Dowry System Paragraph; The Bad Effect of Dowry

Dowry System Paragraph; The Bad Effect of Dowry

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Dowry System Paragraph

Paragraph on Dowry System: Dowry means property including money, gold, etc. brought by a bride for her husband. Generally, in our country, many families consider female children inferior to male children. Females are thought to be of no use to the family in our society. So, during the marriage ceremony, some greedy people claim such properties and money from the guardians of the brides. Those who are poor and illiterate girls mainly become victims of the dowry system. If the guardians fail to fulfill the demand of their bridegroom, they often misbehave with their wives. Even sometimes they torture them seriously. Consequently, many of them get divorced or commit suicide.

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Moreover, many times their greedy husbands kill them. This system has affected our whole society. Nowadays, the father of a daughter cannot think of the marriage of his daughter without giving dowry to the bridegroom. This evil system of society harms a lot especially to the poor. Govt. should uproot this-evil system from the whole society immediately. We can eliminate this social curse by changing the outlook of the people especially the male members of the society of our country. Besides, we can take strict legal measures against the persons who take dowry.

Paragraph on Bad Effect of Dowry

The Bad Effect of Dowry System Paragraph: According to the Oxford Dictionary: Dowry means demanding illegal money from the bride by the bridegroom. Even money or property, a wife must pay to his husband's family when they get married such a situation is also called Dowry. It's a great evil working at the root of our society. it's a curse for poorer parents. The main reason of this practice is the lower mentality of the guardian of the bridegroom. They wish to earn a lot.

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They think it is their right to get money from the bride as they have spent a lot on the bridegroom in educating and bringing them up. This Dowry system affects our society. The poor parents cannot marry their daughters off due to lack of dowry. The dowry system has degraded the mentality of the people. It breeds greed for money and social unrest. Personally, I do not support this practice. I believe females are not objected to being brought and sold like commodities. To eliminate this social vice, we should start anti-dowry campaigns. Besides, we should make common people aware of its bad effects. The government can formulate anti-dowry laws also to discourage this practice.

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