Letter to your friend expressing condolence at his father’s death

Suppose, you are Anik/ Anika and your friend is Tonmoy/Tonima who lives in Munsiganj, Bangladesh. Now, write a letter to your friend expressing your condolence at her/his father’s death.

Write a letter to your friend expressing your condolence at her/his father’s death

13 August 2020

Dear Tonima,

I have just received your letter. Through the letter, I  have come to know that you have recently lost your father by a road accident. It is very sad to me.

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I am sure that you are now broken-hearted. l have also got very upset. My heart has been filled with sorrows hearing this news. I don’t find any view to console you. It is no doubt very pathetic. I am sharing the utmost pains with you. But I suggest you not to be very upset. You know that man is born to die. Like other creatures, man is also mortal. No one lives forever. Each of us has to go back to the eternal Creator.

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You should believe confidently that Allah is almighty, the only is born of life and death and no human being will be helpless there. As Muslims, we ought to exercise our religious faith. Try to avoid sad feelings, wish peace for the departed soul of your father, and move onto your daily work.

No more words today. With ardent sympathy to you and your family.

Yours ever

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