How To Arrange A Picnic Paragraph For All Class Students

How To Arrange A Picnic Paragraph For All Class Students

Paragraph on How to Arrange a Picnic

How to Arrange a Picnic Paragraph: If a group of people wants to go on a picnic, they are to do these following things. First of all, they are to form a small committee, choose a beautiful picnic spot. And then, they have to fix a date. Secondly, the committee will be divided into some small groups to do different kinds of things such as fundraising, purchasing food items, hiring transports, cooking, arranging sports, cultural program, etc.

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Thirdly, the committee will sum the total cost. After that they will fix the amount of subscription through discussion. The members of the fundraising committee Will collect the subscriptions from all the members within the fixed date. Fourthly the purchasing group will complete the purchasing of all items and other groups will also do their assigned duties. After that, they will start for their picnic Spot on the fixed day from a place fixed before. Finally, they will enjoy the picnic with joy.

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