Dialogue about the role of parents & teachers behind his brilliant success

Suppose your friend’s name is Asim. Now write a dialogue between two friends/ between you and your friend Asim about the role of parents and teachers behind his brilliant success/result in the examination.

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Write a dialogue about the role of parents and teachers behind his brilliant success/result

Myself: Bravo! Asif, you have done brilliant success in the scholarship examination.
Asim: Thank you, brother.
Myself: I was eagerly waiting for your rank. Now knowing the result my excitement has come to an end.
Asim: In fact, your suggestions and inspiration have helped me do this result.
Myself: I think, our parents deserve thanks first because they helped me their best to do well in the scholarship exam.
Asim: Of course, they remained awake as long as I read at night. She took every care of me and made the necessary things ready for me.

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Myself: Your teachers also worked hard for you.
Asim: In fact, their sincere efforts made me able to do this result. I owe to them forever.
Myself: Have you paid thanks to them?
Asim: Of course, I have already done it and expressed my gratefulness to them.
Myself: I have an idea. We would invite your teachers to our house someday.
Asim: It’s a great idea. We would tell to our parents.
Myself: Sure. Our parents would be happy to invite them to our house
Asim: Thanks, brother.
Myself: Welcome.

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