Gender Equality Paragraph For All Class Students

Gender Equality Paragraph For All Class Students

Paragraph on Gender Equality

Gender Equality Paragraph: Gender equality means equal treatment both to males and females. It also means equal rights for both males and females. There can be no denying the fact of the importance of gender equity. If equal rights of a female are not ensured, her sufferings know no bounds. The development of any nation can not be thought of if the rights of the females are not ensured. So the importance of gender equality can not be denied. To speak the truth the condition of gender discrimination is very vulnerable in many countries. In Bangladesh, gender discrimination begins at birth.

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A girl is born to an unwelcome world. It is thought that she has come to this world to add miseries to her family. She is confined within the four walls of the house. Besides, she has to do all household work. She is deprived of all rights. Moreover, she lives at the mercy of other people. She is considered to be a burden for her family. In Bangladesh, gender equality is not maintained at all. Ignorance, prejudice, religious misinterpretation, social values, and outlook are social barriers to gender equality. There are many other reasons behind it that are responsible for gender inequality. Our society, ignorant people, and uneducated parents are mainly responsible for these barriers. Women constitute half of our total population. Keeping half of our population in the darkness the development of the nation can not be thought of.

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So gender equality is related to the overall development of a nation. To ensure gender equality first of all females should have the right to receive an education. There should be no distinction between the male and the female. Our creator Himself has drawn no distinction between the male and the female. The females should be guaranteed equal rights. They should not be deprived of any rights. Prejudices should be uprooted. The social outlook towards females should be changed. Religious misinterpretation should be abolished. Early marriage should be stopped. If we can do all these things, gender equality can be ensured in Bangladesh.

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