Laziness Begets Failure completing story

Laziness Begets Failure completing story

Story writing on laziness begets failure

Laziness Begets Failure Story; Jamal is an S.S.C examinee. He is not attentive to his lesson, especially to English. Because he is very weak in English. Moreover, he is lazy. So his preparation in English is not good. A month ago before his examination, he managed a short suggestion on English. The examination was drawing near and he began cramming more and more. The appointed day of the English exam appeared. With a heavy tremor all through the body, Jamal entered the hall. Obtaining question paper in hand he got puzzled as there were a few questions common in the paper. With a trembling hand, he began to write through an overwriting tendency and habit.

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He delivered an inaccurate answer to his known questions even in the brunt of his heavy excitement. The final bell rang with the end of the fixed three hours of the exam. Jamal left the hall leaving many questions unanswered. The result after three months was out and he was absent in the gazette. Afterward, he became clear of his failure in English. Finally, he understood his fault in the study process. He took an oath never to do such again in life.

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