List of Universities in Korea 2023: World University Ranking

You might like to know the list of universities in Korea 2023. In this article, I will share Korea’s all university ranking 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in Korea by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of Korea. Basically, the list of universities of Korea is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in Korea including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of All University in Korea

Korea’s all university ranking list is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in Korea.

SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
Pohang University of Science & Technology1362
(1) Seoul National University2435
(1) Kyungpook (Kyungbook) National University3478
Pusan National University (Miryang)4489
Chung Ang University5588
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology KAIST6671
Ewha Womens University7720
University of Ulsan8734
(1) Korea University9735
(1) Yonsei University10750
Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology UNIST11756
(1) Sungkyunkwan University12789
Konkuk University13791
Hanyang University14845
Sejong University15857
Kangwon National University (Samcheok National University)16883
Ajou University17887
Chonnam National University (Yosu)18942
Sogang University19958
Yeungnam University20993
Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology211013
Dongguk University221062
Kyung Hee University231142
Chonbuk National University241172
University of Seoul251217
Catholic University of Korea261260
Kongju National University271275
Inje University281279
Gyeongsang National University291342
Soonchunhyang University301375
Soongsil University311376
Hallym University321384
Chungbuk National University331424
Sookmyung Women's University341447
Wonkwang University351454
Kookmin University361486
(1) Incheon National University (University of Incheon)371517
Jeju National University (Cheju)381556
Chosun University391558
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology401565
Inha University411652
Seoul National University of Science & Technology421723
Hongik University431751
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies441792
Chungnam National University451883
Keimyung University461962
University of Science & Technology Daejeon472089
Pukyong National University482105
Daegu University492192
(1) Korea Aerospace University (Hankuk Aviation University)502205
Dankook University512224
Hanbat National University522287
Kunsan National University532375
Gachon University542445
Handong Global University552507
Changwon National University562526
Kwangwoon University572554
Kyonggi University582625
Mokpo National University592705
Myongji University602746
Dong-A University612791
(1) Catholic University of Daegu622793
Sang Myung University632812
Gangneung-Wonju National University (Kangnung Wonju)642891
Cha University653100
Kumoh National Institute of Technology663140
Korea National University of Transportation673302
Sunchon National University683372
Dong Eui University693401
Korea Maritime University703485
Korea University of Technology and Education KoreaTech713519
Sun Moon University723529
Dongseo University733559
Sungshin Women's University743732
Kyungnam University753763
Seoul Women's University763776
Suwon University773813
(1) Eulji University (Seoul Health College)783885
Kyungsung University793918
Korea Polytechnic University803943
Hoseo University813967
Hannam University824002
Andong National University834159
Hankyong National University844175
Konyang University854192
Gyeongnam National University of Science & Technology (Jinju National
Jeonju University874354
Hansung University884411
Sangji University894453
Woosong University (Technical College)904453
(1) Kosin University914461
Daegu Haany University (Kyungsan University)924525
Catholic Kwandong University934537
Cheongju University944544
Sungkyul University954611
Dongshin University964649
Silla University974654
Kyungil University984665
Woosuk University994679
Duksung Women's University1004686
Sahmyook University1014705
Dongduk Women's University1024812
Daejeon University1034825
Pai Chai University1044922
Korea National Open University1054970
Tongmyong University1064974
Hanseo University1074979
Mokwon University1085034
(1) Jeonbuk National University1095108
Seokyeong University1105205
Semyung University1115317
Catholic University of Pusan1125438
Joongbu University1135450
Korea National University of Education1145483
Seowon University1155495
Korea Institute for Advanced Study1165891
Daejin University1176063
Academy of Korean Studies1186570
Seoul National University of Education1196924
Yuhan University1207024
Dongyang Technical College1217335
Korea Nazarene University1227372
Mokpo National Maritime University1237471
Anyang University1247580
Yeungjin University1257664
Pusan University of Foreign Studies1267684
Gyeongin National University of Education1277984
Gongju National University of Education1288237
Yong-In University1298467
Namseoul University / ??????1308753
Myongji College1318891
Catholic Sangji College1329389
Korea National University of Arts13310107
KDI School of Public Policy and Management13410574
Korean Bible University13510907
Daelim College13611036
Honam University13711110
Doowon Technical College13811328
Kyungdong University13911427
Sehan University (Daebul University)14011616
Hanshin University14111658
Kangnam University14211917
Youngsan University14312066
Jangan College14412092
Chinju National University of Education14512167
Korea Polytechnics14612411
Dongyang University14712695
Chung Cheong University14812741
Saekyung College14912967
Kookje University15013064
Sung Kong Hoe University15113118
Chongshin University15213348
Guangju University15313425
Baekseok University15413425
Hansei University15513444
Yeojoo Institute of Technology15613591
Kwang Ju Womens University15713766
Seoul Digital University15813817
Yong-In Songdam College15913840
Ansan University16013932
Suncheon Cheongam College16113970
International Graduate University for Peace16214082
Kaya University16314131
Geumgang University16414168
(1) Korea University of Media Arts (Kongju Communication Arts College)16514205
Howon University16614238
Hyupsung University16714261
Kyungb Hee Cyber University16814361
Korea Military Academy16914449
Cyber University of Korea (Korea Digital University)17014449
Jeonbuk National University17114506
Seoul Institute of The Arts17214536
Changshin University17314680
Nambu University17414732
Seoul Teological University17514846
Chodang University17614865
Korean Academy of Science & Technology17714897
Seoul Cyber University17814930
Busan Gyeongsang College17914930
Shingu College18014946
Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary18114985
Pyeongtaek University18215008
Daegu Arts University18315024
Yeungnam University College18415058
Open Cyber University18515193
Gyeongju University18615261
(1) Chungwoon University18715305
Kyung Nam College of Information & Technology18815377
Calvin University18915416
Far East University Korea19015474
Induk University19115493
Hanyang Women's College19215579
Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary19315579
Daekyeung College19415598
Bucheon College19515765
Youngdong University19615862
Korea National Sport University19715883
(1) Torch Trinity Graduate University19815907
Daegu Health College19915908
Korea Christian University20015973
Masan University20115973
Dong-Eui Institute of Technology20216020
Gimcheon College20316020
Dongju College20416041
Kaywon School of Art and Design20516058
Songwon University20616058
Chungkang College of Cultural Industries20716124
Gwangju National University of Education20816236
Busan National University of Education20916266
Hanyang Cyber University21016287
Korean National University of Cultural Heritage21116287
Chugye University for the Arts21216316
Korea National Police University21316316
Uiduk University21416403
Daegu National University of Education21516435
Baehwa Women's university21616435
Korea Baptist Theological University21716517
Shinhan University21816642
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies21916661
Suwon Science College22016661
Dong-Ah Broadcasting College22116740
Hyejeon College22216740
Sejong Cyber University22316793
International University of Korea22416824
Dongnam Health College22516958
Shinsung University22616986
Kyungmin College22717019
Kyungwoon University22817143
Chuncheon National University of Education22917177
Honam Theological University & Seminary23017177
(1) Cheju Halla University23117225
Sunlin College23217225
Jeju International University23317254
Kunjang College23417254
Youngnam Theological University & Seminary23517348
Korea Soongsil Cyber University23617471
Keimyung University of Culture23717499
Seoul Cultural Arts University (Hansung Digital University)23817499
Daejeon Health Sciences College23917562
Yewon University24017562
Wonkwang Digital University24117590
Woosong Information College24217630
JEI University (Jaenneung College)24317735
Jeonju Technical College24417735
University of Gyeongnam Namhae24517785
Daewon Science College24617785
Osan College24717785
Daegu Cyber University24817814
Dong-Pusan College24917814
Seoil University25017853
Asia United Theological University25117853
Yeonsung University (Anyang Technical College25217853
Daejeon Institute of Science & Technology25317894
Luther Theological University25417894
Gyeonggi University of Science & Technology (Kyonggi Institute of
Kyungbuk College25617964
Seoul Christian University25717964
Sorabol College25818055
Ulsan College25918086
Seoul University of Venture & Information26018126
Yonam College of Agriculture26118233
Sohae College26218257
Seoul Womens College of Nursing26318325
Baekseok Culture University26418325
Jungwon University26518325
Hanil University & Presbyterian Theological Seminary26618361
Jeonju Kijeon College26718396
Incheon Catholic University26818501
Hanlyo University26918501
Suwon Womens University27018580
Busan Institute of Science & Technology (Pusan Info-Tech College)27118580
Kyungbok University27218657
Dong Seoul University27318741
Cheongju National University of Education27418772
Paekche Art College27518901
(1) Gwangju Health University27618953
Songho College27718953
Dong-A In Jae University27818994
Sahmyook Health University27919031
Busan (Pusan) Women's College28019031
Gangneung Yeongdong University28119031
Daedong College28219091
World Cyber College28319091
Suseong College (Daegu Polytechnic College)28419126
Kwangshin University28519171
Sung-Duk College28619171
Tongwon University28719171
Chungbuk Health & Science University (Juseong University)28819201
Hallym Polytechnic University (Hallym College of Information & Industry)28919201
Methodist Theological University29019201
Seojeong College29119254
(1) Dongkang College29219292
Kkottongnae Hyundo University of Social Welfare29319292
Suncheon First College29419338
Yeungjin Cyber College29519385
Gumi College29619385
Daeshin University (Taeshin Christian University)29719427
Soongeui Womens College29819464
Jeonbuk Science College29919464
Korea Tourism College30019464
Seoyeng University (Seokang College)30119519
Mokpo Catholic University30219519
Wonkwang Health Science University30319567
Gangwon State University30419567
Taejon Catholic University30519613
U1 University30619613
Andong Science College30719654
Yonam Institute of Digital Technology30819707
Taegu Science University30919748
Daegu Technical University31019748
Hanyoung Theological University31119848
Choonhae College of Health Sciences31219894
Agricultural Cooperative College31319894
Joong Ang Sungha University31419894
Suwon Catholic University31519975
Gangdong University (Keukdong College)31620025
Shin Ansan University31720179
Seoul Jangsin University31820179
Pohang University31920244
Shinheung College32020293
Shingyeong University32120338
Changwon Moonsung University32220449
Ajou Motor College32320595
Youngnam Foreign Language College32420694
Kyeongdo Provincial College32520694
Korea National University of Welfare32620803
Jinju Health College32720875
International Design School for Advanced Studies32820996
Daeduk University32921048
Jeonnam State University33021107
Kyungin Womens College33121107
Hapdong Theological Seminary33221168
Inha Technical College33321227
Transnational Law and Business University33421227
Dongwon Institute of Science & Technology (Yangsan College)33521289
University of Gyeongnam Geochang33621289
Chosun College of Science & Technology33721350
Seoul Arts (Hansung Technical College)33821350
Jesus University (Margaret Pritchard University)33921408
Kunsan College of Nursing34021462
Busan Presbyterian University (Busan Jangsin University)34121524
Chungbuk Provincial University34221524
Kangwon Tourism College34321593
Jeonju (Chonju) National University of Education34421979
Munkyung College34522062
Ghent University Global Campus34622276
Kmcheon Science College34722360
Chungnam State University34822508
Hanyoung University34922508
Jeju Tourism University35022582
Koguryeo College (Naju College)35122651
Daejeon Theological Seminary & College35222651
Chosun Nursing College35322884
Woongji Accounting & Tax College35422948
Christian College of Nursing35523028
Chunnam Techno University35623221
Gukje Cyber University35723657
Kwangju Catholic University35823739
Songgok College35923739
Gwangyang Health Sciences University36023828
Gyeongbuk College of Health36124295
Asia Life University36224385
Seoul Social Welfare Graduate University36324984
Sung San Hyo Graduate School36425092
Westminster Graduate School of Theology36525306
Dongbang Graduate University36625641
Kyeyak Graduate School of Theology36725641
Kukje University & Theological Seminary36825745
Daehan Theological University36926337
Mokpo Science University37027115
Won Buddhism Graduate School37127245
Kimpo University37227776
Korea University of International Studies37328021
Holy People University37428323
Seoul Bible Graduate School of Theology37528323
Gyeongan Graduate School of Theology37628970
Koje College37730848

I hope this article helps you to get the list of varsity/universities in Korea with country ranking and world ranking.

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