List of Universities in Russia 2023: World University Ranking

You might like to know the list of universities in Russia (Russian Federation) 2023. In this article, I will share Russia’s all university ranking 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in Russia by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of Russia. Basically, the list of universities of Russia is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in Russia including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of All University in Russia

Russia’s all university ranking list is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in Russia.

SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
Lomonosov Moscow State University1161
Saint Petersburg State University2379
National Research University Higher School of Economics3455
National Nuclear Research University (Moscow State Engineering Physics
Novosibirsk State University5561
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University / ?????-?????????????
??????????????? ??????????? ????? ????????
Tomsk State University7611
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology8646
Tomsk Polytechnic University9728
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University10759
ITMO University11826
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia12854
Ural Federal University13912
National University of Science & Technology MISIS (Moscow Institute of
Steel and Alloys)
Southern Federal University (Rostov State University)151276
Russian University of Economics G V Plekhanov161295
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Skoltech171328
Bauman Moscow State Technical University181328
Siberian Federal University191341
Nizhny Novgorod State University201346
Samara National Research University211432
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation221493
Saratov State University231499
South Ural State University241510
Far Eastern Federal University251543
Belgorod State University261580
Kazan State Technical University AN Tupolev271756
Altai State University281883
Novosibirsk State Technical University291945
Moscow State Institute of International Relations301958
Russian State Social University311970
North Eastern Federal University MK Ammosova (Yakutsk State University)322006
I M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)332035
Voronezh State University342109
Saint Petersburg Mining University352121
Tyumen State University362130
Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University372188
Immanuel Kant State University of Russia (Kaliningrad State University)382213
Moscow Aviation Institute National Research University392261
Volgograd State University402292
Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics412433
Moscow Power Engineering Institute422488
Bashkir State University432523
Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas442540
Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk State Technical
Tomsk State Pedagogical University462569
Don State Technical University472583
Perm State University482633
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering492658
Moscow Technological University502687
Petrozavodsk State University512697
Perm State Technical University522703
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration532708
Russian State Pedagogical University AI Herzen (Gertsenovsky University)542806
Orenburg State University552866
Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia562869
Stavropol State Agrarian University572876
Togliatti State University582898
Penza State University592925
Samara State Technical University602933
Omsk State Technical University613028
Innopolis University623030
Mordovia State University633060
Tyumen Industrial University643160
Belgorod State Technological University VG Shukhov653199
Magnitogorsk State Technical University663206
Ulyanovsk State Technical University673210
Chelyabinsk State University683240
Volgograd State Technical University693269
Russian State Medical University703284
Kuban State Agrarian University713304
Ural State University of Economics723309
Moscow Pedagogical State University / ?????????? ??????????????
??????????????? ???????????
Southwestern State University Kursk743426
Yaroslavl State University753468
Siberian State Aerospace University763468
Altai State Technical University773501
Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University783554
Irkutsk State University793588
Saint Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)803607
Vyatka State University813612
Udmurt State University823642
Kazan National Research Technological University833667
Saint Petersburg Academic University (Academic University)843668
Moscow State Regional University853669
Tambov State Technical University863681
Moscow State University of Food Production873696
Irkutsk State Technical University883723
Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport893743
Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov903805
Kuban State University913827
Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University923871
North-Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol State University)933881
Kabardino Balkarian State University943927
Ulyanovsk State University953959
Russian State University for the Humanities963979
Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology973990
Ufa State Aviation Technical University984036
Siberian State Medical Academy994053
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education1004055
Voronezh State Technical University1014077
Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management1024104
Tver State University1034120
Syktyvkar State University1044218
Tula State University1054221
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology1064263
Moscow State Technological University Stankin1074271
State University of Management1084296
Russian State Hydrometeorological University1094296
Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University1104315
Northern State Medical University Arkhangelsk1114342
Kuzbass State Technical University1124346
Dubna International University for Nature Society and Man1134354
Astrakhan State University1144363
Southern Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnical
New Economic School1164393
(1) Ufa State Petroleum Technological University1174402
Samara State Medical University1184432
Russian University of Transport / ?????????? ??????????? ??????????1194495
Omsk State University1204513
Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering1214547
Kazan State Medical University1224558
Kazan State Power Engineering University1234560
Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunication1244579
Rostov State Medical University1254591
Vladivostock State University of Economics1264595
Lipetsk State Technical University1274595
Moscow Polytech1284595
Buryat State University1294618
Izhevsk State Technical University1304629
Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics1314632
Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry1324653
(1) Kursk State University1334703
Vladimir State University1344785
Pacific National University1354795
Rostov State University of Economics1364823
Amur State University1374828
Bashkir State Medical University1384836
Kazan State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering1394890
Northeastern State University1404899
Saint Petersburg State Transport University1414903
Sochi State University of Tourism and Spa Industry1424905
Chuvash State University1434907
Ural State Pedagogical University1444912
Volgograd Medical Academy1454933
Mari State University1464933
Dagestan State University1474935
Yugra State University1484943
Orel State University1494948
Kemerovo State University1504983
Tambov State University1515061
Volga State University of Technology (Mari State Technical University)1525061
Belgorod State Agricultural Academy1535087
Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University1545101
Kursk State Medical University1555141
Novgorod State University1565190
Novosibirsk State Medical University1575194
Penza State University of Architecture and Construction1585196
Voronezh State Pedagogical University1595217
Tula State Pedagogical University1605257
Siberian State Industrial University1615297
Samara State Economic University1625360
Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation1635379
Ural State Medical University1645388
Cherepovets State University1655416
Ural State University of Physical Culture1665428
Rostov State University of Railway Transport1675472
Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University1685477
Ryazan State Radioengineering University1695484
Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities1705524
Kuban State Technological University1715525
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (English)1725532
Novosibirsk State Agrarian University1735558
Surgut State University1745563
Ivanovo State University1755589
Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering1765628
Moscow State University of Design and Technology1775644
Ivanovo State Power University1785645
Privolzhskiy Research Medical University1795720
Kurgan State University1805748
Omsk State Pedagogical University1815780
Bryansk State Technical University1825786
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics1835803
Baikal State University1845805
Russian New University1855814
Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography1865831
Pushkin State University of Russian Language1875886
Saratov State Agrarian University1885901
Murmansk State Technical University1895935
Pedagogical University of Moscow City1905961
Kuban State Medical Academy1915976
Institute of World Economy1926109
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building1936156
Irkutsk State Medical University1946199
Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University1956203
Pskov State University1966243
Vologda State University1976256
Orenburg State Medical Academy1986256
Saratov State Medical University1996267
Transbaikal State University2006287
Russian State Academy of Physical Education2016287
Tver State Technical University2026287
Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics2036332
Astrakhan State Technical University2046390
Perm State Pedagogical University2056489
Yaroslavl State Technical University2066703
Siberian State Transport University2076709
Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University2086717
Capital Financial and Humanities Academy2096854
Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering2106857
Kazan Innovative University V G Timiryasov IEML2116875
Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education Independent University
of Moscow
Stavropol State Medical University2136895
Omsk State Agricultural University P A Stolypin2146954
Moscow State Technology and Management University2157005
Leningrad State University A S Pushkin2167015
Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design2177087
Volgograd Institute of Business2187093
Moscow State Conservatory Tchaikovsky2197105
Moscow University for the Humanities2207169
Institute of Humanities and Information Technology Superior Moscow2217233
Kaliningrad State Technical University2227347
(1) Volgograd State Pedagogical University2237363
(3) Southern Russian State Technical University Shakhtinsk Institute2247363
Ural State Academy of Mining & Geology2257398
Voronezh State Technological Academy2267407
Gnessin State Musical College2277412
Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University2287463
International Law Institute Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation2297529
Volga University VN Tatishchev2307541
Institute of Friendship of Peoples of the Caucasus2317600
Omsk State Medical Academy2327678
State University of Maritime and River Fleet Admiral S O Makarov2337684
Ukhta State Technical University2347733
All Russian Academy for Foreign Trade2357768
Magnitogorsk State Conservatory M I Glinka2367788
Saint Petersburg State University of Physical Training2377824
Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law2387857
Biysk State Padagogical University VM Shukshin2397866
UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education2407896
Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University for the Humanities2417934
Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship2427998
European University Saint Petersburg2438074
Bratsk State Technical University2448111
Omsk State Transport University2458151
Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University2468237
Academy of State Fire Prevention Service Ministry of Internal Affairs of
Ryazan State University S A Esenin2488315
Komsomolsk on Amur State Technical University2498341
Moscow School of Social and Economical Sciences2508404
Byisk Technological Institute2518446
Moscow State Pedagogical Institute ME Evseveva2528480
Moscow State Automobile and Road Institute2538514
Don State University of Agriculture2548568
Russian State University of Cinematography SA Gerasimov2558568
Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering2568590
Russian Academy of Arts2578642
Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (Institute for the Economy in
Kemerovo State University of Culture and the Arts2598681
Russian University of Cooperation2608745
Moscow State Linguistic University2618745
Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies2628769
Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology2638793
(3) Samara State University of Railway Transport2648806
Kursk Academy of State and Municipal Services2658900
Modern University for the Humanities2668922
(3) Irkutsk Branch of the Russian State University of Physical Culture,
Sport and Tourism Youth
Moscow State Academy of Law2689108
Synergy University2699108
Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University2709222
(3) Branch Russian State University of Tourism and Service in Samara2719250
Saint Petersburg Conservatory Rymsky Korsakov2729338
Academy of Social Control2739346
Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences2749466
Moscow State Industrial Art University SG Stroganov2759475
Gorno Altaisk State University2769514
(3) Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy2779703
Gnessin State Musical College Moscow2789703
North Ossetian University2799852
Volgograd State Academy of Physical Training2809869
Admiral Nevelsky State Maritime University2819897
North-Western State Medical University (Saint Petersburg State Medical
Ivanovo State Polytechnic University2839981
Baltic State Technical University28410013
Moscow Architectural Institute28510062
Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy PA Stolypin28610086
(3) Rostov Branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation28710209
Bashkir State Pedagogical University M Akmully28810226
Moscow Financial and Law University28910273
Adygei State University29010334
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation29110342
Minin University (Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University)29210352
Orenburg State Agrarian University29310441
Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University Fevzi Yakubov29410441
Russian University of Theatre Arts29510534
Far East State Medical University29610555
Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy (Komsomolsk-on-Amur State
Pedagogical University)
Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS29810658
Gorky Literature Institute29910735
Voronezh State Agrarian University30010773
(3) Kemerovo State University Anzhero-Sudzhensk Branch30110839
Russian Christian Humanities Academy30210844
Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy30310857
Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television30410889
Altai State Pedagogical University30510929
Bashkir Academy of Public Administration and Management30610970
Russian University of Justice30710979
Interregional Open Social Institute30810994
Moscow State University Witte (Moscow Institute of Economics, Management
and Law)
Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy31011036
Ural State Law Academy31111073
Saint Petersburg State Agrarian University31211307
Irkutsk State Railway Transport Engineering University31311307
Bashkir State Agricultural University31411427
(3) Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship31511487
(3) Branch of the National Research University in Volzhsky31611487
Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts31711543
Siberian State Automobile and Road Academy31811632
Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice31911632
(3) St Petersburg State University of Management and Economics SPbUME32011675
Krasnoyarsk State University of Agriculture32111711
Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod32211711
Krasnoyarsk State Medical University32311765
Ural State Forest Engineering University32411820
Moscow Metropolitan Governance University32511820
Saint Filaret Orthodox Christian Institute32611851
Ural State Academy of Transport32711869
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art32811880
Michurinsk State Agrarian University32911917
World Technological University Moscow Technological Institute33011917
Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation33111956
(3) Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University Department of Computer Science33211979
Chuvash State Pedagogical University33312045
Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow University of
International Market Institute33512111
Ryazan State Medical University I P Pavlov33612124
Institute for Advanced Studies of the Investigative Committee ?f the
Russian Federation
Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis33812228
Novosibirsk State University of Architecture Design and Arts33912279
State University of Land Management34012291
Lipetsk State Pedagogical University34112327
Bryansk State Agricultural Academy34212349
Saint Petersburg University of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of
the Russian Federation for Civil Defense
(3) Practical psychology Education Institute Imaton34412369
East Siberian State University of Technology34512517
Institute of International Law and Economics34612526
Khakas State University N F Katanov34712544
Povolzhskaya State University of Telecommunication and Informatics34812544
Academy of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation34912560
Theatre Institute Boris Shchukin35012560
Saint Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education35112613
Perm State Medical Academy35212613
(3) School of Dramatic Art35312663
Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property35412760
Tver State Medical University35512760
International Institute of Management LINK35612786
Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University35712801
Nizhnevartovsk State University35812821
(1) Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives35912836
Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University36012851
Kaluga State Pedagogical University36112870
International University Moscow36212870
Perm State Agricultural Academy36312883
Yelets State University36412897
Academy of Labour and Social Affairs36512956
Kostroma State University N A Nekrasov36612977
Voronezh Economics and Law Institute36712998
International Academy of Business and New Technologies36813013
Institute Unic36913013
Murmansk Arctic State University37013026
Amur State University Sholom Aleichem37113039
Sakhalin State University37213064
International Institute of Economics and Law37313069
Business School Sinerghia37413118
Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics37513186
Pskov Volny Institute37613196
(3) University of Management TISBI37713246
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University I Ulyanov37813271
Altai State Agrarian University37913299
Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy38013315
National Institute of Catherine the Great38113321
(3) Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies (Branch) of the Academy of
Labor and Social Relations
(3) Novocherkassk Engineering and Drainage Academy A K Kortunova38313398
Public Law Institute38413469
Ulianovsk Higher School of Civil Aviation38513510
Smolensk State University38613519
Volga Region State University of Service38713540
Orenburg State Pedagogical University38813554
Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and the Arts38913580
Institute of Management Economics and Innovation39013580
Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy39113580
Obninsk State Technical University for Nuclear Power Engineering39213591
Dalrybvtuz Far Eastern State Technical University of Fisheries39313641
(3) Institute of Education of the Irkutsk region39413641
State University of Human Sciences39513652
Saint Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the
Russian Federation
(3) Southern Russian State University of Economics and Service39713693
Vyatka State Humanities University39813693
Russian State Open Agrarian University39913693
International Academy of Business and Management40013715
Eastern Institute of Economics Humanities Sciences Management and Law VEGU
Institute of World Economy and Information IMEI40213723
Russian International Academy of Tourism40313751
Voronezh High Technology Institute40413751
Humanities Institute of TV & Radio Broadcasting M A Litovchin40513786
Penza State Technological University40613804
Tyva State University40713866
Armavir State Pedagogical University40813892
Voronezh State Medical University N N Burdenko40913905
(3) Saratov State Academy of Astrakhan Branch/ ??????????? ???????????????
??????????? ????????
Civil Defence Academy Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense41113932
Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design AL Stieglitz41213940
Russian School of Private Law41313940
Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute41413940
Buryat State Agricultural Academy41513960
Bryansk State University Academician I G Petrovskii41613960
Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting Sculpture and
Architecture Ilya Repin
Moscow Open Institute41814005
Eurasian Open Institute41914082
(3) Graduate School of Business of Moscow State University M V Lomonosov42014091
Moscow State University of Culture and the Arts42114101
Biblical Theological Institute of Saint Andrew the Apostle42214118
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy42314118
Daghestan State Technical University42414161
East European Institute of Psychoanalysis42514161
Izhevsk State Medical Academy42614168
Far East State Agrarian University42714194
Busines Career Institute42814194
Tyumen State Medical Academy42914205
Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture Sport and Tourism43014217
Kazan State University of Culture and Arts43114238
(3) Russian State University of Economics Plekhanov Irkutsk Branch43214261
Seversk State Technological Institute43314272
Sukachev Institute of Forest43414299
(3) Moscow State Technical University NE Bauman Kaluga Branch43514348
(3) Khabarovsk Institute of Infocomm Siberian State University of
Telecommunications and Informatics
Military University of Russian Ministry of Defence43714414
Moscow State Academy of Choreography43814463
Baganova Ballet Academy43914463
Orel State Agrarian University44014523
Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office44114536
Perm Institute of Economics and Finance44214536
Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports44314536
(3) Institute of Technology (Branch) National Research Nuclear University
in Lezno
Management Institute of Business and Law Rostov-on-Don44514565
Moscow State Humanities-Economic Institute44614582
Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy44714618
Ivanovo State Medical Academy44814663
Pyatigorsk State University44914678
Saratov State Conservatory45014680
Russian Customs Academy45114692
Institute of World Civilizations45214732
Institute of Business and Design Moscow45314780
Samara State Agricultural Academy45414780
Belgorod University of Consumer Cooperatives45514817
Kirov State Medical Academy45614865
Voronezh State Forest Technical University45714881
Institute of International Trade & Law45814881
Institute of Contemporary Art45914881
Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute46014912
Rostov State Conservatory S V Rachmaninov46114946
Tyumen State Agricultural Academy46215008
Business and Law Institute46315008
Surgut State Pedagogical University46415024
Maikop State Technological University46515044
Ural State Agricultural Academy46615058
Moscow State Regional Institute for the Humanities46715075
Moscow State Academic Institute of Arts VI Surikov46815092
Komi State Pedagogical University46915104
Moscow Institute of Television and Radio47015104
Saint Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine47115104
Kazan Institute of Finance, Economics and Informatics47215140
Bryansk State Engineering University of Technology47315163
Saratov State Law Academy47415163
Institute of Management Marketing and Finance47515213
Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking47615213
Vologda State Dairy Academy47715213
Saint Petersburg Academy of Civil Aviation47815261
Altai State Medical University47915283
Perm State Institute of Art and Culture48015283
Ryazan State Agrotechnological University P A Kostychev48115305
Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy48215324
Ivanovo Institute of State Firefighting Service Russian Ministry for Civil
Siberian State Academy of Water Transport48415364
Volgograd State Academy of Agriculture48515364
Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory M I Glinka48615377
Kazan State Agricultural University48715416
Moscow State Institute of Music A G Shnitke48815433
State Academy of Slavic Culture48915433
Saint Petersburg International Institute of Management49015474
Saint Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work49115493
Kazan State Conservatory49215518
(3) Military Academy of Logistics Army Gen A V Khruleva49315518
University of Technology UNITECH49415518
Volga State University of Water Transport49515559
(3) Volgograd State Technical University Volzhsky Politechnical Institute49615579
Kemerovo Agricultural Institute49715598
Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture49815635
Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture49915635
Regional Finance and Economics Institute50015675
Moscow Academy of Economics and Law50115675
Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture50215702
Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers50315702
Humanities University50415702
Chechen State University50515702
Moscow Humanities Economic Institute50615721
(3) Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking50715781
Gzhel State Art and Industry Institute50815781
Moscow Institute of Psychology and Sociology50915781
Southern Institute of Management51015822
Tambov State Pedagogical Institute of Music S V Rachmaninov51115840
Northern Ossetian State Academy of Medicine51215840
Saint Petersburg Institute of International Economic Relations Economics
and Law
Tula Institute of Economics and Informatics51415883
Ural Institute of State Firefighting Service Russian Ministry for Civil
Amur State Medical Academy51615908
Kursk State Agricultural Academy Prof Ivanov51715929
Moscow Institute of Economics MEI51815929
Saratov State Academy of Law51915945
Nizhny Tagil State Social Pedagogical Academy52015997
Economics and Law Institute52116020
Kamchatska State University Vitus Bering52216041
Interregional Institute of Economics and Law52316041
Moscow Art and Industry Institute52416058
(3) South Russian Institute Russian Presidential Academy of National
Economy and Public Administration
Glazov State Pedagogical Institute VG Korolenko52616105
Vjatka State Agricultural Academy52716124
(3) South Ural State Institute of Arts PI Tchaikovsky52816156
Russian Academy of Painting Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov52916160
Kamchatka State Technical University53016180
Moscow State Institute of Tourism Industry53116210
Astrakhan State Medical Academy53216236
(3) Saint Petersburg Law Institute (branch) of the Academy of the General
Prosecutor's Office
Petrozavodsk State Conservatory AK Glazunov53416236
Kemerovo Medical Academy53516236
Chita State University of Medicine53616266
(3) Volgograd State Technical University Kamyshin Technological Institute53716287
(3) Moscow Institute of Public Administration and Human53816316
Moscow State Academy of Water Transport53916355
(3) RVVDKU Ryazan landing School VF Margelov54016382
Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages54116382
(3) Syzranskoe vysshee Military Aviation School (Military Institute) Branch
of the Air Force Academy, NE Zhukovsky and YA Gagarin
(3) Siberian Institute of Business and Information Technology Omsk54316403
Russian State Institute of Performing Arts54416403
Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis54516435
Samara Region State University (Nayanova)54616460
Yekaterinburg State Theatre Institute54716460
(3) Siberian Institute of Management Branch Russian Academy of National
Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian
Admiral Ushakov State Maritime Academy54916489
Omsk Academy Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation55016517
National Open Institute of Russia55116532
Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute55216575
Komi State Academy of Public Administration and Management55316575
Institute of Economics and Crisis Management55416575
(1) Gorsky State Agrarian University55516642
Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Internal Affairs55616642
(3) Bashkir State University Sterlitamak Branch55716642
Ural State University of Railway Transport55816661
South Ural Institute of Management and Economics Chelyabinsk55916691
Kovrov State Technological Academy V A Degtyarev56016708
International Institute of Management LINK Moscow56116708
Samara University of Humanities56216740
Pacific State Medical University56316793
Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology56416793
Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture Sport and Tourism56516824
Moscow University of the Russian Ministry of Interior56616847
Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute56716867
Academy of Choral Art56816894
Yaroslavl State Medical University56916909
Higher Theatre Institute Shchepkin57016909
Novosibirsk State Conservatory M I Glinka57116958
Nizhnij Novgorod State Academy of Agriculture57216986
Baikal Institute of Business and International Management57316986
Moscow Institute for the Humanities Princess ER Dashkova57417019
(3) Irkutsk State University Law Institute57517040
East Siberian State Academy of Culture and the Arts57617061
Institute of East57717061
Yaroslavl State Academy of Agriculture57817061
International Banking Institute57917061
Astrakhan Civil Engineering Institute58017086
(3) Institute of Economics, Management and Social Relations Institute for
Advanced Studies
North Caucasian Mining and Metallurgical Institute (State Technological
Baltic Academy of Tourism and Entrepreneurship58317117
Samara Medical Institute REAVIZ58417143
Velikie Luki State Agricultural Academy58517177
Voronezh Institute of Ministry of Interior of Russia58617206
Ufa State Academy of Arts Ismagilov Zagier58717206
Chuvash State Agricultural Academy58817206
Samara State Academy of Culture and the Arts58917225
Academy of Marketing and Social Information Technologies Krasnodar59017225
Rybinsk State Aviation Technological Academy59117254
Ural State Conservatory (Academy) MP Mussorgsky59217254
Kostroma Agricultural Academy59317254
Folk Arts State Higher School (Institute)59417278
Academy of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation59517278
Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture59617300
Far Eastern State Academy of Arts59717327
Ural Institute of Economics Management and Law59817327
Moscow Institute of Business and Law59917348
Higher School of Religion and Philosophy60017380
Smolensk State Medical Academy60117407
Omsk Academy of the Humanities60217407
Institute for Economy and Culture60317437
Musical Pedagogical Institute M M Ippolitov-Ivanov60417437
Kursk Institute of Management Economics and Business60517499
(3) Kuban State University Slavyansk on Kuban Branch60617499
Astrakhan State Conservatory60717562
Moscow Institute of Energy and Energy Conservation60817562
Arctic National Institute of Arts and Culture60917590
Air Force Academy Prof N E Zhukovsky and Yuri Gagarin61017590
International Slavic Institute61117590
Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the Government of Moscow61217630
Sarov State Physical and Technical Institute61317665
(3) Petrozavodsk State University Kola Branch61417665
Institute of Social and Humanities Knowledge61517665
Pushchino State Natural Science Institute61617665
(3) Universities of Sochi International Innovative University61717665
Russian Academy of Lawyers and Notaries61817700
International Academic Institute61917700
International Institute of Design and Service62017700
(3) Kazan State Technological University Nizhnekamsky Institute of
Chemistry & Technology
Naberezhnye Chelny Institute of Social and Educational Technology and
Taganrog Institute of Management and Economics62317761
Vladikavkaz Institute of Management62417853
Moscow Institute of Economics Politics and Law62517853
Altai State Academy of Culture and the Arts62617853
Academy of Social Education62717930
Saint Petersburg Christian University62817930
Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
(3) Bashkir State University Birskiy Branch63017930
(3) Branch of the National Research University in Smolensk63117964
Oryol State Institute of Economy and Trade63217964
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy63317964
(3) Ivanovo State University Branch Shumsky63418016
Oryol State Institute of Arts and Culture63518016
South Ural State Agricultural University63618016
Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship63718086
Chechen State Pedagogical Institute63818126
Institute for International Economic Relations63918159
North Caucasus State Academy64018159
Norilsk State Industrial Institute64118159
Jewish University Moscow64218203
(3) Naberezhnye Chelny Branch of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical
Culture, Sports and Tourism
Saint Petersburg Institute of Hospitality64418203
Siberian Institute of Business Management and Psychology64518233
Middle University64618257
Institute of Civilization64718257
Smolensk State Medical University64818293
Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute64918293
Novomoskovsk Institute University of Chemical Technology Mendeleev65018293
(3) Ivanovo State Agricultural Academy Academician D K Belyaev65118325
Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies65218325
Kuban State University of Physical Education Sport and Tourism65318325
Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture65418325
Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute65518361
Institute of Tourism and Hospitality65618396
Moscow Region State Institute of Humanities and Social Studies (Kolomna
State Pedagogical Institute)
(3) Institute of Psychology in Moscow Paracelsus65818501
(3) Moscow State Open University Cheboksary Polytechnic Institute65918501
Institute of Public Administration66018538
(3) Intechna Institute for New Technologies in Education66118538
Ingush State University66218538
(3) Moscow State Law Academy Orenburg Institute66318580
Kurgan State Agricultural Academy T S Maltsev66418657
Nizhny Novgorod State University of Engineering and Economics Kniagininsky
Dagestan State University of National Economy66618657
Institute for the Humanities Moscow66718657
Smolensk State Academy of Agriculture66818657
Siberian Institute of International Relations and Area Studies66918741
Institute of Foreign Languages67018772
(3) Branch Baikal University of Economics and Law in Bratsk67118772
Russian State University of Physical Culture Sport Youth and Tourism67218772
Dagestan State Pedagogical University67318772
Vyatka Social and Economic Institute67418845
Moscow Humanities Technical Academy67518845
International Management Institute67618881
(3) Russian State University of Economics Plekhanov Krasnodar Branch67718881
Kerch State Maritime Technological University67818881
Omsk Institute of Economics67918903
Saint Petersburg Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy68018903
Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Institute68118953
Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture68218953
Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts68318994
(3) Branch of Ufa State Aviation Technical University in Ishimbai68418994
(3) Institute of Engineering Physics68518994
(3) Moscow Engineering Physics Institute Ozersk Branch68619031
Russian Islamic Institute68719031
Chelyabinsk Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
(3) Russian Customs Academy Rostov Branch68919091
Saint Petersburg Military Institute of Internal Troops Ministry of Internal
Affairs Russian Federation
Baltic University of Ecology Politics and Law69119171
Academy of Management and Production69219201
(3) Russian Orthodox University69319201
Institute of Communication Technologies69419201
Institute of Journalism and Creative Writing69519201
Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art (Institute)69619254
(3) Moscow State University of Technology and Management C G Razumovsky in
Institute of Modern Technology Education69819254
(3) North Caucasus Branch of Moscow Technical University of Communications
and Informatics
Ural Institute of Securities Market70019338
(1) International University of Fundamental Studies Saint Petersburg70119338
Kuban Social and Economic Institute70219338
North Caucasian State Institute of Arts70319385
Stolichny Humanities Economic Institute70419427
Moscow Regional Social and Economic Institute70519464
Dagestan State Medical University70619464
Krasnodar State University of Culture and the Arts70719519
(3) Caspian Institute of Maritime and River Transport Branch of Volga State
Academy of Water Transport
Institute of International Relations70919519
Law Institute St Petersburg71019567
Penza State Pedagogical University VG Belinsky71119567
Tver State Agricultural Academy71219567
(3) Chita Institute Baikal State University of Economics and Law71319567
(3) Kemerovo State University (Branch) Novokuznetsk Institute71419613
Institute of European Cultures71519613
Tyumen State Institute of Culture71619613
(3) Ural State University of Physical Culture Ekaterinburg Branch71719654
(3) Russian State Academy of Arts Specialized71819654
Institute of Management and Market71919654
(3) Bashkir Institute of Physical Culture72019704
Kabardino Balkar State Agricultural Academy VM Kokov72119707
Military Space Academy A F Mozhaisky72219707
Luki State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports72319748
Institute of Management and Law72419793
Moscow Islamic University72519793
Moscow Social and Economic Institute72619793
Tyumen State Academy of Culture Arts and Social Technologies72719848
(3) Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy Branch Saint Petersburg University of
Arkhangelsk Pedagogical College72919894
Southern Russian Institute for the Humanities73019926
(3) Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics Ural
Technical Institute of Communications and Informatics
Volgograd Institute of Arts P A Serebryakov73219975
Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture73319975
Russian Medical Military Academy73419975
North Caucasian Institute for Social73520025
(3) Russian Customs Academy Saint Petersburg Branch73620025
(3) Northwest Institute (Branch) Moscow State University of Law O E Kutafin73720086
Regional Open Social Institute Kursk73820086
(3) Novosibirsk Institute of Law73920086
Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
International Business Academy74120136
Volga Institute of Economics Pedagogy and Law74220136
Murmansk Academy of Economics and Management74320136
Khanty Mansiysk State Medical Academy74420179
Saint Petersburg Institute for Economics and Management74520179
Chuvash State Institute of Culture and the Arts74620179
Kemerovo State Medical University74720179
(3) Dubna International University for Nature Society and Man Ugresha Branch74820244
(3) Institute of Continuing Professional Education Ufa State Oil Technical
University in Ufa
(3) Neftekamsky Branch of Bashkir State University75020244
Chelyabinsk Institute of Economics and Law MV Ladoshina75120293
(3) Egoryevsky Aviation Technical College V P Chkalov Branch of Moscow
State Technical University of Civil Aviation
Institute for International Socio-cultural Relations75320338
Siberian Institute of Business and Information Technology75420338
Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture75520338
Krasnodar Municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nursing Education75620338
International Institute of Business Information Technology and Finance75720394
National Institute of Business75820394
Grozny State Petroleum Technical University M D Millionshchikov75920449
Ufa State University of Economics and Service76020449
(3) Volga-Vyatka Institute (branch) Moscow State University of Law About E
Rostov Institute of Protecting the Entrepreneur76220449
(3) Far Eastern State Academy76320493
Institute of Russian Theatre76420542
Institute of Management and Informatics76520542
(3) Kuzbass State Technical University Novokuznetsk Branch76620595
(3) Open European Academy of Economics and Politics76720595
Moscow Higher School of Economics76820595
Voronezh State Institute of Arts76920649
International Institute of Computer Technology77020649
Orenburg State Institute of Arts L & M Rostropovich77120649
State Institute of Economy Finance Law and Technology77220694
(3) Vyborg Branch of the University of Civil Aviation77320753
International Institute of Management LINK77420753
(3) Sibai Institute Branch of the Bashkir State University77520803
Moscow Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences77620803
(3) Voronezh Branch of the Moscow Institute of Economics and Humanities77720803
Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting MGRI77820875
Moscow University of Information Technology Moscow Institute of
Architecture and Engineering
Penza State Academy of Agriculture78020875
(3) Branch Baikal State University of Economics and Law in Ust-Ilimsk78120941
Samara Academy of Public Administration78220941
Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports I I Gotovtsev78320941
International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences78420996
Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia78520996
(3) Lipetsk Institute for Cooperation78620996
Novosibirsk Institute of Humanities78721047
(3) Saint Petersburg Humanities University of Trade Unions Moscow Branch78821048
(3) Higher Institute of Management WCI78921048
Barnaul Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs79021107
Interdisciplinary Institute of Training and Information79121107
Baikal Institute of Economics and Law79221107
Kama Institute of Humanities and Engineering Technology79321107
Moscow International Academy79421168
Orlovsky Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
(3) Moscow State Technology and Management University Saint Petersburg
Art Theatre School79721227
Vladimir Institute of Business79821289
Voronezh Institute of Economics and Social Management79921289
Academy of Management Russian Ministry of Interior80021350
Institute of Jurisprudence and Management of all Russian Police Association80121350
Togliatti Academy of Management80221350
Kislovodsk Humane and Technical Institute80321350
Vologda Cooperative College80421408
Tomsk Institute of Business80521408
Moscow Institute of Jurisprudence80621408
Military Academy of Communication80721462
Military Academy of Aerospace Defense G K Zhukov80821462
(3) Omsk Institute (Branch) of the Russian University of Economics G V
Tomsk Institute of Law and Economics81021593
Dagestan State Agrarian University M M Dzhambulatov81121593
Moscow Institute of Contemporary Academic Education81221593
Humanities and Social Institute81321659
(3) Russian State University of Innovative Technologies and
Entrepreneurship Northern Branch
Volgograd Institute of Economics Sociology and Law81521716
Prikamsky Social Institute81621784
Baltic Institute of Humanities81721784
(3) Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Institute North West Branch81821784
Novosibirsk Institute of Economy Psychology and Law81921856
Kaliningrad Institute of Management82021856
Institute of Business and Law82121914
(3) Russian State University of Tourism and Service Perm Branch82221914
Ryazan Institute of Business and Management82321914
New Institute for the Humanities82421914
Moscow Institute of Economics High School Modern Education82521914
St Petersburg Institute of Fine Arts and Restoration82621914
Russian Institute of Continuous Education in Forestry82721979
Institute for the Humanities PA Stolypin82821979
Institute of Advanced Technology and Economics82921979
Institute of World Economy and Finance83021979
Far Eastern Institute of International Relations83122062
Higher Academic School of Graphic Design83222062
(3) Smolensk State Institute of Arts83322062
North Ossetian State Pedagogical Institute83422062
Institute of Economics and Management Pyatigorsk83522062
(3) Moscow Branch of the Higher School of Folk Arts (Institute)83622062
Ural Institute of International Tourism83722062
Angarsk State Technical University83822062
(1) (3) Azov Black Sea Engineering Institute Don State Agrarian University
in Zernograd
Smolny Institute84022062
Altai State University Rubtzovsk Industrial Institute84122142
(3) Armavir Mechanics Technological Institute (Branch) Kuban State
Technological University
International Institute of Economics and Management84322142
(3) Novorossiysk Branch of the Moscow Institute of Economics and Humanities84422276
Voronezh State Industrial and Humanities College84522276
High School of Music of the Sakha Republic Yakutia84622276
(3) Belovo Institute (Branch) Kemerovo State University84722276
(3) St Thomas Institute84822360
North West State Technical University84922360
Art Institute of Restoration85022360
International Institute of Business Education85122360
(3) Azov Institute of Technology Branch Don State Technical University85222432
(3) Buzuluksky Humanities Institute of Technology85322432
(3) Branch Protvino University Dubna85422432
(3) Tambov Branch of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts85522508
(3) North Caucasus Institute for the Humanities Stavropol85622508
(3) Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church85722508
(3) Branch of the Far Eastern State Transport University in
National Institute of Design85922582
Lipetsk Management Institute86022582
(3) Colikamsky State Pedagogical Institute86122582
Tolyatti Conservatory86222582
Naberezhnye Chelny State Trade Institute of Technology86322651
(3) Saint Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions Krasnoyarsk
(3) Krasnodar Higher Military School General SM Shtemenko86522651
(1) Vladimir Law Institute86622651
Institute of Radio Electronics Service and Diagnostics86722733
(3) Tver Branch of the Moscow Humanitarian Economic Institute86822733
Mordovia Institute for the Humanities86922733
Moscow Institute of Sociopedagogy87022818
(1) New Siberian Institute87122818
East European Gestalt Institute Vega87222818
Modern Technical Institute Ryazan87322884
Nevinnomyssk Institute of Economics Management and Law87422884
Oriental Institute87522884
Yuzhno Sakhalinsk Institute of Economics Law and Informatics87622884
(3) Institute of Economic Reforms and Management Market Moscow87722884
Institute of Economics and Management87822884
(1) West Ural Institute of Economics and Law87922948
Moscow Banking School (College) of the Bank of Russia88022948
(3) Institute of Professional Innovation88122948
Kuban Medical Institute88223028
Institute of Languages ??and Cultures88323028
(3) Russian Customs Academy Vladivostok Branch88423028
(3) Branch of the Moscow State University of Technology and Management CG
Razumovsky in Kaliningrad
Armavir Linguistic Social Institute88623126
(3) Yaroslavl Branch of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations88723126
(3) Krasnoyarsk Branch of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics
and Informatics
(3) Perm Institute (Branch) of Russian University of Economics GV Plekhanov88923126
(3) Ryazan Correspondence Institute (Branch) of the Moscow State University
of Culture and Arts
(3) Branch of Moscow State University of Technology and Management CG
Razumovsky in Meleuz
Karachay Cherkess State University W J Aliyev89223299
(3) Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics Volga
Vyatka Branch
Ufa Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs89423386
(3) Penza State University Kuznetsky Institute of Information Management
and Technology
(3) Bryansk Branch of the Moscow State University of Railway Transport89623386
(3) International Jewish Institute of Economy Finance and Law89723386
(3) Branch Kuzbass State Technical University T V Gorbachev in Prokopyevsk89823386
Institute of Theatrical Arts PM Yershov89923482
Moscow Institute of World Economy and International Relations90023570
Moscow Regional Institute of Management and Law90123570
(3) South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic
Institute) Kamensky Institute
(3) Shahtinskii Branch of the South Russian Humanitarian Institute90323657
East Siberian Institute of Economics and Law90423657
(3) Votkinsky Branch Udmurt State University90523739
Moscow Institute of National and Regional Affairs90623739
Kaliningrad International Business School90723739
(3) Service Institute and tourism Don State Technical University90823739
(3) Technological Institute of Service90923739
(3) Russian School of Private Law Ural Branch91023828
(3) Kurgan Branch of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations91123828
(3) Saint Petersburg State University of Economics Kirov Branch91223828
Nevinnomyssk State Humanities Institute91323828
East Siberian Institute Ministery of Internal Affairs of Russia91423828
Omsk Regional Institute91523909
Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service91623909
Kuban Institute of Vocational Education91723909
(3) Rostov Branch of Moscow State University of Technology and Management
CG Razumovsky
(3) Institute of Modern Management Film and Television91923909
Podolsky Social Sports Institute92024026
Khabarovsk Border Institute of the Federal Security Service of the Russian
Volgograd Cooperative Institute92224119
(3) Kolomna Institute (Branch) Ulianov Moscow State Engineering University92324119
Frontier Academy of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation92424205
Belgorod Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
(3) Branch Moscow State Engineering University in Sec Tuchkovo Moscow region92624205
Institute of Commerce and Law92724205
(3) Orenburg Branch of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations92824205
(3) Orenburg State University Orsk Humanities and Technology Institute92924295
(3) White Sea-Onega Branch of the State University of sea and river fleet
of Admiral SO Admiral Makarov C O Makarova
(3) Samara Humanitarian Academy Branch in Togliatti93124295
(3) International Management Institute Ivanovo Branch93224295
Ivanovo State Academy of Architecture and Construction93324295
(3) Branch of the Don State Technical University in Volgodonsk93424385
Air Force Academy Prof N E Zhukovsky and Yu A Gagarin93524385
(3) Tchaikovsky Technological Institute (Branch) Izhevsk State Technical
University Mikhail Kalashnikov
(3) Dagestan State University in Derbent93724385
(3) All Russian Academy of Foreign Trade Economic Development of Russia93824385
Kalmic State University93924385
Institute of International Business94024385
University of Russian Innovation in Education94124486
(3) Zelenodolsky Institute of Engineering and Information Technology
(Branch) Kazan State Technical University Tupolev
Institute of Economics and Management in Industry94324587
Rostov Law Institute MVD of Russia94424587
Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship94524587
(3) Almetyevsky State Institute of Municipal Services94624690
(3) Kursk Institute of Cooperatives (Branch) Belgorod University of
Cooperation, Economics and Law
(3) Samara Branch of Volga State Academy of Water Transport94824690
Siberian Law University94924690
(3) Branch of Russian State University of Tourism and Service in Makhachkala95024789
(3) Buguruslan Aviation Flight School (college) Branch of St Petersburg
State University of Civil Aviation
Saint Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering95224789
Kama Institute of Art and Design95324789
Ishim State Pedagogical Institute P P Yershov95424886
Institute of Economics and Management in Industry95524886
Volgograd Institute for the Humanities95624886
Moscow Institute of Ecomomic and Legal95724886
Far Eastern Institute of Communications95824886
Institute of Business Economics95924984
Institute of Management Economics Law and Art96024984
Northern Institute for Entrepreneurship96124984
Socio-Pedagogical University96225092
Institute of Economics and Law96325092
Kuban Institute Informzaschita96425092
(3) Vyborg Institute (branch) Leningrad State University A S Pushkin96525194
Institute of Legal Economics96625194
Yessentuky Institute of Management Business and Law96725194
Kazan Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation96825194
(3) Caratovskaya State Law Academy Smolensk Branch96925194
(3) Astrakhan Branch of the Moscow State University of Economics,
Statistics and Informatics
Moscow Academy of Tourist and Hotel and Restaurant Business97125308
(3) North Caucasian Branch Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University
V G Shukhov
Ryazan Institute of Open Education97325422
(3) International Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism97425422
Humanities and Forecasting Institute97525422
Nedelin Strategic Missile Troops Institute97625533
Graduate School of Business97725533
(3) Bronnitsky Branch of the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical
(3) Branch of Dagestan State University in Khasaviurt97925533
(3) International University of Nature Society and Man Dubna Branch
(3) Branch of Russian University of Economics G V Plekhanov in Pyatigorsk98125641
(3) Kuban State University Branch in the city of Novorossiysk98225741
(3) Far Eastern Federal University Branch in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky98325745
(3) Tambov regional Branch of the All Russian public organization
Association of Lawyers of Russia
Amur Institute Agroeconomics and Business98525745
(3) Naval Institute of Radio Electronics AS Popova98625745
Institute of the Upper Volga98725745
Vladimir Institute of Tourism and Hospitality VITiG98825745
(3) Omsk College of Business, Economics and Service98925860
Perm Institute of Humanities and Technology99025860
(3) St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance Branch in Pskov99125860
CLOSED Don Law Institute99225860
(3) Institute of Finance, Economics and Law Officers Reserve99325860
(3) Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport Rybinsk River
School VI Kalashnikov
(3) International Economic and Humanities Institute Mahoney Hamesh99525860
(3) Branch Southern Federal University in Gelendzhik99625980
(3) Eletskii Branch of Russian New University99725980
(3) Kotlassky Branch of the State University of sea and river fleet of
Admiral C O Makarov
(3) Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute GV Plekhanova Vorkuta Mountain
(3) Branch Moscow Institute of Public Administration and Law in the Perm
(3) Magnitogorsk Graduate School of Business100126098
(3) Sochi State University Branch in Anapa100226098
(3) Baikal Branch of the Institute of Humanities Moscow100326098
(3) Polar Division of the Leningrad State University AS Pushkin100426224
(3) Tula Artillery Engineering Institute100526224
Tver Institute of Ecology and Law100626224
Moscow Academic Art School100726224
Moscow Bank Economics College100826224
(3) Branch of the Moscow State University of Technology and Management CG
Razumovsky in Volokolamsk
Chelyabinsk Multidisciplinary Institute101026461
(3) Branch of Saint Petersburg State University of Economics in Kizlyare101126461
(3) Moscow Energy Institute Branch in Dushanbe101226461
Zaoksky Christian Institute of Humanities and Economics101326461
(3) Yaroslavl Branch of the Leningrad State University AS Pushkin101426588
(3) Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the
President of the Russian Federation Saransk Branch
Ryazan Higher Military Command School of Communications Marshal M Zakharova101626588
(3) Saint Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and
Law Branch in Novosibirsk
Kama Institute101826736
(3) Moscow Psychological and Social University in Krasnoyarsk101926736
(3) Rostov State University of Railway Transport Branch in Tuapse102026736
East European Institute102126736
Moscow Institute of Medico Social Rehabilitation102226853
(3) St Petersburg University of Humanities102326853
(3) Ivangorod Humanities Institute (Branch) of the Federal State Autonomous
Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Saint-Petersburg
State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
(3) Branch of the Saratov State Technical University Gagarin YA in Petrovsk102526982
Armavir Humanities and Social Institute102627115
(3) Armavir Socio-Psychological Institute102727115
(3) Branch of Russian State Humanitarian University in Domodedovo102827115
Institute of Theology and International Relations al-Rocha Mammadibira102927115
(3) Vladikavkaz Railway College Branch of the Rostov State University of
Railway Transport
(3) Moscow Institute of Public Administration and Law of Tyumen103127245
Balakovo Institute of Business and Management103227245
(3) Hooke College of Economics and Law (Branch) Rostov State Economic
(3) Branch of the Ural Federal State University Alapaevske103427648
(3) Russian State Social University Branch in Anapa103527776
(3) Branch of Russian New University Stupino103627896
Theological Institute of the Dagestan Said Afandi103727896
(3) Eletskii Branch of Moscow State University of Railway Transport103827896
(3) Rostov State Economic University Branch in Makhachkala103928021
(3) Branch of Vladimir State University in Gus-Crystal104028021
Graduate School of Psychology (Institute)104128021
Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Economics and Management104228021
Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management and Business104328021
(3) Branch of the Ural State University of Economics in Berezniki104428323
(1) International Academy of Marketing and Management104528323
(3) Gratitude Sal'sk Branch of the Institute of Management104628323
Institute of World Economy and Information IWEI104728323
(3) Adamovskiy Agricultural College Branch Orenburg State Agrarian
Economics and Power Engineering Institute104928458
(3) Samara State Technical University Syzran Branch105028458
Socio-Legal Institute of Economic Security105128458
Institute of Finance and Law105228590
Saint Petersburg High Military Engineering School105328590
(3) Moscow University for the Humanities and Economics Stavropol Branch105428590
Srednerussky Humanities and Technology Institute105528856
Institute of Management and Business105628970
(3) Moscow Socio-Humanitarian Institute Branch in Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy105728970
(3) Southern Federal University Constantine Branch105828970
(3) Russian University of Cooperation Kaliningrad Branch105929100
Institute of International Accounting and Control106029358
International University Saint Petersburg106129496
Institute of Social Sciences106229496
Academy of Modern Education106329741
Samara Institute of Law106429864
Military Academy of Army Air Defence A M Vasilevsky106529982
Moscow Art and Industry Institute106630229
Academy of Law and Administration of the Federal Penitentiary Service106730229
Kuzbass Institute Federal Penitentiary Service106830507
Vologda Institute of Law and Economics Federal Penitentiary Service of
Humanities Economic and Information Technology Institute107030848
International Academy of Assessment and Consulting107131008

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