Paypal to Payoneer: How to Link Payoneer Bank Account in Paypal 2023

How to Add Payoneer Bank Account in Paypal
How to Add Payoneer Bank Account in Paypal

PayPal and Payoneer both are online payment systems that support online money transfers services. But, PayPal is restricted in some regions. Furthermore, Paypal doesn’t support the local Bank Account. It only supports IBAN (International Bank Account Number) from some fixed countries. So, link a Bank Account to Paypal is often painful for many users. But, you can easily add your Payoneer Account to Paypal. After adding, you can send USD, GBP, EURO From PayPal to Payoneer. Normally Payoneer gives you 3 International Bank Account (USD, EUR, GBP). In this tutorial, I will show you how to link/add/connect the Payoneer bank account in PayPal.

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How to Add/ Connect Payoneer EUR Bank Account in Paypal

Payoneer euro bank details collecting
Fig-1: Payoneer’s euro bank details collecting
Collecting IBAN from Payoneer euro bank
Fig-2: Collecting IBAN from Payoneer’s euro bank

From mobile go to browser and follow the following steps:

  • Go to, then fill up your login info and click sign in. (See the 1st image of Fig-1)
  • After logging, you will see “USD, EUR, GBP”, click EUR. (See the 2nd image of Fig-1)
  • Click Receiving Accounts from the bottom. (See the 3rd image of Fig-1)
  • Then you will see the Euro bank details. Click on it. (See the 1st image of Fig-2)
  • Copy your IBAN number. (See the 2nd image of Fig-2)

To keep your IBAN number, paste it anywhere or keep it in clipboard. If you are on laptop or PC follow the method listed below to collect IBAN number.

  • First, Log in to your Payoneer Account.
  • You will find a Receive option on the top bar. Click on that & you will find a Global Payment Service as a sub-category of Receive option.
  • After click on Global Payment Service, a new page will appear where you can find your Receiving Accounts (USD, EUR, GBP.)
  • Click on View Details of EUR Receiving Account.
  • Copy IBAN number from there

Then, Log in to your Paypal Account.

Linking bank in paypal
Fig-3: Linking bank account in PayPal

Linking Payoneer's euro bank to paypal
Fig-4: Linking Payoneer’s euro bank to PayPal

Login to your PayPal account from mobile and follow the following instructions.

  • After logging to your PayPal account, click on the navigation menu.
  • Click Balance
  • Then you will see “Link a new bank“, click on it.
  • A new page will appear, select Business and type your IBAN number collected from Payoneer shown in the 2nd image of Fig-2. After that click “Agree and Link“.
  • You will see your Euro bank details, click Accept.
  • They will send you two small deposits to confirm that this bank is yours. Click Request Deposits.

If you are using laptop or PC, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Balance option which can be found on the top bar.
  • Then, scrolling down you will find an option named Link a new bank. Click on that.
  • Select your Account Name, provide the IBAN number & click on Agree and Link.
  • A new page will appear named Accept the Direct Debit Mandate (you can print this page if you want). Click on Accept Button.
  • Again, a new page will appear named Request deposits to confirm your bank account. Click on Request Deposits

Then, Paypal will send two small deposits to your Payoneer Account (Normally, Paypal will send the deposits within 3/4 working days. But, in some cases, it may vary).

You have received a payment from papal
Fig-4: You have received a payment!

After you got those two small deposits (see my receiving mails in the image of Fig-4) in your Payoneer Account, then

Putting 2 small deposit in PayPal sent to Payoneer
Fig-5: Adding 2 small deposit in PayPal sent to Payoneer account
  • Go to Paypal > Log In > Balance & scrolling down, you will find a Confirmation Pending option. Click on that (see 1st image of Fig-5).
  • A new page will appear. You will find a Confirm Bank option in the lower portion of that page. Click on that (see 2nd image of Fig-5).
  • Again, a new page will appear. Here, provide your Deposits Amount. You have to maintain the sequence of deposits. Click on Confirm Button (see 1st image of Fig-5).

Congratulation, you have successfully add your Payoneer Bank Account to Paypal.

You paypal account is verified and your sending limits were removed
You PayPal account is verified and your sending limits were removed

You will get a mail after adding the bank. “Your PayPal account is Verified and your sending limits were removed” “Your Wirecard Bank AG bank account x-08 was confirmed, and your sending limits were removed. Your PayPal account is Verified. Now that your account is Verified, you can send payments from your bank account even when your PayPal balance is zero. Verification increases customer trust, so thank you for taking this extra step, and enjoy the benefits of being a Verified PayPal member.”

Account limit lifted in PayPal
Account limit lifted

Account limit lifted. Congratulations! Your withdrawal limit has now been lifted. You can now withdraw unlimited funds from your PayPal account.”

You can link Bank Account to Paypal from these countries:-

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

After successfully adding Payoneer Bank account to Paypal, you can send money from Paypal to Payoneer easily.

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  1. I’m not finding my IBAN in Payoneer. I did the exact same way but can’t find the option of EUR IBAN number. Please I need urgent help

      • Sorry for the late reply. I have sent the screenshot link and my problems by Contact Us form today. I hope to get help regarding getting my EUR IBAN number ASAP. Thanks.

          • You should have received Euro account details. Did you fill global payment form? However, request for euro account number. If you cannot find, contact Payoneer support. I hope this will work.

          • Yes. I filled global payment form but couldn’t find anything regarding EUR details. and i contacted with the payoneeer support many times. but didn’t find any helpful information.

          • As we are not representatives of Payoneer, we have nothing to do. You could open a new one or call Payoneer support number.

  2. Hi
    I have a PayPal business account for my website.
    I read your tutorial; you are missing the IBAN, which is essential to add a new Paypal bank.

    Would you please update your article and guide us to get an IBAN for my Payoneer account. My bank is Barclays UK.
    Thanks in advance


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