A Farmer Paragraph/ The Life of a Farmer

A Farmer Paragraph/ The Life of a Farmer

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Paragraph on A Farmer Paragraph/ The Life of a Farmer

A Farmer Paragraph: The person who works in the form of lands for growing various agricultural products is a farmer. Usually, he lives in a village. A farmer is a very important person in the country. He grows and provides food for the people of our country. Therefore, we call him the father of food production. But they are heavily devalued. He gets up early in the morning from the bed. Then he takes a pair of bullocks and plows to cultivate his land.

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He works hards on his land. In our country, farmers lead very miserable life. If he is able to produce good crops, his face beams with joy. On the contrary, if he fails to grow, his sorrows know no bounds. Most farmers in our country live under the poverty level. They live from hand to mouth. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Her prosperity depends on the development of agriculture. That is why I cannot think of her without a farmer. Therefore, his prevalent phase ought to be upgraded to reach his life at a standard level.

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