Letter to a non-Bangladeshi friend about Bangladesh and her people

Letter to a non-Bangladeshi friend about Bangladesh and her people

Suppose you are Nabir and your friend is Echo Chatto. Now, write a letter to your non Bangladeshi friend telling him about Bangladesh and her people

Oxford Mission Road
8 March 2020

Dear Echo Chatto

How do you do, my dear? Ok? I hope so. A few days ago you wrote a letter to me which is yet unanswered for my technical problems. In your letter, you expressed a heartfelt and exalted devotion to know about my darling motherland and her people. Now be mindful and pay heed to the following fact.

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Bangladesh is a South Asian country with a tiny area and a big population. The people here are of various creeds, castes, customs. The riverine country, Bangladesh, is a natural fair of natural goods such as forest land, running rivers, sea beach, hilly areas, stagnant beel, jheel, etc. The natural sequences surrounding and embracing our land are a panorama of vision.

The Sunderbans and Kuaknta sea beach of South Bangle, Cox's Bazar sea beach of the southeasternmost zone of Bangladesh, the river basin of the Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna- all these are the hoarders of the pictorial quality of a poet's brush. You can see here acres of meadow or grassland, innumerable fields across the meadow, countless gleaners gleaning in the field during the harvesting season, juice oozing from the date top during the winter, minstrels or bards wandering about in villages and hamlets in our agro and village-based country. Six seasons, prevalent in Bangladesh, are I newer experience for you respectively.

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Flood often visits my Bangladesh mine due to her geographical position or stand and climatic condition. In fact, natural disasters perform here like a brutal step mother.

Despite manifold natural adversities, we are heading as an independent nation towards world standards respecting education, culture, solidarity, state policy, and parity between men and communities. Oh yes, the people of our country are extraordinarily amiable. We have laid down our lives for language and liberty of state and idea. You, therefore, cannot blow away our sense of fraternity, solidarity, and unity. We are not as white as you in complexion but trying with our level bat to be as civilized as you. I am putting an ending mark now and you are ardently expected to be our tropical land during the next dry season.

Your friend

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