Duties of A Student Composition & Essay- for all class students

Duties of A Student Composition & Essay- for all class students

After reading this post, you can learn Duties of A Student Composition & Essay- suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Composition on The Duties of A Student 

Duties of a student composition/ Essay: Students are the future citizens of the nation. So, it is their main duty to acquire proper knowledge. As students are the future leaders, they need to have a good education that will enable them to do good to the nation. Students should take part in social services during leisure time or during long vacations. They have youthful vigor & energy, warmth and so they can do anything. They should devote themselves to the service of society as well as the country.

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In every institution, students can form social service squads in there to work in different areas. They can also form welfare centers of humanitarian services among the poor and needy. The students can work to remove illiteracy from society by educating the people in the proper way. They may start conducting night schools. By this, they can instruct the ignorant, about their homeland’s history, moral values, evils of superstition, etc. They also instruct the need for co-operation, laws of health and social life, duties as citizens, etc. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. And the farmers are not aware of the modem system of cultivation.

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Students can also convince the farmers of the utility of modern methods of cultivation. They can motivate people to grow more food. An ideal student must keep himself ready to dedicate his superhero pleasure at the time of danger. Then and only then he will be regarded as the crown of the deprived people because they’re the selfless sections of the society. Their services are regarded as noble deeds. So, they must take an active part in these noble deeds. And we all expect these deeds from an ideal student. 

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