The Importance of Learning English Paragraph- for all students

The Importance of Learning English Paragraph- for all students

After reading this article, you can write 1. The importance of learning English paragraph 2. The necessity of Learning English Paragraph- suitable for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Paragraph on The Importance of Learning English

The Importance of Learning English Paragraph; As English is an international language, we cannot illustrate the importance of English in words. For higher education, we need to learn the English language. English is the storehouse of all knowledge of most of the books. Even, all the books on higher education in every sector of knowledge are written in the English language. If we want to acquire vast knowledge & higher education in any sector, we need to take help from those books. All the best things of European & American are available in English. If this source is not available, we will go backward. Moreover, modern science which is advancing by leaps and bounds is a gift of science. However, the majority of all the information on the world's computers is also in English. So if we don't know English better, we will fail to keep pace with the running world.

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In order to get a good job, we must have to know English. Today many organizations want employers who can both speak and write a standard form of English. Thus English helps a man to get a good job and to earn more money. English is the official or semiofficial language in more than 60 countries and of many international organizations. So to maintain daily official correspondence, knowing English is a must.

Again ours is an age of globalization. Many foreigners come to our country for many purposes. They don't know our mother tongue. So we need to learn the English language to communicate with foreigners. According to statistics, over 350 million people speak English as a first language. And other statistics show about 300 million use it as a second language. From this, we can easily say that we need to learn English to join an advanced, progressive, and developed world. Then we can say that English is a passport for a successful future.

Importance of Learning English Paragraph

Paragraph on the Importance of learning English; Language is a method of contact by which we can exchange our thoughts with each other. Among thousands of languages, English has occupied the place of international language. We are living in a world where we can't think of our day without English. English has numerous importance in everyday life.

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Firstly, English is an international language. That means it is used as a common language among people all over the world. If we go aboard for educational purposes, you must know English cause English is the medium of higher studies. Books of higher studies are written in English. Moreover, a student can find a rich collection of lectures related to his study on the internet in English. After completing the study, anyone can find a job in a multinational company if he/she has good command over English. English helps to meet new people as it is lingua franca (common language). If a person of the non-English speaking country travel to another country, he/she may face a troublesome situation to communicate with others if he/she doesn't know English.

If anyone wants to do any research, he/she needs to read the research paper published previously related to his/her topic. But most research papers are written in English. So English is essential to do any research.

Most of the prominent media telecast their show based on English. Besides this, if anyone wants to enjoy world-class movies or drama without subtitles in his native language, he/she must be an expert in English. It will also help a person to cope with different cultures and literature.

In this internet-based modern world, we must go to the internet for information. But half of the content of the internet is written in English. Businessmen must know English for international trade and commerce.
People should learn English for making a place in this modern world. But it is unfortunate that students of our country fear English. They think that English may be very hard to learn. It is because our education system fails to demonstrate English properly to our students. So, the education ministry should take proper steps in this regard. Then our students can make them compatible with the world.

The Importance of learning English Paragraph 3

English is an international language. Crossing the border of England, USA, Australia, or other countries of the native speakers of English, it has now achieved the status of a global language that clearly indicates the necessity of English. In fact, the time is over for us to say that English is a foreign language as it is used at every stage of our life as a second language or official language. In fact, about 300 million people use English as their first language while another 350 million people all over the world use English as their second language.

It is official or semi-official language in more than 60 countries, However, modern day to day world is a dominion of information technology or Internet If we want to explore the vast arena of the internet, we have no alternative to learning English. However, if we would like to communicate with the people of other countries of our global village, we cannot help using English. English is also important in the held of trade and commerce as well. If we want to take advantage from the free market economy, English is a must.

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Nowadays, English has become a dire necessity to get a good job as well. For example, getting a well-paid job in a multinational or in an international organization without knowing English is quite similar to building a castle in the air or running after a golden deer. Not only this, if we want to get a job of a telephone operator, a tourist guide, or a computer operator, we cannot but learn English. On the other hand, pursuing higher education also impossible without having a working knowledge of English. It is because books for higher studies are available mostly in the English language.

Furthermore, the dream of going abroad for higher study or other purposes can only be materialized by having a good command over English. English, thus, has become a part and parcel of our modern-day today world. In brief, good command over English opens up the new horizon of knowledge, information, success, and prosperity in front of us. 

Paragraph on the Necessity of Learning English

The necessity of Learning English Paragraph: The necessity of learning English is not hyperbole in the present world. The present world is in the age of globalization. As it is an international language, English opens windows to the entire world. For its features, it is widely spoken all over the world. Being fluent in English is certainly a plus point for anyone in today's globalized world. If we take a look at the job market, English is given more priority. In more than 60 countries, English is the official or semi-official language. Besides, many international organizations need employers who can both speak and write the standard form of English.

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We can read every single news of the whole world instantly through reading, English newspapers, and English journals. Everyone can read almost everything including world literature, culture, sports, politics, etc. through the English language. In a word, all the latest updates are made available in the English language. We know more than 80% of all the information on the world's computers is in English. To collect any information from internet English is a must. Because search engines designed based on the English language. So if we don't know English, we will fail to keep pace with the ongoing world.

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Without spreading the English language, the present world could not reach its present heights. The language of every sector of science, arts, commerce, is English. In the sector of business, mercantile transactions, diplomacy, and even conflict management and peace overtures are also English. So, everyone is using is this language more popularly for its reasonable acceptance. As a gateway to social and economic upward mobility, the English language is recognized as part of the current reality. Moreover, every student must have to have efficiency in English to do well in the exam. Actually the importance of learning English is indescribable. For its benefits, the world population is gaining the English language.

The Necessity of Learning English Paragraph

English is the most living language in the world. It is widely used and accepted as media of international communications. Most of the people in the world use it to communicate with the people of other countries. If we know English we can live and move to foreign countries without any difficulty. So, the necessity of learning English as an international language is the most imperative for us. Secondly, learning English offers us opportunities to get a good job.

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Indeed, there are some good jobs like those of a pilot, a navigator, an army officer, etc. for which one must be well conversant with the knowledge of English. Again, if anybody wishes to get a job of a telephone Operator, a postman or a job in a foreign office or in a big hotel, he or she must know English well. Even a repairman or a mechanic must have some knowledge of English to read the repair manuals.

Above all, anybody willing to get higher education in science and technology or any other subject in a foreign university needs to have the knowledge of English. If we don’t learn English we will fail to keep pace with the developing countries of the world. So the necessity of learning English can in no way be denied. 

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