Class 9-10 English Sample Question Paper (1st & 2nd Paper)

Class 10 English Sample Paper, Class 9 -10 English Sample Question Paper
Class 9-10 English Sample Question Paper (1st & 2nd Paper)

Sample Paper of English Class 10

In this article, I will provide English first paper & second paper sample questions for class 9 & 10. You can exercise or take idea from these question papers of nine & ten.

Sample Paper of English 1st Class 10

SSC Sample Question

Model Test Exam 1st -2020
Class: Nine
Subject:English 1st Paper
Time:1:30 hrs   
Full Marks:50                                                                                                            Reading Test-20
Read the text below and answer the question 1-2
Zahir Raihan was one of the most talented film makers in Bangladesh.He was born on 19-August 1935 in the village majupur,in Feni district. He was an active worker of the language movement.He was one of the ten students to go out in a procession on 21 February 1952 despite a ban on such activities.As a result,he and many others were arrested and taken to prison.Zahir was also present at the historical meeting of Amtala on February 21,1952.He also took part in the much movement in 1969.In 1971,he joined Liberation War.
All through his life,Zahir dreamt for a democratic society,a society that will ensure freedom of speech and will.He had many dreams about our film industry too.He made a legendary film “Jibon Theke Neya” based on the Language Movement of 1952.It was a revolt against the then autocratic Govt.The family presented in that film was a miniature East Pakistan ruled by an autocrat who had to go to the prison for her conspiracy. During  the Liberation War this film was shown outside Bangladesh.Critcs like Satyajit Ray,Mrinal Sen,and ritwik Ghatak appreciated this film.Zahir gave all his money to the Freedom Fighters trust that he got from his film show.Besides his great documentary on Pakistan atrocities,Stop Genocide,helped create world sentiment in favour of our libration war.
On 30 December 1971,someone informed Zahir about an address somewhere at mirpur,where he might find his brother,the famous writer Shahidullah Kaiser.Shahidullah was captured and killed by the Pakistani army and the local collaborators during the last days of the war.Accordingly Zahir left home to get his brother back and he never returned.Zahir dream was fulfilled.He could see the inception of a free independent Bangladesh though he did not get back his brother.And it`s a pity that this dreamer was missing at such a time when his dream came true.
1.Choose the best answer the alternative.( 1*5=5)
(a)Zahir Raihans Profession Was————.
    (i)farming                      (ii)Photography                        (iii) film makers                           (iv)journalism
(b) “Stop Genocide” is a ————–.
   (i)TV serial                     (ii)drama                                 (iii)cartoon                                   (iv)documentary
(c) Zahir was a dreamer of a society of——–.
   (i)bureaucracy                (ii)democracy                          (iii)autocracy                                (iv)diplomacy
(d)The word “genocide” means——–.
   (i)death                           (ii)mass killing                         (iii)movement                              (iv)self killing
(e)Zahir Raihan was very——-in his student life.
   (i)brilliant                        (ii)honest                                  (iii)naughty                                  (iv)dull
2.Answer to the following question.    ( 2*5=10)
(a)What was the contribution of Zahir Raihan in the language movement?
(b)Who appreciated the film “Jibon Theke Neya”?
(c)What does Jibon Theke Neya symbolize?
(d)What kind of film is Jibon Theke Neya?
(e)What was the dream of Zahir Raihan?
3.Match column A with column B to make five meaningful sentence.( 1*5=5)
                     Column A
Column B
                      Column C
Alfred Nobel
Are treated
With respect all over the world.
Nobel prize is awarded
Who invented dynamite
Instituted nobel prize.
The recipient of the prize
Has been awarded
Nobel prize for peace this year .
The winners of the Nobel prize
For outstanding contributions
In different fields.
Dr. Yunus
Gets a gold medal, a certificate
And a large sum of money.
 4.Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a title to it.     (10)
King Solomon was the wisest man of his time. His fame spread far and wide. Everyday many people asked him different questions. ………………………….
5.Imagine, you are Salman / Salma. Recently you are going to sit for the Dakhil Examination. Now inform your father through e-mail how you have done in the last Examination. ( 10)
6.Write a dialogue between the super of a madrasah and Fahim a student of Dakhil class Nine seeking for admission. (10)

Sample Paper of English 2nd Class 10

SSC Sample Question 

Model Test Exam -2019
Class: Ten
Subject: English 2nd  Paper
Time:1:30 hrs                                                                                                    Full Marks:50
1.Make five sentences from the substitution table below:                                                          1*5=5
in the north of India, between Tibet and Nepal.
Mount Everest
Climbers always.
the first to survey the Himalayas.
has fascinated
 in the Himalayan mountains.
named after an English man George Everest.
2.Re-write the following passage changing the form of speech. (5)
The class teacher of class X said to the students “Do you like to go for study tour?” “Yes”, all the students. Then he said, “Take permission of your parents.” “One of the students said, “Let us go to Cox’s Bazar.” The most experienced age-old teacher said, “May your journey be safe and sound.”
3.Change the sentences according to directions.  (1*5=5)
(a)Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world.(Positive)
(b)Everyone knows this.(interrogative)
(c)This sea beach is visited by the tourists from home and abroad.(active)
(d)It is one of the most amusing places in the world.(comparative)
(e)How charming the scenery of Cox’s Bazar is!(assertive)
4. Complete the following sentences.  (1*5=5)
(a)Walk fast lest————-
(b)If you help me, ————
(c)Though he is poor————
(d)We eat so that—————
(e)We left the hotel after————-
5. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. (.5*10=5)
(a)Friend is a strong (b)bond. It does not know the (c)differ between the rich and the poor. It is an (d)emotion attachment based on mutual trust. In that sense, a friend is both (e)rely and (f)believe who is ready to help us in any (g)danger situation. Therefore the person who does not have a good friend is really (h) fortunate. He is (i)totaldeprived of enjoying the (j)please of friendship.
6. Make tag questions of these statements. (1*5=5)
(a)I am punctual, ————–?
(b)He is a wise man, ————-?
(c)She can make tea, ————?
(d)Nobody dislikes flower, ——-?
(e)Don’t waste tour time,———–?
7.Suppose, you are the student of X Kamil Madresah. You want to go on a study tour. Now, write a letter to principal seeking permission to go to on a study tour.  (10)



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