Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified (How to Fix)

Either 'name' or 'item.name' should be specified
Either 'name' or 'item.name' should be specified

Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified

In the Google webmaster tool, also known Google Search Console, you may get an error notification “Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified”. It’s actually a breadcrumbs error. If you don’t specify the item name (category or label), you will face this problem. Recently, many bloggers are facing this breadcrumb problem. You may find this problem in Google Webmaster Tool> Enhancements> Breadcrumbs.
However to fix this problem follow the given instructions.

  • Go to your site’s dashboard (WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, etc)
  • Find the specific post that is affected by this problem
  • Edit the post
  • Select a Category (in WordPress), Label (in Blogspot)
  • After that, update your post after selecting a category or label
  • In this way, repeat updating every affected post
  • Then again go to the google webmaster
  • Finally, ‘validate‘ fixing

In WordPress, by default, all posts will be categorized as “Uncategorized“. That’s why those who use WordPress don’t face this problem. But if they unselect this category, this time they will face this error “Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified“. On the contrary, in Blogspot, you must have to select a Label.

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I hope your problem will fix soon. It will take up to 2 days to fix this breadcrumb error. If you have face any problem regarding this issue “Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified” then drop a comment here. I will try to reply to every individual comment.

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  1. Hai Azad can you please tell me how fix it, because i have added labels to this post, i don’t know how to over come this. Please check and let me know. Thank You

    • Which CMS are you using? If it’s Blogger, update your posts selecting levels. After that, go to search console, and click validate. Hopefully your problem will be fixed within 3 days. Thanks

  2. I got that same error. I updated the category and purged the website, but when i go to click Validate Fix, i get the same error. 3 Of my articles are with errors.
    I am using WordPress.
    Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified

    BTW: I have breadcrumbs activated on my web.

  3. Hello Azad – I found your information easy to understand and helpful. However, we are experiencing the “Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified” Google error on PAGES not posts. We use WordPress, and since there is no “Category” on pages, how would we fix it?
    Nedra Robins

    • Hi – one further note. We did receive instructions on fixing the problem from Enfold – which is the theme we use on our website. I tried to follow them, but I was not clear exactly where to make the changes they were suggesting.
      The first part was fairly easy, but when it got to shortcodes, it became more difficult to understand where to modify the code. Thank you for any assistance. Nedra Robins

  4. It makes sense for posts, or blogs – there is clearly a category for each one. Our problem is with PAGES and we have no option to have a category for pages.

    • Go to settings pages of your theme & turn breadcrumbs on. If you still face this problem, try contacting us via contact us page. I will be happy to assist you. Thanks

  5. Hello Brother and thank you for sharing knowledge,

    In fact, I had the error not on posts but pages , and i don’t find how to correct the category in the edit page using WordPress edit or my theme editor , any tips plz ? I am using Skttheme

  6. Either ‘name’ or ‘item.name’ should be specified; the same problem I am facing but it’s not about any post or page but it is about the archive pages. I don’t know how to fix it.
    Can you help me?

  7. Hey, there! We are having this problem but do not know what to fix so that it would be better and want to know what exactly do we put to make it better?
    If you could get back to us then we would like to hear your input about this issue.



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