How to Become an Entrepreneur - Why Should and How to Start

How to Become an Entrepreneur - Why Should and How to Start

Without doing a job, there are plenty of ways of earning money. Again, you can hardly feel the taste of freedom in making a decision in your career by doing a job. So, be an entrepreneur and lead your life as you want. Today, I am going to tell you why you should be an entrepreneur and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur?

Our society always encourage us to become an employer rather than an entrepreneur. They tell us that job is very safe and business is very risky. Yeah, I accept that there are some risks in business. But believe me, job is not as safe as our society told so. Here, I will try to give you some logic about why you should prefer business rather than job.

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Lead Your Dream As You Want

As an entrepreneur, you can lead your dream as you want which is quiet impossible as an employer. Often, you have to sacrifice your dream as an employer. But you can implement your dream as an entrepreneur. Since, your dream is not for sale, you have to be an entrepreneur. Just start your own business.

Lead Your Own Lifestyle

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to follow any dress-code or any kinds of lifestyle which you don’t like. You can have a unique lifestyle. Nobody will come to dominate you. On the other hand, as an employer, you have to gone through a particular dress-code, have to follow the administrative rules and regulations. So, to avoid the monotonous life, you should start your own business.

Be Carefree about Formal Rules and Regulation

Another painful thing is formal rules and regulation. As an employer, you can hardly disobey the formal rules and regulations at your workplace. Believe me, this rules and regulations will make your life so monotonous. On the contrary, as an entrepreneur, you can make your own business rules. You don’t need to follow any sorts of rule. Rather, rules will follow you. You can lead a versatile life.

You’re The Boss Here

Often, an employer has to take pressure for their boss. They remain so anxious all the time. This anxiety makes their lives hell.  Whereas, as an entrepreneur, you are the boss here.

“ I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft."
-Bill Gates

You are the king of your own kingdom. You don’t need to obey the others command. It is yours business. Only yours !!!!!

Feel The Taste of Freedom

Freedom is the first and foremost promise of entrepreneurship. None can feel the taste of freedom as much as an entrepreneur can. If entrepreneurs are being asked what is the main factor works to choose this type of lifestyle. Obviously, their answer will be ‘freedom’.

Be an Innovator

An entrepreneur is also an innovator.  All the machines, devices, technologies were just an idea once. But some awesome entrepreneurs give them life. So, entrepreneurship offers you to become innovative.

Be Carefree about Your Promotion

Promotion is one of the main goal of an employer. He/she wants to get promotion. But it is not so easy. After gone through lots of pressure, tension, rebukes from boss etc. an employer gets his/her promotion. But, it takes so many years. Again, they have to depend on other choices for the promotion. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about your promotion as an entrepreneur. If you increased the hard work more than before, you can increase your profit. So, your promotion is on your hand. Don’t need to depend on others.

Employer Are Not Secured At All

An employer feels that his/her life is secured. But they are not secured at all. They can lose their job at any time. It is a common affair in our society. Again, there is an age barrier for the employers. Oneday, they have to take retirement. Sometimes, demotion of a senior employer is kind of humiliation to him/her. So, employers are not safe at all. As an entrepreneur, I can ensure you that there will be no age barrier at least. You won’t have to take retirement on others command.

No Finger Pointing on You

As an entrepreneur, there will be no finger pointing on you on your mistakes. None will blame you for that. You don’t need to explain the reason of your mistakes. It is all about your life, your rules, your business.


As an entrepreneur, you will have a business of your own. May be that will be a small business. But whatever, this is yours business. Only yours. And believe me this ‘Yours’ has a different kind of satisfaction which can’t be described in words. An employer can hardly feel this sort of satisfaction.

How You Can Be an Entrepreneur

I discuss a lot about why you should be an entrepreneur. And now I will discuss about how you can be an entrepreneur.

Be always Cool

As an entrepreneur, you have to be always cool. There will be bad and good times in your journey. Don’t lose your hope. Be patient. Just wait for the right moment.

Risk !!!

To run any kinds of business, you have to take risk. Actually, nothing can be achieved without taking risk. Let’s see some quote of some famous persons :-

“ The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”
-Mark Zuckerberg

“ There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky,
And you ask ‘What if I fall?’
Oh but my darling, What if you fly?

-Erin Hanson

“ People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they?
-Bill Gates

So, risk is an inseparable part of our life. If you try to flee from it, you are taking the biggest risks of your life.


A business can be started by yourself or along with some of your friends. If you think that you are enough self-sufficient, then you can run a business by yourself only. In that case, you can make decessions by yourself. All the profit of the business will be all yours. Similarly, all the risk of your business will also be yours. So, it is often difficult for one to open a business by himself. In that case, you can start a partnership business. It will be awesome if your partner also have passion, interst and patience in that business. Don’t choose a partner only for his money.

Analyze The Market

If you decided to start a business and become an entrepreneur, then first of all, you have to analyze the market. Don’t start a business which is already over saturated in the market. If you do so, you will hardly exist in the market. So, try to find out the hole of market.

Modify The Old Idea

In the previous paragraph, I told you to find out the hole of market. But, it is not so easy. In that case, you can modify the idea which already exists in the market. You don’t need to change the whole idea. Just try to bring something new in some of its criteria. You can change its design, supply process, price etc. But, you have to find out an answer of a question. Will your changes attract the customers?

Know Everything about Your Product

Before you start a business, try to know everything of your product. The production method, its market demand (If it exists in market), Its validity, possible risks of that business, its complementary and substitute goods etc. Just make a design for your business. None will come to inform you about your product and business. You have to know it by yourself.

Target Your Customer

When you are going to bring a product in market, try to find out an answer. Who is your customer? If you figure out that you can easily target your customers. Bring change in your product according to the taste and preferences of your targeted customers. It will help you to grow your business fast.

Analyze Your Customer

After find out the targeted customers of your business, you have to analyze them. It is not an important issue what you are going to bring in market. The Important issue is what your customers desire for.

Produce Your Product according to Its Demand

You can minimize the risks of your business by knowing the market demand of your product. You should produce your product according to its market demand. Therefore, your investment won’t be wasted.

Analyze Your Competitor

When you start a business which is already successfully established by someone else, then it is little bit difficult to make a good profit from your business. Because, the person who had started the business so many years ago,  will have some benefits. First of all, He has loyal customers. Again, he already established a good relation with suppliers, producers, customers and so on. That is why, people will prefer to go to him rather you. So, what will you do now? Now, you have to do one thing. Just analyze him. See what he is doing. What he learnt through so many years by giving loss or experience, you will learn so many of them just by analyzing him regularly. Again, if you find something wrong in his business, you can start yours by capitalized his mistakes. At last you can remember,

“Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software, we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes.”
 – Bill Gates


In this article, I just try to give you some basic knowledge about entrepreneur and business. At first, I tried to explain why you should prefer entrepreneurship. Though, there are so many reasons why you should be an entrepreneur, I just present 10 reasons here. Then, I tried to give you a basic concept so that you can start a business. Thank You.

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