How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

How To Protect Myself From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The epidemic, COVID-19, has been spread like wildfire all over the world. The situation becomes worse day to day. Death toll crosses about 100k. In this horrible situation, what should you do to safe yourself from this virus? Here are some suggestions for you on how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

1. Wash hands:

Wash your hand as more as possible. It is suggested by WHO to wash hands, at least, for 20 seconds. You can use a bar of normal soap to do this. But a hand sanitizer, made of 60% of alcohol, is better.

2. Cover mouth:

Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or with your elbow during coughing or sneezing. It will help to prevent the droplets from spreading out. And don’t forget to dispose of the tissue you used immediately.

3. Avoid close contact:

Try your heart and soul to avoid close contact with anyone who has the symptoms. Make a distance with people about 1-2 meters.

4. Clean home:

Clean your home with alcohol-based cleaning materials. Especially clean your kitchen, bathroom and the surfaces you usually use(phone, switch, table, doorknob, etc.)

5.Avoid touching face:

Don’t touch your mouth eyes or nose anytime. Firstly you need to clean your face as it is one of the vulnerable surfaces for the viruses.

6. Use mask:

Use mask if you go outside It won’t provide you full protection but lessen your risk to get infected by the virus though it is permeable to them.

7. Stay home :

If you don’t have an emergency, stay home. Try to avoid public gathering like public bus, market etc. These places are the main source for spreading out of this epidemic.

8. Seek medical treatment :

Seek medical help or get connected with a doctor as early as possible if you or any of your family member has a fever, cough, cold or difficulty breathing.

9. Alert to rumor:

Be alert to any rumor. It may mislead and influence you making your serious decision. To safe from any false news or misinformation, follow the authentic media.

10. Keep praying:

At last, what is you can do is praying. Keep praying to Almighty. You will be mentally more strong by it. Hope that these can help you to stay safe from this epidemic.



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