How to hack Google- Complete Tutorial 2023

How to hack Google- Complete Tutorial 2023

Wanna hack Google? Seriously? Then, read till end…

Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to data in a system or on a computer. Almost everything can be hacked since every system has vulnerabilities. Hackers use so many different programs and tools to explore computers and networks. Acunetix, Nmap, Wireshark, Nikto, John the Ripper, SQLninja are some of them. These programs and tools help a hacker to make a database or to understand the system clearly. Suppose, a skilled hacker clearly understands how a system works, then he will design programs that will exploit the targeted system.

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Google, mainly a search engine, is a multinational technology company. It provides cloud computing, online advertising, and many more internet-based services. All of these services don’t have the same level of security. Therefore, these services or products can be hacked by hackers. For example, user’s Google Chrome Browser or Google account or other services were hacked by hackers so many times. Hackers can get a user’s password in many ways. Sometimes, he applies a simple Algorithms tool. Algorithms tool normally generates combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. There is another method of hacking passwords is called A Brute Force Attack. A Brute Force Attack is used to generate every possible combination to gain access. Besides, Dictionary Attack is another way to hack passwords. Dictionary Attack inserts common words into password fields. Thus, hackers get access to the user account. Moreover, Log keystrokes, Infect a system with a virus, Gain backdoor access are some important tools which are used by hacker commonly.

However, hack into Google Data Center is almost impossible. But many people says, a group of hackers who are supported by the People’s Liberation Army of China were successfully able to hack into Google servers in 2009. Though, they deny this claim.

In the end, I can say that you can hack Google services or products, not the entire Google or its entire data center (Maybe it is possible in the future since everything made by code can be hacked). Furthermore, you can use Google Dorks to extract useful information that a normal user can’t extract from a website by using Google Search Engine.

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