Cabin is in Sreemangal.
  • (c) Bangladesh became independent in 1971.
  • (d) Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet.
  • (e) Nahid needs 500 taka.

10. Read the instructions about developing English language skills. Then answer the following questions:

  How to develop English skills.
Read English text book and storybooks more.
Learn at least one word daily.
Be attentive in English class.
Watch English cartoons.
Practice speaking English with friends and others.
  • (a) What should you read to develop your English language skills?
  • (b) Why do you learn at least one word daily?
  • (c) How can you develop your English skills? Write in three sentences.

11. Fill in the blanks by writing the times so that the story makes a sense. Write a.m. or p.m. with the time:

Salma is a student of class five. She gets up at 6 am. Then she washes. She takes her breakfast at (a) ————. After breakfast, she starts for school at (b) ————. She returns from school at (c) ———–. Then she goes to the field to play at (d) ————-. She goes to bed at (e) ————-.

12. Rearrange the words in the appropriate order to make meaningful sentences. 2X5=10

[Make sure you put capital letter at the start and full-stop or question mark at the end of a sentence.]

  • (a) friend/ Laila’s/ is/ Rokeya Khan
  • (b) finst/ when/ Olympics/ the/ was/ held.
  • (c) much/school/love/ our/we/ very
  • (d) hours/are/24/in/there/a day
  • (e) you/going/where/are

13. Selim Hossain lives in Sutrapur, Dhaka with his father Mr. Shamsul Alam, and mother Mrs. Jahanara Alam. He is 10 years old. He wants to be a member of the Shilpakala Academy. Now fill-up the form by using Selim Hossain’s information. 5

  1. Name                    :
  2.  Father’s name     :
  3.  Mother’s name    :
  4. Address                 :
  5. Age                       :
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