E-Mail Paragraph/ E-mail for Students of Bangladesh

E-Mail Paragraph/ E-mail for Students of Bangladesh

After reading this article, you can write 1. E-mail Paragraph 2. E-mail for Students of Bangladesh Paragraph. All paragraphs are suitable for the students of class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Paragraph on E-Mail

E-Mail Paragraph: E-mail means electronic mail. Electronic mail or simply E-mail is very much popular nowadays for its speedy transmission of information and cost-effectiveness. So, the information provided by a sender is delivered asynchronously to a point where it can be retrieved easily. After that, it can be processed by one or more recipients of the sender's choice. In an E-Mail system, there is a number and the sender keeps on dialing the desired number till he/she is successful. Once it is connected, the PC terminal of the sender sends the message to the PC terminal of the recipient at a very high speed. There is no need for any physical presence of both the sender and the receiver.

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The sender can enter the message and the receiver can retrieve it easily whenever he/she is free. The message will remain in the PC‘s memory. The transmission of messages is usually done through telephones or satellite communications or through marine cables. An e-mail has a lot of advantages to its credit.

(i) It is cost-effective. Very less money is required in comparison to another transmission device. (ii) It is a time saver. Within very short time messages can be sent. (iii) There is no need for the presence of either the sender or the receiver. Once the message is entered into the computer's it will remain in the receiver computer's memory. (iv) E-mail transmission is very speedy. It is four times faster than the FAX and ten Times faster than telex. (v) In the e-mail, there is a system of using a password that each subscriber can choose to use. Hence E-mail gives the security of the information.

Paragraph on E-mail for Students of Bangladesh

E-mail for Students of Bangladesh Paragraph: The world is getting so smaller and smaller with the blessing of science. Nowadays a man from one part of the world can easily communicate with a person of another part of the world within a second. An e-mail has made this process easier. E-mail communication is the latest invention in the communication system. It helps all the classes of people. Students are much benefited from e-mail. But in Bangladesh, this facility hasn't reached all the students for want of computers. If the e-mail facilities can be given to all the students, they will get sufficient usefulness from it.

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They will be able to get important information from any library of any places both at home and abroad. Then he will be able to do his library work without going to the library. The students will be able to discuss any of their difficult lessons with teachers sitting at home. He will also be able to discuss his difficult lessons with his friends. To increase general knowledge a student can communicate with the authorities of newspaper, radio, and television. Besides, e-mail can help a student in his personal matters. Through e-mail, he can easily contact with his friends and relatives. Thus e-mail is very useful for a student.

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