Letter to the Editor about growing deforestation in your area

Letter to the Editor about growing deforestation in your area

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about growing deforestation in your area.

Describe how deforestation is changing your environment. Also, suggest what actions could be taken to stop cutting down trees. Follow the clues below.

  • dangers caused by deforestation
  • increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • the greenhouse effect
  • making people aware of the adverse effect of deforestation
  • making an action plan to stop deforestation

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Letter to the Editor of a newspaper about growing deforestation in your area

21 November 2020

The Editor

The Bangladesh Observer,
Motljheel, Dhaka

Subject: Growing Deforestation in (Name of Area)

Dear sir,

I shall be very happy if you kindly publish the following letter in your esteemed daily.

Yours faithfully,
Akbar Hossain

10, Elephant Road.

Deforestation in (Name of Area)

Some dishonest people in our village cut trees at random. The people who live near my locality comes to cut the trees. They discriminately cut trees without any permission from the local government. There is no tree plantation also. It is very bad for our environment. The results of deforestation cannot be described in words. There is an increase in temperature. The people who used to take rest under trees are not able to do so in the future. There is an imbalance in my locality. People should know the value of afforestation. The minimum 33% area should be covered by forest to maintain a proper ecological balance.

So, I will be obliged if my article finds a place in some corner of your renowned newspaper to spread awareness.

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