Write a letter to your pen-friend about your native village

Write a letter to your pen-friend about your native village

Suppose, you are Tawfiq and your friend is Robert who lives in Domorgram, Kahaloo, Bogura, Bangladesh. Now, write a letter to your close friend/ pen-friend about your native village.

Write a letter to your close friend/ pen-friend about/ describing your native village

Kahaloo, Bogura, Bangladesh
10 February [year]

Dear Robert.

Hearty love to you. How are you? OK? So I hope. I am the same as well. Last month you wrote to me that you want to know about my native village. Now be mindful and hark. My village, Domorgmm, is in the southern pan of Bogura district. it is on the skirt of vast heel named Beel Goralful. There are ten thousand people in my village. My village is mainly based on agriculture. Most of them are farmers, many of them are educated and several of them are gracing some high posts of govt. There is block system irrigation in the village. There are around one hundred poultry firms, titty looms, and some other cottage industries in the village. The condition of the villagers is satisfactory in most fields.

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You will find no man living tinder poverty line in my village though Bangladesh is a developing country now. This information is surely surprising to you. Friend, no wonder tint we are forwarding to the cape with you in the era of globalization. You are under the EU, but we are under NAM, SAARC, OlC, etc. Our village is having the modern amenities of town life. In our village, there is a number of educational institutions; college, two high schools, four primary schools, a junior high school, a KG school, and three Madrasah.

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There have also a revenue office, a hospital, three banks, and three NGOs in my village. The natural scenery is an extraordinary dimension of the village. On both sides of the pitched roads of my village, there is a panorama of the green tile of trees. For various reasons, my village is the name and fame bearing. Dhiraz Bhattacharya, a great Cinema hero, a police inspector, a litterateur, the great poet Barrister Michael Madhusudan Datta and Munoz Basu, a famous literary giant are the icons of my village.

I am saying you good bye now. Tender my wishes to your parents, brothers, sisters and other family members.

I am your


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