Compulsory Primary Education Essay and Composition

Compulsory Primary Education Essay and Composition

Write an essay or composition on Compulsory Primary Education.

Essay on Compulsory Primary Education

Compulsory Primary Education Composition/Essay; The meaning of compulsory primary education is that all the children up to the age of 10 must complete their education up to the level of class V. Its purpose is to impart knowledge of reading, writing, and simple Arithmetic. Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root cause of poverty. No development project can attain success due to illiteracy. On the contrary, education is the backbone of a nation. It removes darkness and enlightens minds. It also shows how malnutrition, hunger, and disease can be overcome. If the citizens of a country are given the right type of education, they will be able to solve the economic, social and political problems of their country. Hence all the children of a country like ours must be given education up to a certain level. Therefore, compulsory primary education has become a vital national issue.

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Bangladesh is beset with many problems. So it is very difficult to educate all the people of our country within a short time. A large portion of the children has not yet got the opportunity to go to primary schools. There are about 38033 government primary schools in our country which are not sufficient to provide accommodation for all the children. Moreover, poor and illiterate parents do not realize the importance of education. Considering all these problems, the government should make primary education free and compulsory.

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In order to make the compulsory free primary education program successful, we have to eradicate the problems that stand in the way of it. First of all, parents should be made to realize the importance of education. Govt. should establish more schools so that no student is deprived of having primary education. Besides, govt. should provide poor students with books, pens, dresses, etc. free of cost. To build up a good and efficient teacher community, training facilities should be arranged more effectively.

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The government of our country has taken some steps to remove illiteracy from society. The year l992 has started as the year for universal education. For this purpose, one thana has been selected in every district. All the children in our country between ages from 5 to 7 must go to school. They are taught free there. All other thanas will be brought under this program by phases. The government has also taken a vigorous campaign program to motivate parents to send their children to schools. The govt. has also launched food for an education program to inspire poor parents in our country to send their children to schools. Textbooks are also supplied to the students free of cost. Again UNSECSO, ASHA, and many other organizations have come forward to wipe out illiteracy from the whole country.

The prosperity and progress of our nation depend upon the complete removal of illiteracy. For that implementation of compulsory education, free primary education has become a crying need. If we are to take a rightful place in the world, we have to bend all our resources and energies to this great purpose without wasting time any more.

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