Ezoic Origin Error in WordPress: How To Fix

Origin Error Ezoic

Ezoic, a Google certified AdSense partner, is a digital advertising company. At the time of pointing your domain’s nameservers to Ezoic’s given nameservers, sometimes you may experience an “Origin Error” problem. For verification purposes and to perform better than other methods, Ezoic user needs to change their domain’s nameservers. In this tutorial, you are going to know how to fix Ezoic’s origin error problem in WordPress step by step.

There are three ways to fix this problem. Sometimes, for technical, it would be tough for us to fix this issue showing “origin error” in WordPress. So in the last part of this tutorial, I will share with you a way how I have successfully fixed this problem. This will work 100% if other methods don’t work.

How to confirm that your site is experencing Origin Error

If your site is experiencing an origin error, you will see different indicators.

Different indicators of Origin Error

  • ‘401’ error
  • ‘403 Forbidden’ error
  • ‘500’ error
  • ‘503’ error
  • ‘520’ error
  • ‘Origin’ error
  • ‘Robot Captcha’ error

You may face this problem when you will use a third-party application to server your contents like Cloudflare, Ezoic, alternative nameservers, etc. All these including ezoic works like the following image.

how cloudflare works
Image credit: Cloudflare

How to fix the origin error of Ezoic

There are more than three solutions to this error. But sometimes, some of them don’t work. So you have to find the right method.

1. Tell your hosting provider to whitelist Ezoic’s Ip addresses

If your hosting server blocks Ezoic IP Addresses for unwanted bot traffic and attacks, you will face this origin error problem. So, these IP addresses, automatically listed in the Blacklist IP. So you need to add them to the Whitelist IP. You can add these IPs to the whitelist by accessing WHM.

Here is the list of Ezoic’s AWS IP Addresses.

There are 3 more alternative ways to fix this problem. But sometimes, whitelisting Ezoic’s IPs does not work. When I faced this problem I tried all the methods except whitelisting IP Addresses. Some hosting providers do not add these IPs to the ehitelist because of security reasons.

2. Migrating to Ezoic WordPress Hosting

Ezoic’s WordPress hosting is free, smooth, and fast. You can host your approved WordPress site to Ezoic. For that login to your Ezoic account and go to settings. On the settings page, you will see WordPress hosting. For more info, contact Ezoic Support. Three more ways you should try are 1. The X-Middleton-IP Request Header 2. User Agent Authentication 3. Set up an X-Forwarded-For Header. Though I am not Using Ezoic anymore, I have solved this problem by the following method.

3. Reversing Nameservers

First, reverse your nameservers to previous nameservers. After that, white for a moment then refresh your website. I hope, after a while, you will not see “Origin Error”. However, if you still see this problem, you have to connect to a VPN and visit your site again. Then log in to your websites and follow the rest of the instructions.

Cloudflare Integration the Best Solution to Origin Error

There are two ways to solve this problem. The best one is using cloudflare integration. First you need to add your website in cloudflare. Then go to ezoic dashboard and integrate your site using cloudflare.

Another way but not recommend is to install Ezoic Integration Plugin and activate it. Login to your Ezoic account and check for integration. After white, you will see “successfully integrated”.

Enjoy and make more money from digital advertising. If you have any questions, drop a comment below.

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