Importance of money Essay and Composition

Importance of money Essay and Composition

Essay on Importance of money

Importance of money Essay/ Composition; "A hungry stomach, an empty pocket, and broken heart teach the best lessons of life." Money is a medium of exchange among people as a form of banknote and coin. Though it is just a number written on paper or coin, it is the most desperate thing for most of the people in the world. As it is accepted as a medium of exchange we need money to lead our life. Without money, our life becomes paralyzed.

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Nowadays, it is considered as the standard of social status. The more you have money the more you are rich. We need money to survive on this earth. We can't buy anything we want without money. A man/woman needs money to bear the expanses of his/her family. Foods, clothes, house rent, medication, educational expenses of his/her children require money. A student needs money to buy books, stationeries, or to pay fees. As a whole, money is required for the continuation of his study. It is an undeniable truth that money is an important part of our life.

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.

-Jonathan Swift

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Money is the fuel why this world is running. Everybody works for it. A rickshaw puller, an office assistant, a teacher, a doctor, and everyone do their duty from their respective places for the need of money though their duty worth than it. If they don't need money a businessman won't run his business, a doctor won't treat his patient or a bus driver won't drive his bus. Then the society will be static. And as a consequence, this will bring untold miseries in our life. So, money helps to run society as well as our life. But, earning money is not so easy. It requires hard work. Without hardworking, we can't earn money in a legal way. A day laborer works all day long to earn money.

A doctor treats his patient for the same thing. A student studies hard so that he could gather knowledge and also earn money. This is the process of earning money in a legal way or called white money. But, there are many other ways to earn money in an illegal way within a short time. This money is known as black money. Corruption, bribe, extortion, or underworld crimes are sources of black money. These illegal processes of earning money bring chaos and disorder in a society.

The lack of money is the root of all evil. -Mark Twain

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Though we badly need money in our lives, it can't buy love, care, happiness, satisfaction, etc. They are beyond money. We need money just to that amount we need to lead a simple life. Over this line, money brings sufferings to us. The greed of money causes our moral degradation. So, everybody of us should remember that money is a part of our life but not our life.

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