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GP internet offer & Package

The number of internet users in Bangladesh has been increasing day by day. GP (GrameenPhone) is the #1 leading mobile operator company in Bangladesh. They have more than 74 million customers in Bangladesh. And 37 million of them use the internet every now. The number of both normal users & internet users is increasing rapidly. They often offer internet data to their users. In this post, you will get both GP internet offer 2023& GP Internet package 2023. GP also provides GP minute offers to its customers. However, we are updating this article from time to time. We will provide you all the necessary information about the GP internet offer & package of 2023.

GP Internet Offer 2023

Every internet user needs internet data. So, we are providing the necessary information to purchase the internet. This article is especially for GP subscribers. There are so many internet offers for GrameenPhone subscribers. But sometimes some offers may not for all users. So check every single offer and choose the best one for you. Later on, you will get all the internet packages for all GP users.

GP 1 GB 12 TK Offer

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity3 Days
Charge12 BDT
Purchase Code*121*5174#

This offer is for some special users. Eligible GP users can purchase this data offer a maximum of five times. After purchasing, you can check your data by dialing *121*1*4#

GP 1 GB 17 TK Offer

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity15 Days
Charge17 BDT
Purchase Code*121*5003#

This offer is not for every user.

GP 350 MB 33 TK Offer

Internet Volume 350 MB
Validity3 Days
Charge33 BDT
Purchase Code

GP 1 GB 89 TK Offer

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost89 BDT
Purchase Code

Anyone can buy this GP offer. This is the best value GP offer 2023.

GP 2 GB 54 TK Offer

Internet Volume2048 MB
Validity3 Days
Charge54 BDT
Activation Code*121*3242#

This offer is for all GP users. This is a popular GP offer in 2023.

GP 3 GB 108 TK Offer

Internet Volume3072 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost108 BDT

GP 4 GB 65 TK Offer

GP 65 Tk 4gb is a most popular offer now. Check GP 65 TK 4GB Code below.

Internet Volume4 GB
Validity7 Days
Cost65 BDT
USSD Code*121*5138#

Anyone can buy this GP offer. This is also one of the best value GP offer 2023.

GP 6 GB 148 TK Offer

Internet Volume6144 MB
Validity7 Days
Charge148 BDT
Purchase Code

Anyone can buy this GP offer.

GP 10 GB 198 TK Offer

Internet Volume10240 MB
Validity7 Days
Cost198 BDT
Purchase Code

Anyone can buy this GP offer. This is the best value GP offer 2023

GP 1 GB Bioscope 17 TK Offer

Internet Volume1024 MB
Validity7 Days
Charge17 BDT
Purchase Code

The user who buys this pack can only use Bioscope. This is a GP Bioscope internet offer 2023.

GP 2 GB Vanilla + Bioscope 101 TK Offer

Internet Volume2048 MB
Validity7 Days
Charge101 BDT
Purchase Code

The user who buys this pack can only use vanilla & bioscope.

Talk and get MB bonus in GP

Gp users now get 5 MB bonus if they talk daily 45 minutes. Let’s understand it deeply. If any user talks 45 minutes in a day, they will get 1 MB per next minute. One user can enjoy this GP offer a maximum of 5 MB per call. To active this offer, simply dial *121*1401#. The validity is 72 hours.

GP Internet Package 2023

Let’s see the GP internet package 2023. There are a huge number of GP internet packages available for all users. You can simply purchase any package that is best for you. Here I enlisted all the GP Internet packages especially for 2023.

GP Volume Internet Package

Pay As You Go

LimitUp to 200 MB
Charge0.02BDT/1KB (excluding vat)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*121*3000#

Whenever a user doesn’t have any internet pack, it will charge balances from the main account.

5 MB 2.62 TK Package

Internet Volume5 MB
Cost2 TK 62 Paisa
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3002#

35 MB 18 TK Package

Internet Volume35 MB
Cost18 BDT
Purchase Code*121*3003#

85 MB 38 TK Package

Internet Volume85 MB
Cost38 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code*121*3004#

115 MB 58 TK Package

Internet Volume115 MB
Cost58 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3005#

555 MB 149 TK Package

Internet Volume555 MB
Cost149 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*121*3007#

1 GB 189 TK Package

Internet Volume1024 MB
Charge189 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3390#

1.5 GB 239 TK Package

Internet Volume1536 MB
Cost239 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3027#

2 GB data Package

Internet Volume2048 MB
Cost… BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*121*3009#

3 GB data Package

Internet Volume3072 MB
Cost… BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*121*3010#

3 GB 289 TK Package

Internet Volume3072 MB
Cost289 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3391#

5 GB data Package

Internet Volume5120 MB
Cost… BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*121*3312#

5 GB 399 TK Package

Internet Volume5120 MB
Cost399 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3392#

15 GB 649 TK Package

Internet Volume15360 MB
Cost649 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3393#

30 GB 998 TK Package

Internet Volume30720 MB
Cost998 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*121*3394#

GP Social Internet Package

GP Social Packages are for only social media uses. Suppose you need only facebook internet pack then you can purchase.

GP 26 MB Facebook Package

Internet Volume26 MB
Cost1.67 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3022#

GP 86 MB Facebook Package

Internet Volume86 MB
Cost6.28 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code*121*3023#

GP 340 MB Facebook Package

Internet Volume340 MB
Cost19 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code

GP 46 MB Video Package

Internet Volume47 MB
Cost6.28 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3020#

26 MB Whatsapp Package

Internet Volume26 MB
Cost2.61 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3063#

26 MB Viber Package

Internet Volume26 MB
Cost2.61 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3070#

GP Emergency Internet

To get emergency internet balance in GRameenPhone just dial the following code.

GP 12 MB Emergency Data Loan

Internet Volume12 MB
Cost5 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*121*3021#

GP Custom Internet Package

To purchase a custom internet pack, you can simply install MyGP APP. In this app, you can purchase any type of internet data and so on. You can also check all GP offer there.

GP internet balance check

Are you looking for GP internet balance check Code? Dial *121*1*4# to check internet balance in GrameenPhone. This internet balance check code is for both GP internet offer & GP internet package.

GP internet Setting

To set the internet in GP, go to Setting>Network Setting>Access Point Names. After that create a new access point. In the name field, type ‘GP-INTERNET’. And in the APN field, type ‘gpinternet’. Then finally save the new access point. Read more “GP APN Settings for Android and iPhone

Auto-renew option

In all GP internet offers & packages, by default auto-renew is turned off (Except BS Customers). But users can easily turn auto-renew on after or before purchasing an internet bundle. Users can also decide whether to turn off or on during purchasing an internet bundle.

If any user wants to turn on auto-renew after purchasing a package, send SMS “ON” to 25000. Or, user can turn it on by dialing *121*3042#

To turn auto-renew off, just dial *121*3043# or send SMS “OFF” to 25000.

Auto-renew will occur based on your package’s volume, uses & validity.

To cancel GP internet

Other information about GP internet

If any GP user wants to cancel his/her internet pack, just dial *121*3041#

  • Data Expiration; If a user’s volume or validity of any internet has expired, it will charge as pay as you go up to 5.6 BDT.
  • Unused internet data; Unused data will be added if the user buys the same pack within the validity period.
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