Class 6 (Six) English Sample Question Paper: 1st & 2nd Paper

Class 6 (Six) English Sample Question Paper: 1st & 2nd Paper

Sample Question Paper of English 1st & 2nd Class 6 (SIX)

In this article, I will provide English first paper & second paper sample questions for class 6 [year]. You can exercise or take ideas from these question papers of six.

Sample Question Paper of English 1st Class 6

Subject: English 1st Paper
Class: SIX, Times: 2:30 Hours.
Full Marks: 80

Section A: Reading ( Total Marks 40)

1. Read the following text and answer the question that follows.

Bangladesh is a country full of natural resources. We are proud of our soil. forests, flowers, fruits, and birds. The country is gifted with plentiful fauna due to its geographical location. Birds are one of them. Today we will read about a bird known as 'Benebau' in Bangla, and 'Black Headed Oriole' in English. The Blackheaded Oriole is a bird of the plain land of Bangladesh. Its body is deep yellow, its head, its throat, its tail and some parts of its wings are black; its beak is red. It looks like a Mayna and is about 25cm in length. It is seen in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and other countries. The Black Headed Oriole is a very sprightly and restless bird. It never stays at one spot for long. It eats all kinds of worms and insects. Its call is quite sweet and pleasant. The Blackheaded Oriole builds round-shaped beautiful nests with dry grass and barks of trees. Both the male and the female bird take part in building their nests. The Black Headed Oriole lays two to three eggs at a time.

1. Now choose the correct answer to each question from the alternatives given and write the corresponding number of the answers In your answer script. [0.5x10=5]

(1) The Blackheaded Oriole is 25 cm ___.
(a) long (b) wide (c) high (d) tall
(2) 'Fauna' means ___.
(a) birds (b) animals of the whole world (c) animals of a particular area (d) soil, forests, and flowers
(3) "It looks like a Mayna" Here the word 'like' means ___
(a) similar to (b) such as (c) Jove (d) familiar to
(4) Bentley lives in the ___ shaped nest.
(a) round (b) square (c) triangle (d) oval
(5) Bangladesh is a country full of natural resources. Here the word 'resources' is similar to ___
(a) goods (b) chattels (c) stuffs (d) assets
(6) The Blackheaded Oriole is a very sprightly and restless bird. Here 'sprightly means ___
(a) active (b) lazy (c) clever (d) wise
(7) Its call is quite sweet and pleasant. What does 'pleasant' mean?
(a) interesting (b) enjoyable (c) misty (d) cheerful
(8) The color of Benebau's throat is ___.
(a) red (b) black (c) yellow (d) green
(9) ___ build nests.
(a) male (b) female (c) child (d) male and female
(10) How many eggs does the Blackheaded Oriole lay at a time?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 2-3 (d) 3-4

2. Read the text and answer the following questions. [2x5=10]

People around the world are slowly changing their attitude towards medicine. More and more they are turning to natural cures. Natural cures are made of natural things, most often herbs and plants. History says that natural or herbal remedies are nothing new. People used them all along in different ages. Herbal medicines were used in ancient civilizations like Indin, China, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. Some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today. They have come down through generations. For a minor burn injury, the doctor may prescribe you a tube of ointment. But for the same, rural grandmas may put some aloe vera or use cold water. If children have a cold in our country, grandmas give them honey and tulsi leaves to eat. And It works too. If you have a minor cut or wound, grown-ups may put some turmeric, marigold, or aloe vera on it. Rural people usually use garlic, neem, or turmeric to cure skin problems. With experience, they have seen that these remedies work. Moreover, they are easy to get, are cheap, and most often without any side effects.

(a) What are natural cures made of?
(b) Are herbal cures modern inventions? Explain your reason.
(c) Which civilizations are known for herbal treatment?
(d) What herbal cures are used for skin problems?
(e) What does grandma give if children have cold in our country?

3. Read the text and answer the following questions.

Musa Hitam comes from Malaysia. He is forty-seven years old and is a businessman. Now, he is staying in Dhaka. In the hotel book, he writes his name, country, age, and nationality. Navin Thapa comes from Nepal. He is Nepalese. He is 23 years old and is a student. He has two brothers and three sisters. They are students too. Mrs. Kamal comes from Jamalpur. She is a teacher of 36 years old.

A. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage. [1×5=5]

Musa Hitam(a) ---(b)
(c) ----23 years old(d)
Mrs. Kamal36 years old(e)

Read the text and answer the following questions.

Last week Shamim visited his uncle's house with his parents. His uncle lives in Dhaka. His cousin Tamim sent an email inviting him to visit his house. He also wrote him that they would visit the Ekushey Book Fair together. Shamim had dream to visit the fair. Every year in February, Ekushey Book Fair is held in Bangla Academy premises. It was 18th February, Shamim and Tamim with their parents went to the fair. Tamim's younger sister, Nowshin was with them. They visited different stalls which were decorated beautifully. They saw many new books there. Shamim brought two novels and two comic books. He presented a comic book to Nowshin. She became very happy as he is fond of such books. Tamim bought two science fictions. Shamim was excited to see his favourite writer in the stall. He took an autograph and a snap with him. It was a very pleasant experience for him. They all enjoyed the day very much.

B. Read the following statements. Write (True) in your answer script if the statement is true. Write (False) if the statement is false. If false, give the correct answer. [1x5=5]

(1) Shamim's uncle lives in an urban area.
(2) Nowshin received a gift from Shamim.
(3) Nowshin disliked comic book.
(4) Shamim met his favourite writer in the fair.
(v) Tamim received an email from Shamim.

4. Read the text below and complete it with suitable words given in the box. [0.5X10=5]


Bangladesh is a (a) ---- country. Most of the (b) ------- here are farmers. They work (c) ----- and grow different kinds of (d) -------. People of different religions live here with (e) ------- and amity. Our country (f) ----- Independent in 1971. Our country (g) ------- full of natural resources. If we all work (h) -------, our country must (i)---- soon. We are (j) ------- of our country.

5. Match the parts of sentences given in column 'A' and column 'B' to write five complete sentences. [1x5=5]

Column AColumn B
(a) Every nation has(i) also some glorious and memorable days.
(b) Our nation has(ii) observed with due solemnity.
(c) These are(iii) always inspire us.
(d) These days will(iv) 21st February, 26th March, 16th December.
(e) These days are(v) some glorious days.

6. Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order in your answer script. Only the corresponding numbers of sentences need to be written. [1x10=10]

(i) The guests praised the king.
(ii) This made the king very happy.
(iii) The king ordered the man to kill Hatem Tai and bring his head.
(iv) So, the king got furious and wanted to kill him.
(v) There lived a very kind man in Yemen.
(vi) On the following day, he sent one of his men to Hatem Tai.
(vii) The name of that kind man was Hatem Tai.
(viii) One day the king gave a dinner.
(ix) He was not rich but he was very hospitable.
(x) The guests also praised Hatem Tai more than their king.

Section B: Writing (Total Marks : 40)

7. Read the beginning of the story below and complete it in 10 sentences. 10

It was a hot summer day. A crow felt very thirsty. It flew here and there in search of water……… [A Thirsty Crow Story]

8. Suppose you are Rana/Ranu. You have a friend named Fahim/Fahima who stood first in the last Annual Examination. Now, write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him/her on his/her brilliant success. 10
9. Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of early rising. 10

10. Answer the following questions into a continuous paragraph on "A Tea Stall". 10
(a) What is a tea stall?
(b) How is it furnished?
(c) What things are sold here?
(d) Where does the manager sit and who serves tea?
(e) What do the customers do in the tea stall?

Sample Question Paper of English 2nd Class 6

Subject: English 2nd Paper
Class: 6, Time: 1:30 Hours
Marks: 50
[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

Section-A: Grammar (Marks-30)

1. Use article where necessary. Put a cross (x) where no article is needed. [0.5x8=4]

The population of a country is (a) ------ asset but it becomes (b)---- problem when the country can't afford to her people (c) ------- basic needs of life. Bangladesh is (d) ----- country having (e) ----- area of 1,47,570 sq. But if we can use (f)---- both of our hands for (g)--- development of the country, we can definitely turn (h)----- problem into wealth.

2. Emran is writing to his younger brother about the preparation of Oral Saline. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps. [0.5X8=4]


Dear Irfan,
Hope that you're doing well. Today I'm here to write to you about making Oral Saline. Oral Saline is a mixture (a) ------ sugar, salt, and water. It is an effective drug (b) ------- diarrhea. First, take one liter of clean water and boil it (c)----- a pot for half an hour. Then make it cool. Put a handful of sugar or 'gur' (d) ----- the water. (e)----- that, add a pinch of salt (f) ------- the water and stir the water (g ------- a large spoon. Make sure that the sugar and the salt dissolve (h) ------ water. Now the oral saline prepared to take. Inform me of your details soon.
Your elder brother

3. Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. [0.5×10=5]


Gardening is an (a)----- hobby. To keep a garden clean you should have enough (b) ----- of cleanliness. Wipeout weeds (c) ------. You should remove the dead (d) ------- from there. Water the seedlings daily. It will (e)------- the plants fresh. If there is any tub plant in your garden, keep them (f)----. Make several drains (g) ------- the garden so that rainwater cannot (h) ------ there. Make a hard fence (i) ------- it so that naughty cows or animals cannot damage it. Doing all these you can (j)--- your garden clean.

4. Make four sentences from the following substitution table. [1×4=4]

Waterisfound in seas, rivers and ponds.
Itvery useful to us.
useful to plants and other animals too.
a liquid substance.

5. Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. [1x5=5]

(a) Books are our best friends. (Positive) they may serve as our best friends. (b) Books can help us in many ways. (Passive) They will never deceive us. (c) Some books will make us laugh. (Negative) Some others give us relief from the monotony of life. (d) They are our real friends. (Interrogative) (e) Nobody can be as useful as books. (Comparative).

6. Fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs in the brackets. [0.5X8=4]


Trees are very useful to us. We are (a)---- by trees in many ways. Besides, the (b)---- us food and fruit and prevent the environment from being (c) -------. It is a matter of regret that many people cut down trees recklessly. If men (d) ------- trees and stop (e) ------- them indiscriminately, it will affect the whole environment. So we (f) ----- to be careful about that, we should (g) ------ people conscious about the importance of trees. Trees (h) ------- our planet worth of living.

7. Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary. [0.5x8=4]

why are you putting up the food in your pocket sir why don't you eat said the noble man i am doing the right thing my dress deserves these rich dishes replied sheikh saadi

Section-B : Composition (Marks-20)

8. Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for arranging an annual picnic. 8

9. Write a composition on Physical Exercise in 250 words. 12

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