My Aim in Life Essay and Composition- for all class students

My Aim in Life Essay and Composition- for all class students

After reading this article, you can write 1. My aim in life essay and composition 2. The Profession I like most essay and composition- suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Essay on My Aim in Life

My Aim in Life Essay/ Composition; The goal of a ship is to reach the port, the aim of a brook is to join the river and the objective of a river is to meet the ocean. Similarly, every man should have a definite aim that would determine his future career and help him reach the goal of life. It is the driving force in a man akin to aim in life. It is a great virtue and everybody should have it. If a man does not have any definite aim in his life, he cannot succeed.

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A man without any fixed purpose
Serves no use
And it’s like a ship without radar
Drifting here and there near and far.

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Different persons have different aims in life. Somebody desires power, somebody wants wealth and somebody craves for honor and high dignity in the society. Again, somebody wants to be an engineer, somebody aspires to be a teacher and somebody wants to be a doctor and so on. This choice of profession depends on one’s taste, aptitude and intensity of desire. But it is not easy to fix up an aim in life. I think all human beings feel the same prick of “To be or not to be ” i.e. dilemma while choosing the aim in life as does Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could.

From my childhood, I had great regard in my life for the teaching profession. As such, I had always cherished an intense desire in my mind for becoming a teacher.  My father, who is a schoolteacher, has inspired me to take this profession. He used to say that a teacher can give real service to his country through teaching I have also got the inspiration from my teachers. Their inspirations have left a robust effect on me.

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However, 80% of our people is deprived of the light of education. And as such, they are suffering from ignorance and superstition. So, l want to give them the light of education and make them good citizens of the country. For all these reasons, I have decided to be a teacher. It reminds me of a Chinese proverb:

If you plan for a year, sow a seed,
If you plan for a decade, plant a plant,
If you plan for a century, teach the people”

To be a good teacher I need to prepare myself first. I am now an H.S.C. examinee. After passing the H.S.C. Examination with credit I shall get myself admitted into a University for pursuing Honours and Masters Degree. After having the Masters's degree I shall complete the B. Ed and M.Ed. Course to qualify myself as a good teacher. In fact, I shall vest my all-out efforts to enkindle the light of edification in the minds of people. I shall leave no stone unturned to materialize my dream of being a successful teacher. I do believe like Robert Frost:

Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep

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However, a man’s real success in life greatly depends on his proper choice of career. My long-cherished aim in life is to bring a desirable change in human behavior in our society through education. I shall be happy and consider myself amply rewarded if I can give them proper education and accompany them on their journey to become good citizens of the country.

Someday, when I am gone,
I’ll be remembered by all.
As the Man who helped them,
who had stumbled and had to fall.

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