How to Keep Fit Paragraph- for all class students

How to Keep Fit Paragraph
How to Keep Fit Paragraph for students

Paragraph on How to Keep Fit

How to Keep Fit Paragraph; Everyone should abide by some rules of health to keep our body fit. First of all, we should eat a balanced diet. Because a balanced diet contains all the food value. We should drink plenty of water. The kidneys are the body’s filter. They can’t work efficiently without sufficient water. After that, we should remain neat and clean. Then we should go to bed early and rise early.

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Next, we should take physical exercise regularly. It helps our muscles and nerves to work properly. Besides, Physical exercise helps us to breathe more deeply and get more air into our lungs. It also helps the blood to travel all over the body and prevent constipation. Finally, we should have plenty of rest and sleep. If you follow the above rules we can easily keep our body fit.

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