15 Tips on How to Increase Concentration in Studies

15 Tips on How to Increase Concentration in Studies

How to increase concentration in studies

In this article, I will tell you how to increase concentration on study. Full concentration is needed to catch your point quickly while you are reading something. But, how many of us can focus fully during the study? Today, I am gonna discuss the factors or best possible ways to concentrate on study one by one. Let's go...

  1. Environment: A rough environment must distract your concentration from your object. Hence you need to make the environment of your study place free from any noise. Remove any photographs on the wall or anything in the room that attracts your attention. A silent study room devoid of any digital device will aid you to focus on your study.
  2. Choose your study time: Some may feel comfortable studying in the early morning and some may in the evening or at night. Firstly, you need to identify the time when you feel free to study. Then maintain a daily routine to study based on that time. You will be greatly benefited by this time management.
  3. Meditation: Meditation is one of the best ways to concentrate your mind on an object. It helps to increase attention and improve your memory. So, you can meditate daily for about half an hour.
  4. Centralize your mind: When you are in your study table but your mind is wandering outside, then what can you do? To centralize your mind you can count backward like 100, 99, 98,97,...... or spelling backward like→ e l c i t r a (article). These are some best tricks to stable your mind.
  5. Clear your brain: If you fail to clear your mind from absurd imagination and anxiety, try this method. Take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts wandering in your mind. It will help to fresh the brain and make your mind prepared for study.
  6. Focus on unitasking: Study finds that multitasking is a hindrance to concentrate on your object.[1] So try to read only a topic at a time. Growing this type of habit is important for keeping your concentration on study.
  7. Give priority to your interest: The best way, to concentrate your study, is by reading the subject or topic you interested in at that time. Suppose you are interested to read Physics. But if you try to read Biology at that time, you can't focus on it much compared to that of Physics.
  8. Select a difficult task: If you have a low concentration on your work, then choose a harder one among the task. Cause research says higher task difficulty helps people to reach a higher state of concentration.[2]
  9. Avoid virtual book: Don't read from a virtual book but from a real textbook. It's a reason behind detaching from reading after a few moments you have started to read.
  10. Method of study: One of the biggest problems for students to continue the concentration on study for a long time. Here is a trick for you to overcome this problem. When you are studying; try to find out the logical error in the topic by reading line by line. In this process, you have to concentrate more and more to figure out errors. As a result, you can able to keep your focus on reading for a long period.
  11. Drink water: A research, on some university students, finds that drinking water can improve exam grades.[3] Concentration also can be improved by drinking water. So keep a water bottle/pot nearby you during the study and drink water when you need it.
  12. Sleep: Have a good sleep. Though sleep deprivation has no effect on concentration, it changes one's mood.[4] Your activeness must fall down due to a lack of proper sleeping. Remember the rhyme, "Early to bed, early to rise."
  13. Pray: Praying daily can increase your focusing capability. It changes, according to scientific study, your frontal lobe which is responsible for the concentration and focus of your mind.[5] By praying, our frontal lobe is positively reshaped and improved. So keep praying to develop your concentration.
  14. Stay away from social media: Though social media is a part of our life, it takes a lot of time for our daily working hours. Getting much addicted to social medial will distract your mind from your study. As much as you can lessen your time in social media, the calmness of your mind will increase proportionally.
  15. Be moderate: Much physical exertion, talking, eating, walking and mixing with the opposite gender cause distraction of mind.[6] So be moderate at these.

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Try to maintain all of these tips one by one mentioned above to increase concentration on study. I hope that it will be beneficial to you and will contribute to improving your concentration power in the study. If you have special tips on how to increase concentration on the study, please let me know by dropping a comment.

Stay concentrated, stay happy.


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