Honesty is the best policy Story/ An Honest Woodcutter

Honesty is the best policy Story/ An Honest Woodcutter

You can write this story as 1. Completing story honesty is the best policy 2. An Honest Woodcutter and the Beautiful Fairy Story 3. The honesty of a woodcutter Story 4. An Honest Woodcutter Story 5. The woodcutter and Fairy Story

An Honest Woodcutter and the Beautiful Fairy Story

Honesty is the best policy Story: There lived a woodcutter in a village. One day the woodcutter was cutting wood near a deep pond. At the time of cutting wood, suddenly, his axe fell into the deep pond. As the pond was very deep, he cannot regain his axe from the fond. The woodcutter didn't know how to swim or dive. So, the woodcutter was sitting there sadly. Then a wonderful thing happened there. A beautiful fairy appeared before him. The fairy asked him in a sweet voice, "Why are you so sad man? Why are you not cutting wood?" The woodcutter sorrowfully replied, “My axe has fallen into the deep pond. As I don't have another axe, I cannot cut wood now.”

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The fairy then showed him a silver axe and asked him if it was his axe. The woodcutter saw the axe and said, “It’s not my axe.” The fairy again showed him another axe made of gold and asked, “Is this the axe that you lost?” The woodcutter said, “No, it’s not. My axe is made of iron. The axe was very old.” Finally, the fairy showed him the lost axe with a wooden handle. Then the woodcutter happily said that it was his axe. However, the fairy became very pleased. Being pleased, she gave him the gold and the silver axes too. Then the woodcutter became rich and began to live more happily. Thus honesty is always rewarded.

Completing story honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy completing story; Once there lived a poor but honest farmer in a village. He has a few acres of land. With his small income, he used to support himself, his wife, and six children. One day he was walking through the fields, then he was thinking of how he could add to his income. Suddenly he saw a purse of gold dropped by a passer-by. He lifted up the purse and took it to his cottage. Seeing the purse, his wife became very glad and advised him to use all the gold to remove poverty.

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But the farmer was very honest and said to his wife, "Honesty is the best policy." And so he did not go to abide by the advice of his wife. He began to find out the owner of the purse. At last, he could find out the real owner and gave back the purse to him. He thanked him very much and expressed his gratitude to him. He came back to his cottage and informed his wife of the fact. His wife became very angry with him and scolded him very much to give back the purse to the owner.

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