How To Lock Facebook Profile- FB Profile Lock Guide 2023

How To Lock Facebook Profile
How To Lock Facebook Profile- Guide For 2020

Facebook has been the #1 social media by active users. The popularity has been growing day by day for adding more new features such as privacy, lock profile, user-friendly, etc. However, after lunching Facebook profile lock, it has become popular as everyone needs privacy. By locking the Fb profile, make your photos and posts more private. So in this tutorial, I will show you how to lock the Facebook profile from laptop/PC/ mobile/ android/ iPhone 2023.

How to lock Facebook profile from Android and iPhone

The following steps let you to lock your profile from mobile phone (Android or iOS).

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First of all, you need to check the availability for locking your FB profile. As most of the users cannot see the lock profile button. However, there are alternative ways to lock your Facebook profile. So follow the first method if works for you.

how to lock profile on facebook
Figure 1: How to lock Facebook profile
  1. First of, go to the Facebook app, FB Lite app, web (Here I have done through FB Lite app)
  2. Go to the navigation option from the right side. (Check the 1st image of Figure 1.)
  3. After that, click your profile. (Check the 2nd image of Figure 1.)
  4. Then click the three-dot option. (Check the 3rd image of Figure 1.)

After following steps from 1 to 4, follow the next steps from below.

How to lock fb profile
Figure 2: How to lock Facebook profile
  1. After clicking the three-dot option, you will see **some options. Click “Lock Profile“. (Check the 1st image of Figure 2.)
  2. A new page will appear describing how locking profile works. Below you will see “Lock Your Profile“. (Check the 2nd image of Figure 2.)
  3. You have successfully locked your Facebook profile. Now, click ok.

** Sometimes, you cannot see the lock profile option in the 1st image of figure 2. If you cannot see the option to lock your FB profile, you have to follow an alternative way.

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Alternative way to lock FB profile from the mobile

Lock FB profile by searching a privacy shortcut
Figure 3: Lock your profile by searching lock profile

If you cannot see the lock profile option on your profile, then search “Lock Profile” on the Facebook search bar. Then you will see a privacy shortcut. Click the privacy shortcut as shown in Figure 3 and lock your profile.

How To Lock Facebook Profile From Laptop and PC

To lock your Fb from PC or laptop, go to

  • Help and support
  • Help Center
  • Search for “Lock Profile”

Follow the instructions there and lock your profile.

What to do if you cannot see lock profile option

A few days ago I noticed that the lock profile option is not available for one of my friends but available for another friend. There are some reasons for not seeing the lock profile option in your account. If you cannot see the “lock profile” option, you have to follow some tricks. Go to the Facebook setting page from PC or mobile and follow the steps below.

Facebook Lock Profile not Showing
Figure 4: Facebook Timeline and Tagging Setting
  • Go to privacy: “Who can see your friend list” make it “only me
  • Go to timeline and tagging: “Who can post on your timeline” make it “friends
  • Again go to timeline and tagging: choose who can tag, make it friends only.
  • Turn Review and Tag option on. Follow the screenshot for a better understanding.

After doing all, wait for some days, and you will see the lock profile.

NB: This feature is not available in some countries and on certain devices. The users of many countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Npeal, Brazil, Pakistan, etc are eligibal to lock their facebook profile. However, there are some more ways to make your privacy more strong.

How locking Facebook profile works

  • Only your Facebook friends will see the photos and posts on your timeline.
  • Only your friends will see your full-size profile picture and cover photo.
  • People who you are not friends with will see a maximum of 5 profile details on Facebook.

Other ways to improve your privacy on Facebook

If the locking Facebook profile is not available for you, you can still manage your privacy. It is easier, straight, and reliable. To make sure that your privacy on Facebook is strong, check the following list.

  • Use “Privacy Checkup
  • Turn Profile Picture Guard on. Learn how to turn profile picture guard on.
  • Choose who can share photos and posts on your timeline.
  • Turn “Timeline Review” on.
  • Turn “Tag Review” on.
  • Choose “Who Can Send You Friend Request
  • Edit your profile and check the privacy option for every single item.
  • Choose who can find out your profile by searching using email or phone number.

I hope you have successfully locked your Facebook profile. If you have any questions or cannot lock your profile, let up know dropping a comment.

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