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How to Get Rid of Hiccups- 10 Effective Ways

How to Get Rid of Hiccups- 10 Effective Ways

Involuntary contraction of diaphragm which makes sound by the sudden closure of vocal cord is known as Hiccups. It is due to irritation in nerves connected with the diaphragm. Physical causes such as eating too quickly, drinking carbonated beverages excitement or emotional conditions, etc. are also involved in hiccups. As it is very irritating, we won't get rid of it immediately. So let's see, how we can get rid of hiccups.

10 ways to get rid of hiccups

Holding breath:

If you hold your breath, carbon-di-oxide will accumulate in your body. It is thought that this process helps to relax the diaphragm and helps to stop hiccups. Slightly compressing the chest may also help.

Breathing into a paper bag:

Breathe into a paper bag for some time. It will increase the carbon-di-oxide level in your blood. Then your diaphragm has to constrict more deep to get more oxygen. This may relieve you from annoying hiccups.

Pulling the tongue out:

Pull your tongue out. Gently pull the tip of your tongue and pull it out once or twice. It may stimulate the nerves of this region and reset the action of the diaphragm.

Drinking water in different ways:

Drinking a glass of water quickly is found to help to stop hiccups. Try to drink water from the other side of the glass. Another method is covering the glass with a thin cloth and try to drink through it. It is also beneficial to plug your ears while drinking.

Sucking lemon:

Eat or such a lemon with bitters. Most of the time this works though the mechanism is unknown. You can add a bit of salt with it. Vinegar is an alternative to lemon for this.

Eating sugar:

Eating a spoonful of granulated sugar can stop hiccups. Maybe it works by stimulating the vagus nerve through the exact mechanism is unknown. Honey also has the same effect.

Gargling with water:

Gargling with water or cold water may relieve you from hiccups. It also works by the stimulation of the nerve. Slowly drinking a glass of warm water may aid with this.

Gaging yourself:

Touch the base of the tongue with a finger and press it down slightly. Sudden stopping of breathing because of gag reflex leads the phrenic nerves to come to a normal rhythm.

Sudden frightening:

Sudden frightening may stimulate your nerves. If the vagus nerve is stimulated, it will reset its action. Then diaphragm will act properly again. So, tell your friend or family members to frighten you suddenly.

Pressing diaphragm:

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped thin muscular structure that separates the abdomen from the thorax. Slightly press the diaphragm just below the end of the sternum. It may help you to get rid of hiccups. If these methods don't work, you should consult with a doctor and take proper medication.

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