Letter to the editor about Rickshaw problem and solution

Letter to the editor about Rickshaw problem and solution

Letter to the editor of a newspaper about Rickshaw problem and solution to the problem

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the rickshaw problem and solution to the problem.

12 March 2020
The Editor
The Bangladesh Times
Motljheel, Dhaka


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to voice the grievances of the people about the rickshaw problem.

Yours faithfully,

Osman Chy

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Rickshaw Problem


Of the road problems in Bangladesh, the rickshaw problem is a major problem. Thousands of rickshaws cause the roadblock. There are many reasons for the roadblock by rickshaws. The population problem is the number one problem in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a small country. But she has to bear the pressure of too many people. Besides, most of the people in our country live below the poverty line. There is a scarcity of work in rural areas.

Finding no other way of earning they come to town to find work. Again work in the towns and cities is also very scarce. When they do not find any work, they take rickshaw pulling as the way of their earning. So, the number of rickshaws is increasing day by day which causes the road problem. They are quite illiterate. Moreover, they do not have any knowledge of traffic rules. So, they don't know any traffic rule. Again they do not abide by the traffic rules. They park rickshaw anywhere they like. The majority percent of them do not have any civic sense.


However, we can get rid of this problem by raising awareness of them. Again we can solve this problem by creating employment opportunities for them. Loan authority should five them loans on easy terms and conditions. By getting easy loan, they can start a business or invest it in any productive work which will be a source of income. They should be imparted technical and vocational training. By receiving such training they can work in different technical based mills. factories and industries. The rich people of our country also should come forward to extend their financial help to the rickshaw pullers.

Above all, the government should find out alternative means of vehicles to ease the problem. One way the system should be introduced. Govt should construct more spacious new roads. On the roads, there should be demarcation for the rickshaw movement.

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