An Intelligent Boy Completing Story

An Intelligent Boy Completing Story

Story on An Intelligent Boy

An Intelligent Boy Story; On a sunny morning, a boy of eleven fears was tending cattle by the side of a railway line. Suddenly he noticed that a small railway slipper was about to collapse. A little while later, he remembered that a mail train was supposed to cross in about half an hour. He remembered the story of his grandfather. His grandfather once told him "We should show red cloths to the driver if the train is in a dangerous position anytime." Then he put off his shirt. His shirt's color was deep red.

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He tried to move the shirt in the air. He tried to catch the attention of the driver. It was unbelievable that suddenly the driver could identify the boy's red shirt and thought about the danger. The driver stopped the train. The driver got down horn the train and found the damage of the rail line. The driver and all the passengers became astonished for the heroism of little boy.

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