How To Get/ Share Facebook Group Invite Link- 2023

How To Get/ Share Facebook Group Link
How To Get/ Share Facebook Group Link/URL

Facebook has so many amazing features that other social networks don’t have. And that is why Facebook is becoming more famous day by day. Facebook Group is also an amazing service that connects millions of people in one family. To connect people and to promote the Facebook group, we need to share the Facebook group link. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to get/share the Facebook group link(URL).

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Ways to get Facebook group invite link (URL)

Follow the following steps to get Facebook group invite/join link:

how to copy Facebook group link
Figure 1: Copy post link (URL)
  1. Go to the group (Search the group or somehow go to the targeted group)
  2. Find any post
  3. Click option of the post from the right side
  4. Copy the post link. (Click “Copy Link“)
  5. Follow the next steps below

For better understanding, check the images of Figure 1 and Figure 2. After copying any post link, follow the steps below.

How to get Facebook group invite link
Figure 2: Final group link (URL)
  1. Paste the copied link anywhere. Here I pasted the link in the note of my phone. (Example of post link
  2. Remove all text from permalink to end. (
  3. The rest of the URL is the final group link. (Final Group Link is=
  4. Copy the final group link share anywhere.

That’s all. You have now successfully copied the group link.

If you still have any problem about how to get/share the Facebook group invite link, let us know by dropping a comment. We are happy to replay every individual comment.

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