How to Log Out of Messenger- Sign Out Process 2020

how to logout from messenger, sign out from messenger
How To Logout/Sign Out From Facebook Messenger- 2020

How To Log Out/Sign Out Of/From Facebook Messenger

If you search on google to find the way to logout from Messenger. You will get innumerable results. Though there is no genuine option kept by the authority in messenger to log out, there are some ways. In this article, I will discuss how to logout/sign out of/from messenger using the Facebook website or from an Android or iOS device.

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How to logout of Messenger on Android device/phone

You can ply three different methods to do the job if you are an Android user. Firstly, you can clear the app data of Messenger using app manager or device settings. Secondly, you can remove your messenger account from device’s account settings. Thirdly, you can sign out of the Messenger session from your Facebook application.

What to do to clear Messenger app data

To logout of Messenger by clearing Messenger’s application data you need to these tasks stated below-

how to logout from messenger on android
How to logout from messenger on android by cleaning app data
  • First of all you have to close the app if it is in use and clear it from recent apps list.
  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down and go to Apps or App manager. In some devices, App manager is set under the Apps menu.
  • Find out Messenger and tap on it.
  • In some devices, you will directly find the ‘clear data‘ button under the app icon. For others, tap on storage. Then you will find the ‘clear data‘ button. Hit ‘clear data‘ button and then ok.
There is a shortcut. You just need to hold the messenger icon (in app drawer) for 0.5 second and you will see ‘App info’ option. Tap on it and finish the job using the last step stated above.

When you will launch the app after clearing data, you will see there is no account signed in Messenger and you need to log in again.

Settings>> Apps Manager>> Messenger >> Storage>> Clear Data.

P.S: If you want to log in to another account in Messenger, you can use ‘switch account’ option. To do that- Go to messenger menu and scroll down. Here you will find the switch account option. Under the option there is ‘add account’ button. Tap it and put the email and password and enjoy.

What to do to remove messenger account from device’s settings

To remove your messenger account from your phone-

how to logout from messenger on android
How to logout from messenger on android by removing account
  • Open settings.
  • Scroll down and go to accounts. In some devices, you will find the button under Accounts and backup.
  • Find out messenger and tap on it. You will see Remove account option there.
  • Click remove account and hit ‘Ok’.
Settings>>Accounts>>Messenger>>Remove Account.

What to do to sign out of messenger session using Facebook apps

How to logout from messenger of all session
How to logout of all session of messenger
  • Open Facebook application.
  • Tap on Menu (three bars) icon and scroll down.
  • Go to settings. You will find settings under settings and privacy option.
  • Click security and login. The option is located under Security settings.
  • Now, you will land on a page where you will see the devices and apps you’ve logged into.
  • Find the messenger app session. And click on three vertical dots. Hit logout. You are done.
Facebook>>Settings and privacy>> Settings>>Security and login>>Messenger Session>>Logout

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How to logout/Sign Out of messenger on iphone

Like as other smartphone users, iPhone users also cannot sign out/ logout from Facebook Messenger. The following steps lets you to sign out of messenger on iPhone operating system.

  • Open Facebook iOS application.
  • Tap ‘more’ button. It is located in the bottom right.
  • Head to settings and then Settings and privacy.
  • Go to ‘Where you logged in’. Here you can manage all the active sessions of your facebook account no matter which device, application or browser.
  • Find the messenger app session. Now, just close the session. To do that- Click on three vertical dots and then logout button.
Facebook Apps>>More>>Settings>> Settings and privacy>>Where you're logged in>>Messenger Session>>Logout


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