Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you: fix 2023

Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you bypass fix
Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you

Gmail account is important to everyone who is using it. It’s associated with all Google’s features and other accounts on different sites. So if you forget your password and cannot access it through the recovery option then you may see this message “Google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you”. In this tutorial, I will show you how to bypass/fix the verification issues 2023.

You can ask questions on the Google community forum, and they may suggest you. If you are really the owner of the account then you may recover the account. But sometimes, lack of information one couldn’t verify though he/she is the real owner of the google account.

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How to fix “Google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you”

To be honest, it’s not such an easy task. If it’s possible, anyone could access your account. So google always keeps its privacy strong. However, we are just going to show you some tricks that may help you.

How to fix using account recovery form

To regain access to the account you must use the account recovery form. In this form, based on the answers you can give to a series of questions, you must prove that the account belongs to you without any doubt. The questions will be very specific about the account so you will surely have to remember and search for information (in other accounts, ask your contacts, …) to be able to answer accurately. It is important not to leave questions unanswered. If this method doesn’t work for you then follow the next one.

How to fix using other Gmail

If you have another Gmail account that you logged in to previously, then add this email to the recovery email/Verification email asked by google at the time of trying to reset your password. It means, to verify that the account is yours, Google will send a six-digit verification code to Gmail. We recover one of our authors’ Gmail by this method. At that time, we used a friend’s email.

Resetting passwords from an old device

If the above methods don’t work to bypass the verification issue, then try this one. Try to reset your passwords by click forget your passwords from a device that you used previously. It is better if you use the same Wi-Fi and location as well. So using a device/location from where you recently accessed your account can also be very helpful in this process.

It is very likely that you will have to insist several times until you can refine the precision in the answers. If none of the methods do work, then try contacting google support. They may better assist you based on the information that you have to pass the verification issue.

Hope, you could recover your Gmail account. Still have problem, leave a comment below. Our editorial stuff will help you to bypass the verification issue based on the data you have.

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  1. Sir, I’m the owner of my old google account. I can’t assess it while I’m trying to log in it’s saying can’t verify this account belongs to you. It’s not showing any OTP opportunity or anything else… I’ve tried sending the forum to google too but also still the problem is ongoing please help me please 🙏 it’s very important to account for me.


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