Letter to your friend advising him to give up smoking

Letter to your friend advising him to give up smoking

Suppose you are Nasim and your friend is Salam. Nowadays he smokes regularly. Now, write a letter to your friend advising him/her to give up smoking.

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10 March 2020

My dear Salam

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I am very sorry that you have not written to me for quite a while. It is not at all proper for a friend like you. But I got your news yesterday from your mother's letter. Aunt wrote that you smoke a lot of cigarettes.

Last week when I met you, I observed one thing that you had become a heavy smoker of cigarettes. It seems to me that you look like a chain smoker. But my friend! You must know the dangers of smoking. So, why are you taking such a harmful thing? Do you forget that? Look. I tell you, Smoking does a lot of harm. A single puff of cigarette smoke contains 15 billion particles of substances which are very dangerous for human health.

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The most harmful substance in cigarette smoke is nicotine, Methyl, Alcohol, Carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Benzopyrene, and several other acids. Nicotine contracts the blood vessels and causes blood pressure leading to a heart attack. Benzopyrene, arsenic, and tobacco cause cancer. The bad effect of smoking leads to chronic bronchitis. Excessive smoking may lead a person to premature death. Such is the fatal effects of smoking. I suggest you to give up smoking just now and never to indulge in such a dangerous habit again. Do give up smoking, if you love yourself.

I am well. Hope this finds you quite halo and beany.

Your loving friend

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