How to Sign Out of Gmail Account: Log Out of Google 2021

How to log sign out of Gmail account

Gmail has been the most popular emailing platform since its beginning. Despite its flexibility to use, logging out of Gmail is kind of a tricky one. In this tutorial, I’m going to write about how to sign/log out of a Gmail account on mobile (android & iPhone) and laptop devices 2021.

How to log/sign out of Gmail on Android and iPhone

People search “how to sign out of Gmail from android, iOS, iPad, Samsung, MI, Chromebook, laptop, windows”. And this tutorial for all the devices. However, on the laptop, it’s easy to sign out of a Gmail account. Compatibility comes, when one tries to sign out of android or iOS. There are several ways to log out of Gmail from mobile devices. I have stated three ways below.

  1. Removing account from device’s settings
  2. Signing out from Gmail’s account settings
  3. Logging out from browser

Removing Gmail account from device’s settings

How to sign out Gmail on Mobile (Android and iPhone)
How to sign out Gmail from all devices (Android and iPhone)

Open the device’s ‘Settings’ application.
• Go to ‘Accounts’. In some devices, the option is set under ‘Accounts and backup’. Then a list will be appeared showing all the accounts you’ve had logged into. Such as Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
• Click on the Gmail account you want to remove from your device.
• Tap ‘Remove account’. As a result, a notice will be appeared, ” Removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from this device. Continue?
•  Again tap on ‘Remove account’. Now you’ve successfully removed the Gmail account from your device.

Settings> Accounts and Backup> Accounts> the Gmail you want to remove> Remove account> Remove account

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Signing out from Gmail’s account settings

How to log out Gmail on Mobile (Android and iPhone) using settings
How to log out Gmail from Mobile (Android and iPhone)

Using this method you can log out of any devices where your Gmail is logged into.

• Open Gmail application
• Tap on the circle containing the default photo in the upper right corner.
• Click on ‘Manage Google accounts’ and then head to the ‘Security’ page. Thereafter,  a page will appear where you’ll see the list of phones in which your Gmail is logged into.
• After that, tap on ‘Manage devices’. Click three vertical dots stated in the upper right corner of the device name.
• Tap ‘sign out’. You’ll see a notice, ” This will remove acces to your Google account from the device “. Then click ‘ Remove account’ again. You’re done.

Basically this method is used to remove a Gmail account from another device not from the device you’re managing your account.

Gmail> Default Photo> Manage Google accounts> Security> Manage devices> Sign Out> Sign Out

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How to log/sign out of Gmail on Laptop

I stated above, it’s easy to sign out of google account from laptop as it has build-in features to do so. To log out of Gmail from laptop, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Click “Manage your google account” from the top of the right corner.
  3. Then click “Sign Out”
  4. After clicking “Sign out”, you may see the following message.

Signed out – syncing is paused, Your bookmarks, history, passwords, and more are no longer being synced to your account but will remain on this device. Sign in to start syncing again. Continue or Sign in again

  1. Click “Continue”

Now you have successfully sign/log out of your Gmail (Google mail) account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to sign out of gmail on laptop with multiple accounts?

    Go to, then log out of currently logged in account. After successfully logging out, you will see list of gmail accounts. Then click on the mail that you want to logged out. After clicking, will see remove this account.

  • How to sign out of just one account when using multiple account sign-in?

    Want to sign out from a particular account? Simply click on the account that you want to log out. After that all the steps of this tutorial.

  • How do you sign out of an individual account in the new Gmail app?

    First, go to your Settings> Accounts> Google > After that you will see your Gmail address. Click on it. And then click 3dots> more> remove this account> Yes. Now you've removed your Gmail from the Gmail app.

  • How do I log out of a single google account while being logged into two or multiple?

    First, log out of your currently logged-in account. After successfully logging out, you will see the Gmail accounts list. Then click on the specific account that you want to log out of. After clicking on it, will see remove this account.

I hope this article helps you to successfully log out of your Gmail account. If you have any question, leave a comment below.

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