How To Make Money Online- Beginner's Guide for 2024

How To Make Money Online- Beginner's Guide for 2024

The most asked question of the present world is "how to make money online". Nowadays, the question is on everyone's lip. Everyone wants to earn money online without hard-working. The days of hard works have gone away. So the present world is the age of smart works. Many people are making money just by using their brains. In this article, I will tell you all the major ways to make money online. We have been updating this article day-to-day.

1. Online advertising

Online advertising

Online Advertisement on websites, videos, games, and applications is the main earnings source of most freelancers and online companies. You can monetize your websites, videos, applications, and games. All most all the popular websites, apps owners, and companies earn money from ads by monetizing. You can monetize in the way of PPC (Pey per click) advertising, CPM (Cost per mile) ad networks, Pop-ups, Sell text line, Pey-per-click ads, also known as Cost-per-click. CPC is one of the most common models of advertising on a blog or website.  If someone clicks on their ads, you will be paid money. If you ask me how to make money online then I will tell you to make money online with online advertising. However, You can place ads on your blog, website, video form following the advertising network.

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Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the best online advertising network ever. It is the highest paying ads service of Google. All most all the popular websites, blogs, applications, games, YouTube channels make money from Google AdSense by publishing ads on their respective properties. But it will be hard to get approval to show ads on your websites, blogs, applications, etc. if your properties' don't have sufficient traffic. I have written on how to get Google AdSense approval?

However, there are so many Google AdSense alternatives. is also one of the best advertising alternatives to Adsense powered by the Yahoo Bing Network, the biggest advertising network after google. The ads featured are contextual focusing on relevant keywords and that takes some time before they are optimized for your blogs or sites. Their ads filtering is exactly like google AdSense. And more alternatives are given below. Amazon associates, ylliX Inc, Infolinks, PopCash, AdCash, Adsterra, PopAds, Revcontent, PropellerAds, Taboola.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most powerful way of earning money online. It's just a way of earning a commission by promoting others' products. If you have a popular Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media, you can start affiliate marketing. You just have to create an e-commerce website or blog. 

There are so many online marketplaces to start affiliate marketing. From these marketplaces, get your affiliate link and share it through your website or blog and promote them with social media and ads. If someone buys any products that you affiliated with, you will be paid a good commission. Here I have listed some popular affiliate marketing websites.

Amazon affiliate: 

If you want to know how to make money online with affiliate marketing then Amazon is the best for you. Amazon is one of the biggest and most famous online marketplaces in the present world. Almost every affiliate marketer wants to affiliate products from amazon. You can make over 1000$ a month from the Amazon affiliate program. They share up to 10% of the selling amount depending on products. Amazon has a lot of products. You can affiliate any product according to your niches.

Suppose, you have a blogger website or WordPress site or similar site and your niches are about the computer. Then you can affiliate computer products in your blogger site. If someone buys the affiliated product from your link, Amazon will pay you a good commission.  To start your affiliate marketing with Amazon, go to and sign up for the Amazon affiliate program depending on your targeted location. In this way, you can affiliate from other online marketplaces too.

3. Drop-shipping


Drop-shipping is another best answer to how to make money online.   It is a way of supplying chain management method in which drop shipper doesn't keep any products but instead sells products to customers by displaying products on their respective sites and promoting with the help of advertisement and social media and automatically transfers orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the products directly to the customer. Finally, the shipper gets a profit. 

Suppose that you are selling mobile phones on your e-commerce site. For that, you are displaying the product from eBay and the price of this mobile phone is 200$. In your site, you set the price 230$. If someone buys from your site. You will be paid 30$. The attractive advantage of dropshipping is that you can set any product's price as you want. It means that you have the freedom of determining products' prices. You can start dropshipping from online stores like Amazon, eBay, Ali expressetc.

4. Freelancing work

Freelancing work

If you are a freelancer, it's great news. You can easily make money from all popular websites. If you have skills in any field of online work you can make thousands of dollars per month. For that, you have to create an account on freelancer sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Flexjob, Fiverr, Guruetc. There are lots of works on these websites. You can do some popular tasks which have demand like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Logo Design, Web Design, Graphics Design, etc.

5. Betting Online

Betting Online

Do you know how to make money online with betting? It is the quickest way to make money online. In this way, you can be a millionaire or billionaire overnight. But it has risks as well. You don't have to hard work. You just have to predict any matches. And you can choose whatever you like. Most of the people from all over the world make money through betting any sport which they understand better.

Point to be noted that it's just for educational purpose not for any harmful deeds. I am not telling you to bet, all is just teaching you all the way to make money online.

6. Trading

Trading means buying and selling goods and services.

7. Online Survey

The popular way for many people to make money is to fill out online surveys.  There are many companies that recruit new members from all over the world to answer surveys and test new products. What you have to do is just filling some form and you will be paid as cash or rewards. You may get to $6 for some surveys! Here I've listed some for you.
LifePoints, InboxPounds, OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, Panel Opinion, SurveyMonkey, Pinecone, Panel Base, Prolific, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, New Vista, Toluna, SurveyBods, Hiving, Swagbucks, YouGov, Vindale

8. Paid for searching online

Paid for searching the web is the easiest way of making money. Thought you get low money, it's quite easy as you don't have to do work. It's really interesting to hear that you will get paid for search on search engine what you already do every day on the internet. There are many companies that pay you for searching Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Ask, etc. For that, you have to follow their rules. 
The site Qmee rewards you for searching search engines.  You have to install an add-on to your respective browser. They will show you some ads among search results depending on what search.

There are many websites who pay you if someone visits your shrunk link (The link could be your Facebook profile link, application download link, movie download link, any other websites' link, etc.) All you have to do is just visit websites that I enlisted below and follow their instructions. You can try Adfly,, LinkShrink, Cutwin,

10. Online Investment

No risk no gain. Though there is a little bit risk in online investment, it is still a popular way of earning money.

11. Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a way of earning money just by using networks. It is the power of the present world. It's also known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). With the help of social media, it's been growing more powerful. It's such a business model by which you will be a millionaire within a short time. The advantages of network marketing are many. Firstly, there is no age restriction. It means all the persons of any age can do network marketing. Secondly, the wondering advantage is that you will get paid even if you don't work. Is that how? Read till the end. 
It's just a way of making a commission by selling products and by recruiting members. The members will do the same thing. The way will continue. And you will be paid if your recruited members sell & recruit other members. A lot of people around the world is doing network marketing.
TIENS is such a network marketing company that will give so many opportunities. If you successfully complete their terms, you will able to get a good salary, rewards, car funds, home funds, etc. You will also get opportunities to visit many countries which will totally free.

12. Making Own Websites

I already mentioned in the first paragraph of this article that if you create a website, you can make a lot of money by advertising, selling spaces, affiliating links, getting donations, etc. Creating a website takes less than 15 minutes. You can create free websites from Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc. It's the way of earning passive income. If you write an article, you will get revenue lifetime from this article. You can make websites with your own domain hosting. 
"Technology" is also a very successful website that makes a lot of money from AdSense by advertising. It's a great example for you to create a website and make money. I highly recommend you to make money online by making your own website. After that, you can make money from Google Adsense. 

For better understanding, go to step no one of this article. Using affiliate marketing instead of Google AdSense is the better way to make money if your blog's niches are related to any specific things or product that can be bought. First, you have to start blogging & have to write niche what you are interested in. So, launch your blog today. I can't teach you enough but if you start blogging then you can know everything gradually as you know Google is the best teacher for everything that you need. 

Affiliate marketing is the way to displaying someone else's products to your own website & if anyone buys any products from your website then you will be paid a commission. For better understanding, suppose, your blog is about mobile phone reviews. Someone visits your blog to see any mobile phone details by searching Google. This time you are affiliating (displaying) mobile products & visitors interested in this product. So he/she clicks in this product & buys. If he/she successfully purchase, you will be paid a good commission.

13. Shop & get Cashback

This is actually not a way of making money. When you shop online, you will get cashback up to 50%. There are a number of cashback websites that will pay you a number of percentage as cashback. When you need to shop, then you can shop from websites mentioned below. You can shop for others as well & you will get cashback.

14. Review websites & applications for cash

Most often we search review of something on the search engine to know it better. Now, think who are giving these reviews. Yeah many of us are reviewing these reviews. I myself review something whether it's good or not. And the point is here that if you review any website, app, product, etc. then you will get paid. UserTesting is such a website that pays you for reviewing all kinds of websites and applications.

15. Make money by publishing apps

Making money from Android or Apple applications & games is a good idea. If you are an Android application developer, it's great news for you. Not an Android apps developer? No problem, you can also make money by creating apps. What you have to do is just follow the full instructions I have written here. That's it! Create an Android application from Thunkable, StartApp, etc, and publish it to Google Play. You can get thousands of video tutorials on YouTube on how to create apps from thinkable and how to monetize. From Google AdMob, you can generate $1000 dollars per month, if you create powerful Apps like Mx Player, Imo, etc. If you aren't able to make popular apps, it will be okay. You just create a simple app and publish it to Google Play. Or you can collect an aia file and replace your AdMob ad units code there. 

16. Buy & sell domain names

The domain is the most popular word on the internet. It is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. It's just a website address like and it has a lot of extensions like .com, .net, .info, .xyz,,, etc. Everyone is buying a domain name for their own purpose.
So, the question is how to make money from domain names! Let's continue reading. One can purchase a domain name from less than $1. But premium domain costs up to $1000. It totally depends on the popularity of the domain name. However, after buying some domains, you can sell them. Suppose, you buy a domain (It's available still now) & the costs of it $5. After some days, someone needs this domain name for its own purpose. But you are the owner of this domain. Now the buyer contacts you to buy this domain. And you sell it for $200. In this way, you make $195. That's all. You can buy domain names from GoDaddy, Namecheap,, etc.

17. Earn money from YouTube

Recently people are using YouTube more than search engines. And with the recently introduced YouTube Partner Program, you can now make profits by creating YouTube channels. You will get 68% of the publisher's revenue share. You can make lots of money depending on how successful you are and how much subscribers you have. Many YouTubers are making thousands of dollars per month by uploading valuable videos based on various topics. So let's create a YouTube channel now & upload videos. After that, monetize your channel & happily make money.

18. Part-time Jobs

A part-time job is the best way, especially for students as they don't have sufficient time for doing a full-time job. Many people also want part-time jobs as they don't like full-time jobs. Most students are looking for such a job by which they can earn money. But it's slightly hard to find a better part-time job. You can get many offline part-time jobs in your area. In online, you can do many works as part-time jobs such as data entry, writing...

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